Season 3 Episode 15

My Tormented Mentor

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 02, 2004 on NBC

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  • Definitely my least favorite episode of Scrubs ever.

    I totally despise this episode, and it's for just one reason: Dr. Miller.

    She really got on my nerves, and I was just wishing her character would just go away. If I ever met a woman like her in real life, I would avoid her like the plague and do everything in my willpower to keep from strangling her. Not only was she an absolute **** all throughout the episode, but her idea of "feminism" and "sexism" should NEVER be practiced. As a woman myself, I know first-hand that misconstruing anything and everything a man says or does as "sexism" does NOT get a woman very far. To me, the idea behind feminism is to not only work at the same level as a man but also to gain their respect. If every woman practiced Dr. Miller's method of feminism, it would actually alienate men, and they would end up HATING us instead of respecting us, which would undoubtedly make the battle of the sexes even worse.

    So yeah, Dr. Miller acts like a total brat, and I was just hoping one of the characters would just knock some sense into her. I did NOT want her character winning. Lo and behold, she does end up winning thanks to a poisoned Elliot thinking that the aforementioned style of feminism is the best one of all.

    All of the other plotlines in this episode weren't that bad, but that one central one just totally ruined it for me. Look, Scrubs gives really good life lessons, especially for me since I'm an aspiring doctor, but this is a life lesson that I know from experience will NOT work out.
  • The aftermath of Ben's death.

    Well this episode was mainly Cox & Jordan trying to deal with Ben's death. Jordan seems to be taking it quite lightly and Cox can't stand Jordan's friends being in town while he's trying to deal with Ben's death in his own way. Meanwhile a sexual harassment issue is going around in the hospital, since Carla was the one that complained about it, she is the one that ends up having to run the seminar. Todd, Kelso & Cox all have to attend the sexual harassment seminar. Todd, well we all know how Todd got in there. That plot was rather forgettable but it was funny at times. Who else really hated Dr. Miller? I was incredibly annoyed by her, and Elliot was enabling her every step of the way. It seems as though Elliot has become a side character since she we haven't an episode solely focused on her since "My Friend The Doctor" which was in the beginning of the season. Cox's plot triumphed over all, it's still sad even thinking about Ben's death, and this episode I think was almost as sad as the last one, since it turns out Jordan had her friends over because she misses Ben and she needs someone to take care of her. Cox & Jordan sitting on the couch in the final scene was so sad. A good episode, with some plots that were better than others.
  • Great 'Cox' episode!

    Dr. Cox is struggling to recover over Ben's death, and doesn't seem to appreciate JD's efforts to help his situation; this is exacerbated by Jordan's self-absorbed friends staying in his apartment. Carla attempts to teach Todd, Dr Kelso and Dr Cox about sexual harassment, and a new female attending surgeon, Dr Miller, puts the head of everyone in the OR in a spin.

    The plots were all fantastic and hilarious. I'm sad that Dr Casey only got to stick around for two episodes though. I'm not sure what to think of the new guest star, Dr Miller. I do not really like her.
  • A nice thought after "My Screw Up"

    In this episode, Dr. Cox is still getting over the death of his best friend and brother-in-law, Ben Sullivan. He is annoyed by the fact that Jordan's two best friends have not left after the funeral. Meanwhile, Carla is teaching a sexual harassment class in which The Todd, Dr. Kelso, and Dr. Cox are required to attend. This is another great episode of Scrubs. For the first time, we see Jordan vulnerable, when she admits that she is still trying to get over her brother's death. There are plenty of comedic moments to lighten the atmosphere, though: JD putting Cox's name in the sexual harassment box, Todd's infamous T-shirt, and Dr. Kelso's take on how gender relations have changed. Overall, this is an episode that you definately do not want to miss!
  • A good episode...

    Jordan invites her friends, since Cox is not paying attention to her needs, so JD tries to solve things out by telling her friends that they should go away and causes Jordan to get totally mad at Cox, who in the end manages to understand how does Jordan really feels. Meanwhile, Turk is taken over by her fellow female doctor who blames Turk of sexism, and Carla begins directing a class of sexual harrasment where only the Todd, Kelso and Cox are students in. A really cool episode...
  • Battle of the Sexes

    The Todd is one of the funniest characters in this episode especially the unibrow and his “hi-five for reading my mind later” after Turk says lay off her and don’t say you’d like to lay on her, his classic t-shirt and of course the 37 sexual harassment complaints against him and he even learns a moral at the end to look but not touch.

    This episode also explores Dr Cox dealing with Ben’s death, Jordan’s annoying friends not helping him get through the process and JD trying to stop them but making things worse, causing Cox to chase him through the hospital until the Janitor coathangers JD, thus ending the chase.

    This episode is a very good one that deals with the battles between the sexes and the aftermath of Ben’s death.

    Overall, this is one episode that shouldn’t be missed by any Scrubs fan.
  • Yet another episode which blurts out a bunch of lies about how hard it is for the women. SIGH! The only thing that saves this episode is the wonderful storyline with Dr. Cox and Jordan.

    First off let me tell you what I liked about this episode.

    I really liked the plotline with Dr. Cox and Jordan coping with Ben's death. It was subtle, touching and it stayed in-character while it provided a lot of depth to especially Jordan. A really great storyline which was well executed.

    Now here's what really bugged me...

    The women on Scrubs really drive me crazy with their "us poor women" attitude. First Elliot and Carla, and in this episode Dr. Miller as well. These characters spend far too much time yapping about sexual discrimination and the truth is they are all wrong.

    I am a woman myself, let me start out by mentioning that. But whenever Elliot opens her mouth to whine "you don't know how hard it is for a woman" or Carla opens hers to give a speech about "all women keep a facade" or Dr. Miller acts like a childish brat I feel I could scream. Seriously!

    The truth is that these characters are only hiding behind their sexuality because it's easier than to deal with the truth. It is NOT, I repeat NOT so much harder to be a woman. There is NOT so much sexism everywhere that you can't go a week without being repressed. And all women are NOT carrying around armor every day to avoid showing weakness. How do I know this? Because if that is true then how come I have NEVER been subjected to ANY of this during my 20+ years of life? How come I have NEVER met as much as ONE woman in real life who actually has? Honestly, this portrayal of women is driving me crazy, it's probably the one thing I really dislike about Scrubs. Elliot is a failure because of her own short-comings, not because of her being a woman, no matter how much she tries to blame it on that. Seriously, think of the treatment JD gets from everyone around him and then imagine that JD is a woman. Suddenly he is treated so much worse than Elliot. The fact that Elliot doesn't have a Y chromosome doesn't make everything worse just because it happens to HER.

    Personally I feel that it's really offensive that the women are portrayed this way. They are discriminated only in their own eyes and all the proof they find that men are treating them inferiorly because of their gender comes from their own mouthes. They make these issues up. The men on the show never actually behave the way they claim. Except for Todd and Dr. Kelso, but the former is supposed to be an overcompensating homosexual who treats women like meat and the second is supposed to be a class act jerk. You can't really say that "all men so and so" based on those two characters. The show really discriminates MEN because they are always painted out as sexists and the women CONSTANTLY judge all men based on what one guy does.

    The funny thing is that the only woman who is really strong and realistic is Jordan. Yes, she is an exaggeration in herself, and she can be a cold hearted bitch, but when it really comes down to it she is the only woman who realises that she IS just as strong as the men and when bad things happen to her it happens because bad things happen to EVERYONE. INCLUDING men. Jordan can show vulnerability at occasion and most importantly in episodes like this one she shows that it's okay to depend on someone, for example your male partner. And interestingly enough no one on the show treats Jordan any different from the guys just because she's a woman. I'm not saying you have to be seen as a bitch to be a strong woman, the whole "she's a bitch" thing is a differnt side to her character. Her strong moments are usually the ones when she does NOT act like a bitch.

    I hope Scrubs will some day stop portraying their women as insecure idiots who hide behind their gender because it is easier than dealing with the real problems. Beacuse honestly I have to hit the mute button every time they start blabbering lies about how hard it is for women.

    GROW UP Elliot, Carla, Dr. Miller and all the rest of you Scrubs women!

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