Season 6 Episode 18

My Turf War

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 26, 2007 on NBC

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    Did not get much laughs in tonight on Scrubs, at least not the way like the last couple of episodes made me laugh. Actually, I don't think I laughed once while watching this episode. And since the main focus of the show is comedy, it's not such a great thing, to not be able to laugh while watching a sitcom.

    Kudos on the eventful and very surprising ending, but everything else relating Elliot's old sorority sister, and JD. It was a bit cheesy, and over the top, especially for a plot so insignificant. JD spreads a rumor because he misses Elliot, big deal. It was a nice JD & Elliot moment near the end which we haven't seen in a while, but I just felt they should have been connecting based on something more significant than Elliot's sorority sister coming in to to town.

    I liked Turk's plot, a lot actually. Something they haven't discussed on this show, which is very common in hospitals today: Hypochondriacs. People who always think that they're sick. We haven't seen much Cox & Turk bonding, so it was nice to watch, and it had definitely some good interactions.

    Eventful and unexpected endings, something that Scrubs has been really good lately. Kieth proposes to Elliot, Turk tricks Dr. Cox and ends up getting the good surgeries. Overall, good for the eventful ending, but thumbs down on not being that funny this time around. Fair episode.
  • Downhill

    It's an ok episode. I mean, I've been very disappointed by this season's of Scrubs. There were a few episodes (like the musical) that were good, but nothing like the first few seasons. Scrubs is about inane humor that should entertain everyone, but the entertainment is pretty much gone. Keri Russell's appearance did nothing for the show. It's just all very disappointing. That's all I can say about it. It is big that Elliot is possibly getting engaged to Keith, but whatever. Yippee. And I want to know something about JD's baby. There has got to be some development on that.
  • I had not laughed so hard in a long time. This is getting better every episode

    Somehow I had lost fate on the show. I don't know... maybe the season didn't start the way I expected. I even stoped watching the show for a while but how glad I am that I let it rest and grow up on me. The scene where JD tries to leave Elliot and her friend at the bar is probably one of the most funny ones in scurbs history. That said the Elliot-JD story is becoming so interesting. We'll have to see what acuatlly happens with Kim and the baby. Just a few episodes left... and will season 7 be happening?
  • A wonderful, hilarious episode.

    Wow, this episode was totally awesome. When Melody and Elliot looked at J.D. for that period of time I almost fell down laughing. The story also winds itself back again to the original classic Scrubs. We don't venture off with Livern dying, or anything else. This episode actually stuck to the plot. It was also a great way to introduce Melody, since she is J.D.'s new girlfriend. When Melody and Elliot were jumping up and down together because they were so happy, the part where they screamed was extremely hilarious! Oh my god, the comedy there was exactly perfect. Finished!
  • The episode had a various number of giggle worthy events.

    The show started with Keith leaving Elliot and the Hospital for a couple of days. To be honest im not a massive fan of Keith so I was excited about what would happen without him and Elliot. But I am now a great fan of Lloyd the delivery man who played an ever-more inclusive part in Scrubs, at this rate he will be a main character. Keri Russell starred as Melody, Elliot's sorority sister.

    The tornado scene was my favourite because of the sheer action and special effects. This was closely followed by the "$100" scene, it was amazingly awkward and embarrassing. Other great parts included the "Grillface" scene and the "Ghost who hates spills" scene. Overall I thought the show was nicely carved with various funny moments thrown in.
  • What is happening with this show? This episode had a few high points, notably Keri Russel, and a pretty decent story line involving Turk. However, the horrible J.D. and Elliot dialog has returned.

    Disappointing to say the least. Keri Russel was pretty good. And Turk and Dr.Cox have shown again that the conflict in that relationship makes for some great comedy.

    However, the melodramatic sloppy childish writing returns again. Most notably in a horrendous exchange between J.D and Elliot at the end of the show.

    Example: JD:"I just don't want to lose you" Elliot:"Then we'll both try harder"

    Oooo, will you Elliot, I hope so. Seriously, the dramatic writing has gotten so lazy that it seems as though they are grabbing writers from the "From Justin to Kelly" school of writing.

    Skip this one and instead just listen to the great song "Pass It On" by The Coral which is featured in this episode.

    At least do yourself a favor and turn off the tv before you get to the last 5 minutes. Save yourself from watching what is the equivalent of very bad high school theater.
  • Driving, driving, passenger on

    Another average episode of Scrubs again. I thought this episode showed promise but in the end it was very average. Turk and Dr.Cox battle (again) over a patient (which is lloyd the delivery driver, who has shown up in way too many episodes this season for my liking. The character isnt even funny and is just pointless) I thought we might of got to see some character development with J.D and Elliot considering they dont share much screen time anymore. Unfortunatly we got another "wacky" character friend from college and a set up for elliots marriage hmmmm. At least we got some funny moments with the janitor as the ghost and turks booty breakdown.
  • Keri Russell is the Fonz...

    With this episode, I think it's pretty safe to say that the show has come back to where it once was, although it probably will never surpass it's greatness, it's good to see that it won't go out like a whimpering dog, only to be stuffed by Dr. Jan Itor. I'm not sure how long Keri Russell is going to be sticking around, I hope it's for a few more episodes, she's really good and I liked the character a lot. When they introduced her at the beginning of the show, it was a funny parody of the football introductions done before the game. The ending with of course how JD and Elliot's relationship will be effected with Keith asking her to marry him...That's a storyline that I'm really looking forward to.
  • A proposal occurs which will either end the relationship wiith a 'no' or solidify the relationship with a 'yes'

    This episode didn't get off to the best start in the cafeteria but got a hell of a lot better after the credits rolled, with all the plots being a perfect blend of comedy.

    Dr Cox and Turk's plot is my favourite with someone actually winning against Cox by using his own tactics and earning respect, and a bit of embarassment, and this plot provided the most laughs.

    The Janitor haunting pediatrics was a bit silly but was very funny, especially his motive for doing so. And for the main plot, well, the hundred dollar bill would have to be the most memorable scene from the episode and really shows JD's character and his never let things go attitude. I also think it's terrific that they showed Elliot and JD becoming closer friends again and Melody was a very funny character that provided great laughs especially the exaggerated catch up excitement tornado and the game show fantasy and of course her way of dialling down the slut angle by limiting to making out.

    Keith proposing is a brilliant end because while I like his character but don't want the relationship to be permanent, it makes for a good ending and shows that JD may not get to spend as much time with his pal that he thought.

    Seasn 6 hasn't been the best season but it has been steady and this episode shows that Scrubs is still the best show on television and is certainly not going downhill.
  • Holy Crap! That was one surprising ending!

    This was a great episode, and this was one of those episode that something happen that will start a whole new chain reaction of events. I was not expecting that ending. Also this was a great episode that focused more on another character in this case Turk, rather than then J.D to show that this show still has diversity and "pizazz" if you will. I highly recommender the viewing of this episode to those who haven't seen it, and if your a die hard fan who missed it if u want to check it out here is a html to a web site i just love to use.
  • In this episode J.D. feels like a third wheel with Elliot and her friend from town.

    First let me say, Since when is Lloyd a hypochondriac? Is he taking place of the other guy? I didn't like that. I am so mad! I am very mad about Keith and Elliot. They are a terrible couple! I hate it! I don't want them to get married. I don't think that it will do anything to the story. It is just pushing J.D.'s chances with Elliot out. I bet that every Scrubs fan wants J.D. and Elliot to be together just a little bit. I liked the episode besides that. It was really good. I liked that Melanie came to town. That was a little weird when they were screaming at the beginning. Haha. I just love Scrubs.
  • I can't understand why some people just on't enjoy this episode.. it was funny!

    It's something that's really got to me having watched scrubssince the first season, that the episodes that have got all the best ratings on are the ones which revolve mainly around drama not comedy - Top Rated of season 6 were the Laverne episodes. Scrubs is a comedy first, drama second, and therefore if you don't enjoy all the silly jokes and the funny charchter banter, then don't watch the show!

    This episode was very good i thought, i really enjoyed the Turk/Cox storyline as it was original and very funny - Bob Kelso running in smiling towards the end made me Laugh out Loud! Also, Elliot's sorority sister Melanie was a great addition, as she was completely different from all the other charachters and provided some good laughs throughout the episodes

    My only problem with the episode was JD's scene in the bar as he was leaving, i really didn't think that was very funny - a fact down i think down to the Zach Braff's acting. He's just not as funny as he used to be..

    Luckily however, Cox, Turk, Kelso and Elliot were on hand to bring the show home with some good quality laughs!
  • It was fine, but didn't quite sit right with me...

    I had two main problems with this episode. Firstly, Melody really annoyed me. I don't know why, but she drove me mad. I hope they don't make her a recurring character. The other thing was that they looked like they were trying to start up the JD and Elliot thing, which I think has been done to death now, and that Elliot should stay with Keith.

    That said, the proposal was very sweet, and I adored the Dr Cox and Turk dynamic, ones of my personal favourites. I'm a bit disappointed we don't often get to see JD and Dr. Cox anymore though. It was fine. Not great, but fine.
  • This episode gets a resounding "meh".

    I can't say that this was my favorite episode. A painful majority of the jokes fell flat. It was cool to see someone finally outmanouver Dr. Cox, but even that wasn't very funny. Why wasn't the hospital's usual hypochondriac used? I don't really like Lloyd that much. Dr. Kelso and Carla were both sidelined, and Jennifer Dylan isn't mentioned at all. I'd really like to see her... or at least hear a mention. Overall, not very funny, and not very special, except for the very end. I never really liked Keith.
  • Scrubs keeps the stories going as characters develop and relationships get re-evaluated in this excellent episode.

    Turk struggles to be a respected surgeon to Cox, while J.D. tries to open a window for an old relationship.

    Turk's trick on Cox was great, mainly because there was no way Turk would be dumb enough to risk his career by doing something as stupid as performing unnecessary surgery, yet Cox believed in the worst. It shows how Cox is still doubtful of humanity even though he tries so hard to make things better. With Turk proving that he is a devious equal, he finally has developed the respect he deserved from Cox all along. Carla's emotional hand in it was priceless solely for her complete 180 when the great reveal happened.

    J.D. has now started to redefine his friendship with Elliot. His life has been in shambles since he not only lost a girl but also, at least to him, a child. Elliot has been the only constant female figure in his life, and Elliot has gotten her life in order. She is in private practice, has a house, is in a stable relationship, and has become a reliable and strong woman. J.D. adores this, but not in the way he has in the past. In Season 3, he pined for her like he was in high school; the relationship was going to be all or nothing, and neither of them were ready to make that commitment. Now, he sees what future he may have, and he's scared. He's lost two things he held dear, and he's afraid that he'll lose one more if he doesn't try. What he's looking for is not a simple relationship; he wants a best friend and a lover, whether he admits it or not. This was the best part of the episode as it shows how much the two of them have matured and grown apart. J.D. wants her still in his life because she's the closest thing to a stable woman he knows. With Keith proposing, it may open up what he really wants in his life.

    The fantasies were good again. Elliot and Melody as banshees while Turk and J.D. tried to stop them was hilarious, but nothing topped Turk's Booty Breakdown. If any fantasy had to be considered the best one of the season, this is probably the strongest contender as it was the perfect send-up not only of Sportscenter but of the male mindset as well. It just worked on every level.

    This is the Scrubs with which I fell in love, the Scrubs that got me through a break-up and made me feel good, the Scrubs that I consider the best show on television. This episode was excellent.
  • Apart from the quite good Turk & Cox storyline, I found it awesome that the relationship between Elliot and JD is getting revisited.I had my doubts as to whether the two should end up together, but after this i have no doubt that there is something there

    JD seems to have confused feelings about Elliot, but there is no doubt that there is something there. He is just too slow and unsure to act on it. Keith proposing to Elliot will act as a catalyst for their relationship. I cannot wait to see what's gonna happen, but after tonight, i sincerely hope they do end up together... They danced around each other for too long, and there is definitely something more than friendship between them, it just takes them bloody long time to figure it out.
  • Back to what it does best!

    I have been complaining that Scrubs has been annoying lately because it has seperated the characters, and because J.D. has hardly been a main character lately. This episode totally redeemed it and made up for all of those annoying episodes. I have been a fan of Scrubs since it started and I love to see them get back the chemistry that they seem to had lost. Its like an episode out of an earlier season without changing how they have developed. Perfect! Oh and Eliiot and Keith getting married...I'm on the fence about it. I don't want them to break up BUT don't know if I'm ready for another marriage.
  • Sean made him jealous, is Keith doing the same thing?

    What can i say, Scrubs has some of the best writers, as its ability to mix drama and comedy together so smoothly simply astounds me with every episode that passes. At the beginning of the episode, Keith is out of town, so JD takes this as an open opportunity to re-kindle his friendship with Elliot, a girl he not only dated but remained best friends with. Throughout this season, viewers have questioned the lack of JD and Elliot interaction, without any of us realizing that JD himself was questioning the same thing as well. Once Elliot's soroity sister returns, Melody, and after a brief makout session between JD and her, JD acts out a rather rash decision by trying to intervene between their friendship so that he and Elliot can spend more time together. Although JD states he misses his "best friend", judging by his reaction in the ending, feelings he may have pushed aside may be flowing back in full tide. The other storyline between Dr. Cox and Turk was also fresh. Turk gets mad that Dr. Cox doesn't give him the good surgeries, and decides to play a prank on Dr. Cox in order to show him that he can and will mess with the "big boys"

    Both storylines work well with each other, the jokes are all nicely played, basically having the whole episode worthy of the "Scrubs" name. Hopefully this is the beginning of an amazing season finale.
  • Another classic episode of Scrubs

    Another great episode of Season 6. I cant express the greatness of the episode. All the story lines were so perfectly written. Let's talk about the two major story lines.

    Dr. Cox vs. Turk
    This was a hilarious episode. The fact that Lloyd was the patient was hilarious. I've always loved the Dr. Cox and Turk story lines. The fact that at the end Dr. Cox had more respect for Turk is a huge character development. I think it will make Turk a better surgeon.

    Elliot/Melody vs. J.D.
    This was also a perfect storyline. I didn't like the fact that J.D. and Melody went so quickly into making out. But it did make the storyline a lot more interesting. I liked that JD and Elliot were hanging out. At the end when Keith proposed, you can tell this is the beginning of another "JD and Elliot together" storyline.

    I think this episode is the beginning of a great season finale.

    Thanks for reading, hope you read for "My Cold Shower".