Season 4 Episode 11

My Unicorn

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 23, 2004 on NBC

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  • Matthew Perry guest stars.

    An episode guest starred by Matthew Perry and directed by him. This was a good episode but it seemed too centered on Matthew Perry, it seems as though the show came to the guest star, rather than the guest star coming on the show. The plot that I favored the most was Carla & Jordan teaching Elliot to use sexual manipulation to get what she wants. And the interviewer coming at the worst moment for Elliot. Carla & Jordan were great in this episode, not to mention hilarious working as a team. It was also fun to see the janitor fall hard for Elliot and save the day in the end. An emotional plot for JD when he gets too involved with his patient. His patient needs a kidney transplant, so he tracks down his estranged son (Matthew Perry) to get him to do the transplant. Conflict arises when the patient isn't his real father. JD tries to convince him throughout the whole episode, while Cox, himself, is loving the situation, since he warned JD not to get involved. The unicorn journal didn't do much to the episode. So pretty much the only plot that I really enjoyed and helped this episode was the teamwork between Elliot, Turk, Carla & Jordan.
  • good old chandler but not quite!

    mattew perry appears in scrubs as murray! what i love about this storyline is that its a differnt chacterf or matthew peery as in films i've seen he's been very very similar to the character of chandler!

    but anyways murray is brought into scrubs when jd gets involved ina patients life and it makes for an interesting episode! its enjoyable to watch jd relate to another character liek he does with murray and at the same time watch the parrallel with dr. cox and murrays father!

    the janitor in this epsiode is hillairous and once again makes the show amzing when u sometimes fear drama is tkaing over too much!

    good epsiode not like amzing but good!
  • JD gets to involved with his patient.

    A super nice patient needs a kidney and dispite Cox's advice, JD goes and talks to the man's son, Murry. Murry doesnt like his dad, but says he'll give him his kidney anways. Tests come back and it turns out the Murry isnt his dads son. JD goes and talks to the Murry and he finally agreess to give him his kidney. This was a great episode and was very funny. Another favorite of mine from Season 4.
    (Man is pretending to fly around with his arms out)
    JD: He smells like fuel.
    Murry: He's a airplane.
  • Matthew Perry

    Matthew Perry (Friends) guest stars as Murray, a sort of Chandler-like character, who's father is in need of a kidney. After Jd goes well out of his way to find Murray and drags him to the hospital the truth comes out, Murray's father isn't his biological father. After Murray bails and Jd manages to get him back to the hospital once again Dr. Cox gives him that final push and helps him realize that even though they don't share a biological link his fake father is still his real father. Murray and his fake real dad have some really funny moments. Matthew Perry is such a goof but in that almost you're not sure if he's being serious or goofing around kind of way. I really like him. The Janitor is also particularly funny in this episode as his crush on "blonde doctor" get's taken to a frigtening level when he threatens to beat someone with a soda can. He's freaking hilarious.
  • this was a funny episode, and that is saying alot with how consistently funny this show is.

    The part with the getting cake from the cafeteria is hilarious, especially when he rubbed his nipples, I laughed so hard the times I saw this episode. There was alot going on and Matthew Perry was pretty funny as well, up there in the control tower of the small airport. That was also cool that it was his Dad in real life, according to this page. It was one of though laugh pretty hard type of episodes, which was great. I know they have alot of those types of episodes, and obviously that is why the show is so great.
  • Carla and Jordan teach Elliot to be one of them

    With Matthew Perry guest starring, this episode is very funny, especially the “old” Murray name, nearly all of the elderly patients in the hospital being called Murray, and the odd sized explosion from the remote controlled aeroplane and of course Cox focusing on how JD got his cell phone number.

    Aside from the main plot gags, there are many other enjoyable moments such as the slow-motion Turk and JD and the Janitor wanting to propose to Elliot with a ten thousand dollar ring (“I’ve got twelve bucks”) aswell as Elliot trying to use her looks to get things done, especially her first attempt, actually telling Franklin what she was doing.

    Overall this episode is very well written with scenes such as how the doctors got their cake and the prank Murray plays when he and JD first meet.