Season 6 Episode 10

My Therapeutic Month

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 22, 2007 on NBC

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    This episode definitely reminded me of the old days, like season 1 old days, which proves Scrubs still has the power to make an episode absolutely fantastic and original. This episode took course over a month. And a good month it was, well not for the Scrubs cast, but entertaining for us.

    Elliot wants to know if Kieth is marriage material so they move in together, only to get a big surprise, when Elliot is all rules and Kieth doesn't follow any rules. After a heated argument, Kieth throws a party only in his room. Meanwhile Brian is still around and dares JD to ask a doctor out to "get out there" again. He fakes asking her out since he isn't ready, that's what he does all month. Meanwhile Turk hurts his hand and has to go back to being a resident but doesn't know much about anything. So he studies his butt off.

    All three stories play out over the course of that month, but at the end Turk, Elliot, and JD don't accomplish much but they realize accomplishing a little bit is good enough once they realize how sad Brian's life is. A heartwarming episode, that brought this show back to it's roots, as someone said on here.
  • Best Scrubs episode...ever

    This was definitely the best episode of this season and it's my favorite Scrubs episode ever. The show started strong and ended strong with plenty of laughs in between.

    The janitor is my favorite side character on the show. His life teachings are profound, are they not? I just like the way he goes about his job....and in this particular episode, he was teaching people to think for themselves by him (the janitor) thinking for them. Great irony.

    Gizmo and Brown Bear's quirky relationship continues to blossom, with Brown Bear continuously buying Gizmo presents. Elliott had several nice moments with her neuroticism as well.

    All and all, this is what I've come to expect from Scrubs and they brought the goods. A vast improvement over the "war" episode a few weeks ago.
  • getting back to the roots

    good episode with some entertaining bits of humor in it. it is trying to get scrubs away from the kim and baby side-story and back on its tracks, although the elliot-keith story was a bit of a downfall for me. The turk as resident was sure as hell a good thing to put everything in perspective and to reframe his character as someone who is going to take everything a little more serious. In my view the main point in this episode was to point out that JD is back to normal which means that the show will start over with the humor that its earlier season show it is very capable of.
  • They're getting back on track.

    I will say that the first few episode of this season were below average, but the last 3 have been great. This one was great, I like how they used Lloyd in this one, it was hilarious. The janitor was great, and I like how they put Turk in as a resident, it was great Turk/Cox comedy. It was hilarious when Turk kept fantasizing about Dr. Cox and then JD getting upset saying that that was "his thing." The new nickname that JD used for Turk was awesome "obi-brown". Overall, this was definitely a step in the right direction for this season, lets just hope that the keep on the right track.
  • It seems the dark side of comedy is coming out in Scrubs...

    This season of Scrubs is becoming quite depressing to watch, although i still want to watch it. It is said comedians actually are deep dark people, and i think that is showing.

    JD thinks he got someone pregnant but then She has a miscarriage, or that's what She tells him and he thinks they broke up for a reason, so now he will have a child he wont know about. He is fainting when doing a poo. He doesn't actually have a house/home. His life seems to be going down the crapper; does this mean he is going to leave after this season? Is he going to be killed off?

    We also see Turk doing what JD does, the narration, the awe at Cox, and JD tells Turk that that is his thing. So maybe this is telling us that JD isnt going to be killed off OR the show will end when he leaves.

    Overall this is an ok episode, some good comedy, but not that much of a hook in the storyline, other than i wanted to see Turk with the glasses lol.

    It is a kool coincidence that the scene where the Janitor is telling people to think for themselves is a reflection on existentialism, and i have just started studying this at uni, but it is great because it shows the paradox of telling people that they should be individuals, but then everyone being an individual is everyone doing the same thing.

    Episode could have had more, the only partly serious problem in the episode is Elliot and Keith's arguments when living together.

    Hope the season picks up.
  • Brian Dancer is a great character.

    The introduction of Brian Dancer has been well utilized this season. We got to see that Kelso makes a choice in his treatment of the folks at Sacred Heart. In this episode, it was a little heavy handed, but I am alright with it, because they have drawn the character well-enough that I buy it. I am curious to see how they develop Brian's story. At what point does he get sent to a rehab center. Additionally, I still am not sure how I feel about Elliot and her boy-toy. I just think they have not done a good enough job fleshing him out. She walks all over him. He is a pleaser, I get it. But tell me something more.
  • Ah, how things change in a month...

    This episode was a very creatiive idea, although if there was more time in an episode, I would have liked to see other characters having a month of complications.

    Turk in medicine was very funny as was JD hitching a ride with Lloyd and pathetically pretending to have a girlfriend, the always funny delivery guy but my favourite plot would have to be Elliot and Keith living together with ridiculous rules and hilarious results.

    The Janitor's storyline of growing chops but really teaching people not to follow the crowd, which failed miserably, was mildly amusing but he was at his best when he drunkenly breathed into JD's scooter breathalyser.

    Overall, hospital life shown throughout a month was a great idea, both for a storyline and to speed the remaining pregnancies along.
  • Not the best, not the worst...

    In this episode, the characters each lived through a month, For some it was bad, for some it was great. It was a good storyline, and parts of it were brilliantly written. I don't know, something in it just didn't really do it for me, but seeing as I can't really figure out what it is I won't give it a bad review.

    Uhm, loved the Laverne as a bird scene. Loved the dynamic between Elliot and Keith, and Carla's obvious disdain for them, as the new young love whereas she feels she is the more experienced of the couples. Something about JD wanting to date again doesn't ring true for me. I mean, he thinks he just lost a baby, would he really be jumping back in there? Then again, I love him, so I'm glad he's happier =)
  • This episode J.D., Private Dancer, and Turk all experience a month. For some it is not soo good, but for others it is great.

    I did not like this episode. I don't know why, but it wasn't very well-written. It was kind of boring. I waited all week for it, and it kind of let me down. I don't think J.D. should be looking for love when his life is so crap. I think he should just work on getting his house fixed up or something. He should have rented a bike since he got a DUI. I hope next week's episode is way better. I can't wait for it. I love Scrubs and don't want to see it fall so quickly. he he.
  • A good episode. The best of season six.

    This season has been a bit rough, starting off slow in my opinion, and only in the last few episodes has it returned to something of what it used to be. But this past episode was easily my favorite so far this season, making me laugh out loud in more than one spot. JD not recognizing Turk with glasses had me laughing the most. It was also nice to see Michael Weston continuing on as the Army injured kid. The show also broke the story down into weeks as it took part an entire month. Overall, I just found this episode hilarious, and the best of the year.
  • Scrubs just got its swagger back!!!

    After the past few episodes tried something a little different, and failed to excite, it was refreshing to have 'good old Scrubs' back. What had been missing from the 'experimental' dramatic episodes was back. J.D and Turk's 'more than just friends' friendship was at it's best, with the stupid little quirks in tow. The biscotti wars, the raking and J.D getting annoyed that Turk was stealing his 'thing' by admiring Cox are amongst the best of the best of their stupid moments. Elliot was a neurotic mess again. This has always been the strongest aspect of her character and when it is used in a storyline they are always winners. This was exactly the situation here, if even enhanced by Keith's involvement. With Turk being a jackass again and the janitor's eccentricities playing with people's minds this was a very special episode. The episode did lack a little bit of the ranting Cox, but there was enough there to satisfy any Scrubs fan's desire.
    This episode has set the bar for the rest of the season. Here's hoping that the rest of the episodes this season can match it, or dare I say it, exceed it!
  • JD likes Private Dancer’s physical therapist, but is too scared to ask her out. Turk breaks his arm and must serve time as a medical resident. Elliot tests Keith and asks him to move in, but Keith has problems adjusting to her rules.

    This is my first review, so I’ll try my best. Now I haven’t hated the 6th season nearly as much as other people, but I must say that this was a very good episode that seemed much like the older episodes as opposed to the other new ones. I thought Turk breaking his arm with the ceiling fan was great, and was a wonderful way to start the episode. I was also happy to see Lloyd the delivery guy again; I love it when they try to get the secondary characters more involved. The Keith and Elliot story line was alright. Nothing too hilarious, and I really just don’t like Keith. It was good to see Elliot back to her neurotic ways though, flipping out over the coffee table and whatnot. The Janitor was also very funny at the end, and I loved the return of the Scrubs “dramatic moment” music when Turk was thinking like JD. Overall, very good episode that reminded me, if only a bit, of classic Scrubs.
  • Can Scrubs quit the back and forth good and bad episodes?

    Once again, Scrubs seems back on target. This episode had great plot points (J.D dating again, Turk's return to residency, Keith and Elliot) and made the show seem like it still has a lot of life left in it. While the show wasn't hilarious, it did have a lot of clever moments (Janitor at the end, Laverne as the "bird" going to Kelso's car), and the whole revolving around Private Dancer's OT was great! All in all, I hope Scrubs keeps it up. It's episodes like this that keep the show a joy to watch as it always was.