Season 5 Episode 24

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Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 16, 2006 on NBC

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    A pretty amazing ending to an amazing season. I don't know if three pregnancies are going to improve the show, or bring it to it's end but it's definitely an interesting plot. Having three pregnancies on this show. Elizabeth Banks is doing a great job, and I'm glad she will be sticking around for a while. JD & Kim's first date, and Elliot continues to be the "moment killer" I sort of expected something going on with JD & Elliot but I never suspected Kim being pregnant after 2 1/2 half weeks of dating JD. Jordan also being pregnant, was kind of too much. But I'm interested to see where they'll take it. I hope Carla gives labor soon, I'm excited to see how they'll take Carla & Turk as parents. The only couple that felt out of place was Elliot & Keith. I still can't get used to these two for some reason. I still see it as some random guy Elliot has hooked up with. A great cliffhanger and a good conclusion to the season which brings us new beginnings for next season. Great finale.
  • A constant laugh out loud episode! And a great season finale. A big favorite of mine.

    Being the most priceless and hilarious scene "Love hurts" playing while JD rides a horse bareback on the beach, with that grimace of pain: "Oh yeah, it was awesome!" Fortunately for JD, Kim is an urologist who took care of him after the incident, well put. This time the Floating Head Doctor scene is funnier than before involving head being in karaoke and body making dinner. "Head loooves karaoke" There are another funny stuff like Kelso showing his legs to the interns, and the Janitor giving an animal cage for the baby as a present, slowing down conversations to understand girls, "I pooped on my bed, so I put it on the TV" . A very funny Todd moment, Carla showing her stomach
    "Carla: Huuh! You like that?
    Todd: Wow! I felt it moved!
    Carla: Todd, you're touching your crotch.
    Todd: I know and I'm loving it. *bell rings as Todd winks* " I totally love the 'baby back ribs' scenes, specially the second when they were used to torture, HAHAHA. Elliot Reid Moment Killer. The Zoom Zoom Zoom parts are very funny "It's mine". Another good joke was old gays in JD's deck, then the Janitor is putting flyers about it. I also liked Dr. Cox part with the pencil was funny. There's also an awesome Turk's joke near the end. About everything is funny in this ep. "Elliot: Interesting conversation I had with the sweet old lady who owns the place. She says not many pregnant woman shop there, is mostly fat whores.
    Laverne: I got to get me one of those." Hilarious!

    I liked the good Elliot's gesture at the end to not ruin JD's moment with Kim. It has a good featured music in the ending.
    It turns out at the end this was "My Overkill" because both Jordan and Kim end up pregnant and Carla is already pregnant. Kim pregnant was a complete revolution for the show, I think. I really liked this episode, the ending is a cliffhanger, as it is the first part, continued in "My Mirror's Image".
  • Great way to end a great series.

    At the beginning of series 5, i was curious of how good the series would be after the opening episode - "My Intern's Eyes". But i'm glad to say that this season has been worth while. Sure, some of the new stoner humour has been a pain. But it still has that Scrubs humour that we all know and love. This is probably the greatest Scrubs season finale ever. excluding season 6 which hasn't aired yet. The episode had every storyline to great standards. And also had the greatest floating head doctor fantasy. Elizabeth Banks still plays a strong and interesting role. And at the end of this episode, plays an even bigger one. In conclusion, this episode truly is one of the strongest episodes of the season, which makes you want to watch season 6 straight away. Amazing.
  • End of series five and what a shocker!

    I loved this episode, i've probably watched it 3 times and it still makes me laugh, "zoom zoom zoom" was hilarious and the character of Kim is so much like JD. He always seems to fall in love with himself. It was a good ending of the series delivering the usual "end of series scrubs" blow that they have, a brilliant cliff hanger. And they mentioned the X-ray being the wrong way round after 5 years of complaints!
    It was a really good watch and definately worth the wait to get it in the UK. Although JD? With a kid? This will be interesting...
  • Love this episode!

    Dr. Kim finally finds out how much she likes JD and decides to go on a date with him. Unfortunately, thanks to Elliot now JD has to go on a beach horse ride since she ruin his special surprise. While at it, Elliot throws a baby shower for Carla and Cox and Jordan give all of Jack's old possessions to them, but later on both of them discovered that Jordan is pregnant again and so Carla decides to give their stuff back again. Meanwhile, JD tries every method he can to kiss with Dr. Kim but Elliot keeps interrupting them and causing their special moments to tremble, later Elliot realizes how bad a friend she has been and she takes Kim with JD and they kiss for the first time... and two and a half weeks later, they discovered that Kiom is PREGNANT!
  • A quite average ending, to what was a pretty good season

    I have watched many Scrubs episodes and have enjoyed most, with little to complain about. As for this episode, it was quite average. What really annoys me is when tv shows create characters and place them in a situation, where is appears have been there from the start. Although Kim seems perfectly nice, her character lacks substances. So far doesn\'t seem to have any quirkiness that J.D\'s previously girlfriends/love interests had, such as drama queen Jamie (tasty coma wife), spacey Molly or clumsy Julie. Yet, after two episodes, Scrubs have her already pregnant with what could possibly be J.D\'s child. Not only that she is pregnant, but the fact that Jordan and Carla are pregnant aswell?? Overkill.

    A disappointing episode, hopifully Scrubs will go back to producing the episodes it once did, next season.
  • An interesting yet disappointing season finale to a very good season of scrubs

    Yet Another Humorous Episode of scrubs yet not quite what i expected. Episode Highlights: Perry\'s punishment, JD Horse Riding, Oldies on JD\'s porch, Moment Killer Elliot and \"I\'m pregnant\"...
    A great episode which still gives me enough reason to tune into season 6. This episode is a pregnant fiesta and i am secretly hoping that Dr Briggs is joking about the pregnancy nevertheless i know thats never going to happen.
  • How the hell can J.D and kim be pregnant.

    How the hell can J.D and kim be pregnant. Or will it turn out that it's not his. My God I fear for the sixth season with all these pregnancies. but of course I want to watch more so i guess it worked. {not that I wouldn't watch it}.
    Season 5 was without a shadow of a doubt the funniest season of the series. The best episode of anything ever seen on Tv: "My Way home" was superb Television viewing that could only have worked on Scrubs. Classic episode right from the word go. Anyway this episode was also great with the mosey-ing and the drinking of "straight guy drinks" appletini. Hau hau. and nothing tops Cox's and Turk's pants. Love scrubs. Bring on season 6!!!
  • A great way to end the best season yet!

    This episode has a lot to offer in the humour department, whether it's the Janitor's "Old? Gay? Love decks?" posters, Elliot Reid: Moment Killer or simply Floating Head Doctor, but also has those moments that makes Scrubs different from other TV sitcoms, like Jordan being pregnant after giving all of Jack's baby stuff to the other pregnant character of Carla and the very quick ending to 2 and a half weeks later without mentioning what happens during that time.

    The janitor's baby cage and Cox's conversation to pencil intern are the comedc highlights of the episode but there are many other laughs throughout the episode and JD's reaction to the news was brilliant despite the fact I knew the pregnancy news was coming due to the Scrubs board on the site.
  • Fertility gods run amok at Sacred Heart knocking up every doll that drops a pencil. The repeatedly-vasectomized Dr Cox learns the, ah, hard way that he shouldn’t mock Turk, while dashing horseman JD discovers the dangers of going bareback.

    Where is the anger? This season finale is like something from Joey, it’s so vapid.
    The fault lies almost entirely with the anodyne, clichéd script – which went for the safe forty-percent chuckle every time but denied us any of the real belly laughs this show can deliver when it decides to have a real rattle at the boundaries.
    For a start, there was just way too much love going on. Dr Cox is just one-dimensional when he shakes off his demons to revert to the wholesome, aw shucks, dad-he-never-had. Jordan, likewise, is Samson without the hair when she loses her nasty edge. Little Jack’s potty-training disasters were an easy mark for a quick laugh but let’s face it, it’s the sort of thing that’s been done in Rugrats for the past five years – and with a far more subtle touch.
    JD’s new affair with Doctor Kim – which promised so much from the previous episode where she shed her wedding ring and told him he mattered to her – descended into a ridiculously-hackneyed American Pie courtship. Kim’s underdeveloped persona saw her flit between angelic relationship-savant and strip-club comedienne in the same scene. And the absence of a medical theme to the show left JD the Narrator little more than a bell-ringer announcing his friends’ pee-pee problems.
    Another great disappointment was Kelso. The Chief of Medicine’s greatest strength has always been that he is a one hundred percent ruthless manager-bastard. To reduce him to a cuddly old dodderer who likes showing off his shaved legs demeans a great comic character.
    Elliot’s contribution – as JD’s walk-in passion-killer - was frankly all-but pointless, whereas Carla only served to reinforce the cheap stereotype of the horny pregnant wife. The one great scene – which braver writers would have made much more of – was Turk and Cox’s discussion about the baby’s position in the uterus during sex. There isn’t a father in the world who didn’t recoil in his seat watching this one.
    Janitor had two plotlines, one of which worked – his continued torture of JD by inviting old queens to his deck. The other, presenting a cat cage to Carla as a baby-carrier, didn’t. Janitor is aware of his own psychosis and knows how to channel it – he can’t pull off naif.
    Disaster-prone Ted’s appearances, although fleeting, were relentlessly predictable. And, unusually, his singing failed to redeem him – probably due to the uninspiring choice of song.
    Two things, however, save this show from itself. One is its very tight editing which means we never get to see too much of a bad thing. And secondly, of course, you have the marvellous performances from a terrific cast who can still get mileage out of some tired, tired writing.
    Note to Bill Lawrence. Go, take a long holiday, and come back mad. You’re so much better than this.
  • Tantalising

    Wasn't too sure about the 'zoom zoom zoom' bits, but the writers pulled it together for the end. I'm incredibly frustated and dying to see the next episode, and constantly checking the web for updates. Thankfully there's is going to be another season albeit the last from what the producers say. Nevermind, this whole season raised the bar, from the air band to the 'old queens' drinking appletini's on JD's half-acre, I hope the absurdity will be cranked up, yet again in the upcoming 6th season. Scrubs continues to fill the hole, left by the absence of Friends, in the Comedy schedule. "Ketchup is for Winners, Ted!"
  • There seems to be a baby-explosion at Sacred Hearts when most of the couples find they are about to have one. JD finds some confidence to ask Dr. Kim out and relationships grow.


    The start of the episode offers not much explanation into the hilarity about to ensue. this was an extremely proper way to end a season. It leaves the audience asking for more.
    Jordan and Perry's having a baby could be an attempt to either drive them insane with the pressure of two kids, or to tone thir characters down. It could of course turn out that the baby isn't JD's or maybe even she was playing a joke on him, but that may not be likely. It could also be a way of driving him away from Elliot even further or maybe exploring the question of holding an old flame, even if you are about to be a parent.
    We can only wait for what is to come.
  • That was the better way to finish a season.

    Wow..that was absolutely one of the best episodes ever..
    How season 5 changed the story..How J.D Got some confidence and still is so much funny .
    The writters like pregnance very badly 'coz what a baby boom in Sacred Heart.But I think this baby of kim isn't J.D's. Or the series wanna to give more responsability to him...because it's already the 6 season coming.
    The end was a perfect way to finish ...When the things sets up all turns to be fine.That's why I love scrubs...
    Not always the best way is the right way..but we move on and do our best.
  • love it!

    i really loved this episode. It kept the funny way but at the same time it kept me alert... I love the friendship of Dr. Cox and J.D... 9.9 cause I\'m 100% with Elliot and J.D. and not with Kim, but anyways i like it. I hope someday Elliot and J.D. get back together... =)
  • Great episode!

    JD plans a date with doctor Kim Briggs, and on their first date they go on a horse night where JD damages his testicles, later JD discovers that Kim enjoys most of her time with Elliot and he is abandoned while planning his last date, but thanks to Elliot he manages to kiss her. Meanwhile, Jordan discovers that she is pregnant again so Turk and Carla decide to hand over the stuff that they once gave to them. Really cool episode, one of the best season finales!
  • I dont know why so many people hate season 5 so much.

    I'm probably the only person in the whole world who thinks this, but I think that season 5 is the best season of the series.

    When I first saw scrubs, my first impression was that it was a silly show with immature, racist eccentric jokes. I lost interest after watching a mere 3 episodes. Afterwards, towards the season finale, I realised that a plot was developing and JD's surrealism jokes were actually quite funny. I never would've thought after watch the pilot that by season 3 i would be watching scrubs not only for the comedy, but for the storyline as well.

    Scrubs is now my all time favourite television show. I've never seen such a perfect blend of drama, humour, romance and education(because of all the morals). Season 5, I was worried that the show would start to deteriorate, but was surprised to find that the series had actually developed an even more vivid and complex storyline. I was kind of getting sick of the whole JD and Elliot charade. The storyline seemed to revolve entirely around JD, Elliot, Carla and Turk.

    Now, scrubs is full of all kinds of different tragedies and relationships. I learned more from season five then i have from any other season of any fiction TV show. I dont see how the show has gotten worse. All I'm hearing is "what\'s wrong with scrubs now" and "scrubs is really slipping away" and now explanations as to why. I think that it's a sterotype that all good TV shows get worse around the 5th season. I'll bet that alot of people aren't even being honest.

    Could someone please explain how the show has gotten worse and why the first season was so great?
  • I have no idea what has been going on these past couple of season 5 episodes, but someone better have a very very good excuse.

    Has Scrubs died?...

    First, don't get me wrong I absolutly love Scrubs, it's that which has me here complaining and quite shocked at what's been going on.

    The first episodes of Season 5 were fantastic, His Story III, My Jigglyball were boardering on Scrubs perfection, unfortunatly the past Episodes have been very lacking, the last Episode that I truly enojoyed was My Lunch which was an amazing episode.

    Right, now into the episode..

    Kim, wow was that a short just 2 episodes she's gone from meeting J.D to being pregnant..Storyline going just a little bit thin there, I'll state my opinion now, I don't like her...the only good character to be introduced since the Show started (aside from original cast of course) was Molly.

    This episode is just a really poor poor way to end off the series...just handing pregnancies out like theres no tomorrow..If you want a cliffhanger try the end of Season 4..that was a brilliant cliffhanger.

    Scrubs is deterioating, nay..Scrubs IS dying...this episode is the bain of Scrubs..

    Bill Lawrence, what is going on?...(oh and another Season of clone high please!)

  • J.D. goes on his first date with Kim, which of course, does not go as planned. Elliot throws Carla a baby shower, and Dr. Cox\\\'s son, Jack, who just learned how to use the toilet, is old enough that they can pass all of his baby stuff to the Turk\\\'s.

    As far as series Finale\\\'s go, this was by far the most open-ended one so far. I think it was a smart move. People thought Scrubs was cancelled, when it really was just on haitus. The people running this show are just simply telling us that they are back for another season. It was a funny episode too, with crotch injuries and a flock of old gay guys, the humor does not fall short in this one. It might be a little over the top with three people pregnant now, but we have to worry about that in season 6. this finale episode of season 5 capped it off nicely, and my expectations for this show were met easily. Lets face it, anyone who felt this was a bad episode only thought that once that final line was uttered...had that not been there, everyone would have voted this a 9.5. kudos to the writers for a well-done job.
  • Three pregnant women and that's it. Kinda dull, kinda stupid, but hopefully it will turn out a lot less stupid then we think. Elliot may be the only one not to have a baby though so kudos to the writers for ignoring that possibility.

    The story was over the top and the jokes were average. The only reason i really gave this episdoe such a generous score was because i loved the scene where Elliot barges in on JD and that urologist and then JD's narration calls her "Elliot Reid: MOMENT KILLER." That was hilarious. The show may not be at its best but thankfully i just started watching the show because of iTunes. I never really like the Janitor jokes in this show because they are always trying too hard to make them psychotic but funny. The baby cage joke was not funny, just kind of childish and weird. I prefered watching JD's tory in this episode, much like most of the episodes. Elliot on the other hand was shoved in a corner and given about 5 lines. Although i'm being so tough on this episode, it still was good just kind of trying to have a finale that gets everybody talking but ends up looking like a joke.
  • classic

    I think that the way they included christa millers pregnancy was good. they didnt make it a boring story line... it had a brillent build up of boasting and bragging about no more dippers before there devestating news, jack was a great addition to this eposode.
    I do not belive that JD knocked up Kim, but i do think that one of the 3 pregnacies will end Tragically.
  • I want my baby back baby back baby baby back....

    As always scrubs shows me why american series are so great those days.
    This episode was hilarious (i just love the head floating doctor!!) and the cliffhanger is as absurd as thrilling (and I'm quiet sure that JD isn't the father).
    It's good to know that ther will be a sixht season next fall (winter?).
  • Come on, every one is pregnant now.

    Well, not everyone is pregnant...Elliot isn\\\'t, or is she?

    Adding a baby to the show is usually a sign of a shows demise. Is it really that time already to add a new baby to the main cast? Well, from the looks of it they are adding 3 new babies to the show. What in the world is that all about?

    I can see two different directions that this is going to take next season. a) JD didn\\\'t get the urologist preggers or b) Elliot is pregnant too. Either way I think its a lose/lose situation. I don\\\'t want to tune into scrubs for a million and one baby jokes.

    I have to admit, Jack\\\'s dialogue was hilarious in the finale, but he\\\'s a tot now and not a baby (which we rarely saw).

    And enough with all the sentimental BS. Is this supposed to be a comedy, or are we supposed to cry at the end of every episode when someone dies from some disease that was passed onto a loving character?

    I am a long time fan of scrubs, but I think the show is getting out of hand.
  • a great ending to a shakey season. Funny, a tad touching, killer cliffhanger and overall good. what more can you ask for?

    Ive had my doubts about a few episodes this season. It started off strong, hit a bit of a slump halfway through and just when you think its run out of ideas, it hits you with a magnanimous ending to such a rollercoaster of a season.

    This Episode manages to focus on all the main characters with a pretty good balance. Carla's pregnancy kicking into high gear, Dr.Cox and Jordan find out that they are pregnant once again, Elliot is being a distraction as always, and J.D. is trying to score some time with his new lady friend.

    There were several knock down HILLARIOUS parts in this episode, which is one thing the previous couple episodes had been seriously lacking. much of the humor was up to par with the early standards set by the hillarity of the previous seasons. This episode even went beyond the usual amount of comedy and packed so many funny scenes in while still managing not to become tasteless.

    However the kicker comes at the very end. The cliffhanger that makes you want to gouge your eyes out, jam pencils in your eardrums, rip out your tongue, and run your head under an iron. The fact that the show isn't coming back till midseason makes it all the more horrifying to think of. but it wasn't a bad cliffhanger. it was one of the things that makes you want more.... IMMEDIATELY!
  • J.D. plans a date with Dr. Kim Briggs on their night off, but Elliot gets in their way. Elliot plans a baby shower for Carla. Perry and Jordan hand over all of Jack's stuff to Carla as they don't need it anymore.

    Almost perfect. Everything was going so great. It was just a perfect end to an almost perfect season. Why did they have to get Dr. Kim pregnant ? That's why the 9.9 rating. I have just fallen head over heels for Dr. Kim. Just wish that she becaomes an integral part of the show now. Jordan's pregnancy was also quite a shocker. But I am sure the writers must have something in mind. Didn't see much role of the Janitor this time because I just love that character. Will surely miss this series. Does anyone know when the next season starts ?
  • Pivotal because this changes everything.

    I think the Scrubs season finally was a great episode to end what i think was the best season of Scrubs so far. I am disappointed that i have to wait till mid season to find out what happens. I definitely didnt see that ending coming and i love being surprised. Elizabeth Banks character was an amusing addition to the show, unfortunately once again we will have to wait till next season to see where thats going. My wife was espically happy with the extended opening in part one. She is a radiologist and had been bugging me for years about that dam xray.
  • OH MY GOD! What a cliffhanger

    Ok this girl just looked amazing and JD and her fit so perfectly. The entire story behind this episode was really keeping with the scrubs storyline i must say i really loved watching it and the cliffhanger at the end drove me INSANE!

    With all this unplanned stuff happening and all the suprises. It was alot to take in at the end but really showed through. The writers knew we needed something bit like this to happen to really push the envelope for a great sixth season and i believe thats exactly what we got a show thats gonna have a awesome sixth season!
  • JD plans his first date with Dr. Briggs, Elliot plans a baby shower, and somebody (or somebodies?) has an unplanned pregnancy.

    Goodbye season 5, you truly saved the best for last. Now, obviously season 6 is planned, and SOMEONE will pick the show up.

    This episode didn't seem to carry the force that a season finale usually does....until the last 10 minutes. Dr. Briggs pregnancy is going to be a HUGE story in season 6. Unlike his other love interests, JD can't just dismiss Kim. This will be a huge turning point in his life, and I expect that the next season will focus heavily on this.

    The other major plot points of next season will obviously be the development of Elliot and Keith's relationship, and Jordan's pregnancy. Season 6 will probably be the last season for "Scrubs". But all in all, this final season should be one hell of a ride, and we should all sit back and enjoy it.
  • A great cliff hanger episode... wonder what will happen next...

    As we were nearign the end of the episode everyone seemd happy and in love and perfect. And I was thinking, "Wow! A season finale where everyone ends up happy." And then POW! A huge bomb was dropped. Kim's pregnant! Oh my! All this time JD was mad at Elliot for butting into his love life, but if Elliot had just taken Kim to the concert she may not have gotten pregnant. Such twists of fate!

    And I loved Jacka dn the poop! He was so cite! "O pooped in my bed so I put it on the TV" And then Turk asking why the TV smelled like doody. So great!
  • This is a good, but not the greatest episode.

    I just saw the episode on NBC, and I thought it was hillarious! Especially the part where it had Elliot busting in, and it says: Moment Wrecker. That was definitely the best part. Another good part is when JD tells everyone that gay, old guys are crashing on his deck, and later on, inside the hospital, he sees posters that say: Old? Gay? Like decks? Visit (JD's address). When he (JD) sees the janitor hanging posters, he asks whether the janitor is hanging up the posters. The janitor shows him a poster that has the words "Mop Sale" on it, and tells JD that he needs the 07 mops, and has to restock. JD walks off. When JD's gone, the janitor flips the poster and ot shows the poster.
    Extremely funny episode!
  • That is soooooo mean!

    This was a great episode, with a great plot, great acting, not to mention a great twist in the end. I just think that its mean enough to end an episode like this, much less the whole season. now we have to wait 6 months for the end of the episode.

    i think the whole j.d's gf getting pregnet was a great twist though, because the plot summary said that one person was waiting on the pregnancy test, so when they introduced the second test, it was a great twist.

    how could they make us wait like this though?!?!?!?!?!
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