Season 4 Episode 11

My Unicorn

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 23, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. says life in the hospital is never boring as he and Turk walk in slow motion to make everything seem more dramatic. Carla thinks it's childish. J.D.'s patient Gregory Marks is in need of a kidney but nobody is a match. Elliot is having a hard time because she never gets things done around here, such as x-rays and lab results. Carla recommends to do what Jordan does, flirting with the other person.

J.D. tells Dr. Cox that he found out that Mr. Marks has a son who could donate a kidney. So he drives over to a small private airport where the son Murray works. He takes him back to the hospital. Murray tells his father that he will give him a kidney, for $70,000. Carla and Jordan want to help Elliot to get things done for her, even though Turk doesn't like the idea.

J.D. wants to know why Murray doesn't like his dad and he explains that for one, he called him Murray - an old person's name, and he never got any attention when growing up. Elliot tries her new persuasion technique to keep Murray at the hospital. It doesn't work at first but then Jordan throws some water on her shirt and Elliot rubs her breast so Murray stays a while longer.

At the cafeteria, J.D. persuades Murray to donate one of his kidneys, as it is his father after all. Turk is not happy what Jordan and Carla are trying to do to Elliot and says it will eventually backfire. Just then, Elliot cuts into the queue at the gift shop and gets a free orange soda. The gentleman she cut in at also wants an orange soda but there are none left. He leaves disgruntled and asks Carla and Turk where he could find a Dr. Reid. Turk laughs.

Dr. Cox runs up to J.D. that the kidney's are a match but Gregory is not actually Murray's biological father. Murray leaves as soon as he finds out. Carla makes Turk take Elliott to go to the bee festival to avoid the interviewer. J.D. goes to see Murray to try to persuade him to give his fake kidney anyway.

Elliot returns to the hospital as her interviewer called her cell phone, so Carla tells her the truth what had happened at the gift shop. Elliot goes to see the guy anyway but he storms out straight away. On the way, the janitor talks to him at a distance and we see the interviewer take a can of soda, smile, give Elliot the thumbs up and walk on. Elliot wants to know what has happened. The janitor actually threatened him but only tells Elliot they "talked about her future".

Dr. Cox tells Murray his dad always knew he wasn't his son but stayed in the game anyway. So Murray goes up to his father and tells him he will finally donate him his kidney.