Season 5 Episode 23

My Urologist

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • Elizabeth Banks.

    Nice way to change it up at Sacred Heart. Definitely caught me surprise while I was watching the theme song. I have always been a big fan of Elizabeth Banks, so I'm really glad that she guest starred or started a recurring role on this wonderful show. Carla starts feeling hormonal which ensues hilarity. JD comes to like a surgeon, Kim Briggs who is portrayed by Elizabeth Banks. All married women being invisible to JD was absolutely hilarious, and it was nice to see Gift Shop Girl again. Also amazing mention of Dr. Acula. So some good jokes on tonight's episode, I loved how this episode tied in in the end. With Elliot doubting her relationship with Kieth. Then Carla being mad and hormonal at her, and Keith standing up for Elliot. From Kelso having to make the announcement because he wrecked the janitor's car, and the janitor can prove it. Then JD getting the girl at the end, a great final scene between Zach Braff and Elizabeth Banks. Great installment this week, looking forward to the season five finale.
  • JD Falls For A Urologist And Challenges Her On The Assessment Of A Patient, Elliot Wants To Break Up With Keith But Carla Won't Let Her, Kelso & The Janitor Have A Fight About Fear.

    J.D. Falls For A Urologist Called Kim Briggs Who Has Been Around For 5 Years, But She Was Wearing A Wedding Ring So JD Cannot See Her, He Challenges Her On Her Assessment Of A Patient Who Needs Surgery.
    Elliot Wants To Break Up With Keith But Carla Wouldn't Let Her So They Start Fighting & Not Talking, In The End They Made Up And Elliot Didn't Break Up With Keith After All!
    Kelso & The Janitor Get Into A Fight About Fear That Ends With Kelso Announcing That He Is Afraid Of The Janitor.
    Brilliant Episode, I Love It! Go Producers! :)
  • Another good week.

    Definatley not the best episode of the series, but sure's hell not the worst. My only complaint, which lead to an 8.9 rating and not a 9 or above, was the beginning sequence. JD and the whole, not seeing women with wedding rings was just sooooo lame. I cringed when i saw it. It was seriously ridiculous. Scrubs is one of the well written, classies shows in decades, but this could be used as a good con. And i hated the montage and how she was "at Ben's funeral" from My Screw Up. They took an emotional scene and tried to turn it into a humerous scene. Yes, i know it's a comedy first, but still. Anywho, the rest of the episode is fine, and infact i didn't find Kim (Elizabeth Banks; Slither, 40 Year Old Virgin) as annoying as people stated on the scrubs web site. Infact she turned out to be a pretty strong character and important to the episode. I liked the whole Janitor and Kelso storyline. I just feel they are underusing Kelso nowadays, ever since the second half of season 3 he's only been getting a main storyline every couple of episodes. Maybe he's requesting it because of his age,fair enough if that's the case, but if he isn't then please let him be used more. I just love it how he does his 'hit and out' jokes. Where he's not actually invovled in the scene but he has one line and nails it. Any way, i'm going a bit of topic now, A good episode to watch.
  • Wow what an episode. Definitely one of the best episodes i've seen

    JD's inability to see married women cracks me up nevertheless leads to plot holes is previous and future episodes. Dr Briggs is a character that i want to see more of funny and popular! Good on JD for winning her heart. Great Episode Can't wait for how it continues.
  • Married women are invisible to JD!

    This episode is hilarious from start to finish, with great moments like Carla's pregnancy mood swings (which Jordan not only ignores but pushes Carla away from the conversation) and the Dr Acula scenes from the video camera stolen from Rotinaj, no, not the doctor, the Janitor's username.

    The irony in the fact that if Carla and Elliot wern't fighting about breaking up with Keith, the breakup would not occur is very well plotted and all the plots are quite entertaining, especially the main one of JD befriending Kim, an important moment in the series which will pay off in the final episode of the season.
  • J.D. challenges a urologist's assessment on a consult for a patient in need of a risky surgical procedure. He also starts to fall for her. Elliot considers breaking up with Keith for being too weak. Dr. Cox picking on him does not help his case.

    Finally a good episode after a long long time. J.D. is finally gonna get into a relationship after a long long time. Man that doctor is hot. God ! Where was she all this while ? Wish they had introduced it a bit earlier. The hormonal extremes of Carla were really funny. The Janitor getting the better of Dr. Kelso was also funny because I find the Janitor to be the lesser of the two evils !I was really disappointed when Elliot and Keith didn't break up. They just don't go together.It seems Dr. Kim deals with only the "special parts". Eagerly waiting to see her other exploits.
  • Wonderful

    Oh this show is just so hillarious!! Its genius! I love all of their relationships with eachother. No other show is like this one. They have never failed to make me laugh, not one episode! I donot know where they come up with this stuff but it really is great. This is a very funny show and i highly recommend it. Not only can it make you crack up it can also be very serious at times. Another thing i like about it is that it also gives you some sort of life lesson which i really enjoy. Alright well thats it. Hope you watch it!
  • JD confronts a urologist about not performing a needed surgery, Elliot has second thoughts about her relationship with Keith, and Dr. Kelso squares off with The Janitor.

    Not a great episode, but still very solid and well-written. I loved the side-story with Kelso and The Janitor.

    As for JD and the new staff member( Dr. Briggs, who has only been there 5 years), I thought it was really funny the way they edited her into those earlier clips of the show and the opening sequence. I was pleasantly surprised that they brought out another love interest for JD. She is probably the most attractive girl that he has dated on the show, other than Tara Reid (sorry Elliot fans).

    The Elliot and Keith storyline is yet another example of how the characters in this show are allowed to develop. Keith has been walked over by everybody in the hospital, and raked over the coals by you people in the forums. But his feelings for Elliot give him the strength to stand up for her, if not for himself.

    Overall, this was a solid episode, and one that should keep most fans of the show entertained.
  • Very funny episode

    I liked how JD didn't see any of the married women and then all of a sudden they just popped up. Eveng ift shop girl. Very cute.

    And Carla's mood swings were really funny, especially since they ended up helping Elliot in the end. If Carla hadn't gone crazy on Elliot then Keith wouldn't have stood up for her and they wouldn't have stayed together.

    I also liked how JD stoop up against Kim and go her to change her mind about the surgery and the janitor's invention of the word "fearitude". I love the janitor.

    And the Dr. Rotinaj... classic
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