Season 1 Episode 5

My Two Dads

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 23, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. and Elliot confer about the case of a young boy. He's not happy, so they try to cheer him up by pointing out that his parents have arranged for The Rock to come to visit. He'd rather see boobs on a cute girl. J.D. points out that Elliot is cute. J.D. pages Dr. Kelso about Mr. Martinez because he has a procedure scheduled but he's dead. Dr. Cox is satisfied but can't be bothered to remember J.D.'s name.

J.D. still thinks Elliot should flash her boobs to the kid. Carla and Turk are getting closer. J.D. makes comments when she is not in the room but she overhears from the bedroom. She is not happy that J.D. assumes they have slept together and that Turk didn't correct him. She wants them to have a real relationship. J.D. changes the subject to Elliot's boobs. Dr. Cox is not happy that J.D. told Dr. Kelso about Mr. Martinez because Martinez' insurance was going to pay for and expensive procedure for Mrs. Blitt who doesn't have insurance. J.D. thinks he was doing the right thing so he gets even more mad. Elliot flashes her boobs to the kid after all. Dr. Kelso says thanks again for the catch earlier and invites him for a round of coffee one day.

Elliot is frustrated that none of her patients are improving. Turk decides to buy Carla a pen because she writes so much, but he constantly gets paged and has no time to go out and buy one. Laverne informs Elliot that the young kid has improved and she figures it must have been her boobs. Dr. Cox notices that Carla has a new pen on her scrubs. Dr. Cox informs J.D. that he was so mad earlier on because he hates Dr. Kelso and Mrs. Blitt now won't get the surgery now. Lavern shows Turk a bunch of x-rays with people who've gotten strange items stuck up their butt such as a toothbrush or bottle. She says the doctors at the E.R. have a whole box of this stuff they call the ass-box. Turk asks if that is next to the Lost & Found box but she says there is no Lost & Found box. Turk realizes that the pen he took and gave to Carla thus came from somebody's ass. Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox go to play golf. J.D. is the caddy of Dr. Cox and knows this won't be a friendly game. Elliot tries flashing her boobs to a coma patient and his pulse goes up. Turks tries to get to Carla before she opens her present but she is so happy about her new pen.

At the golf game, Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox try to get J.D. on their side. Dr. Cox has a dying patient with no pulse and Elliot comes in and flashes her breasts. It doesn't work and she just looks foolish. Turk wants to tell Carla about where the pen came from, but she is very amorous. J.D. overhears Dr. Kelso care more about a patient's insurance than their health and takes Dr. Cox's side. Turk points out that he did not have time to get the pen for her, so he got the pen from the Lost & Found box. She points out there is no Lost & found box, but there is an ass-box. She is impressed with his honesty being more important than getting a piece, and so she takes him to the bedroom despite the gift not being quite what it appeared..

Everyone around the hospital makes fun of Elliot, an old man telling her he has an awful case of the Gottasee'ems. Dr. Cox reveals this was all just a test to see which side J.D. was on and he has already put Mrs. Blitt on the surgery list. J.D. sees Dr. Kelso as Darth Vader and Dr. Cox as Obi-Wan Kenobi while they have a lightsaber fight. J.D. watches as Luke along with Carla&Elliot as Lea, Turk as Han Solo and The Janitor as Chewbacca. Obi-Wan Cox loses the battle like in "A New Hope" and Dr. Kelso puts him on suspension. J.D. decides not to play golf with Dr. Kelso anymore.
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