Season 7 Episode 10

My Waste of Time

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 01, 2008 on NBC

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    A bit of a forgettable episode, I felt like this episode was just the aftermath of Kelso leaving, and now Cox is chief. And he loves hearing it, I was surprised to see Cox as chief, and it felt a bit strange without Kelso, but it was still a good episode, with abundant amount of jokes that kept me laughing all the way through.

    The writers are again trying to shove Elliot/JD in our face, it became extremely obvious when they wouldn't stop talking about how much JD's baby looks like Elliot. By the way, where's Kim in all of this? JD & Elliot's friendship is great, lets just hope they don't get these two together just to break them up again.

    Carla wanting to have another baby was a bit too ridiculous considering Turk only has one testicle now, and there has definitely been too much pregnancies on this show as it is. Legal Custodians was the best part about this episode! I almost cried in laughter. A good episode, with some amazing jokes, although quite forgettable, good episode.
  • ok

    Elliot and J.D. seek out a former patient in order to give him compensation for prescribing Plomox, which later proves to have several negative side effects for diabetics who take it. After spending the day pulling pranks, J.D. realizes that Elliot sought out her old patient not for the financial compensation, but for her own knowledge that she did not kill him. J.D. and Elliot realize there has been a major change in their relationship. Meanwhile, now that Dr. Kelso is no longer working at the hospital, Dr. Cox loves his new position as interim Chief of Medicine. In fact he now insists that everyone in the hospital refer to him as Chief Dr. Cox. It also seems as if he is unsure whether he wants all of the problems that come with it, citing the masses of paperwork as a pain. Elsewhere, Carla approaches Turk about the possibility of having another child
  • Elliot and J.D. realize that there has been a major change in their relationship after they spend time together looking after a former patient.

    Once again, they do the Jelliot realizing a 'major change' in their relationship. I am a Jelliot SHIPPER or at least i WAS. But right now, i don't really give a crap of they get together or whatever. They should just either get them together or break them up. The ball mart fantasty was kinda cool, but the end of it was over the top. When Jd said "'I should stop with the long fantasties, they're never worth it' i totally agreed.I was really looking forward to Cox being chief. But he spend all day sitting in the doctor lounge with Jordan. What a dissapointmet!! It still had a few great jokes (Brain trust). Turla wanting another baby wasn't a great storyline! There are four kids in Scrubs now and none of them can actually do anything (expect for little Jack, who is hilarious).
  • Scrubs hits its stride again

    Frankly i feel quite a few shows have been a little off balance ever since the strike and scrubs ahs been one of them.
    This episode however was a reminder of some of the things which made me staqrt watching the show in the first place.
    Ted's new devlopment was a great touch, thr brain trust in gerenal were great this show.
    To be honest i cant really put my finger on why this episode worked for me but i think the lack of angsty charecters (excusing elliots brief, "you love turk more" moment"), them not going overboard on JD's dream sequences and a general sense of the sotry moving forewards again all helped.
    Now if the next season takes this forewards then i won't mind them stretching this out that bit further.
    I'm going to treat this as the finale of the season for fairly obvious reasons for anyone who watched the next episode.
  • Since the writers strike was over Scrubs is just getting better and better and the episodes are coming back to being as great and as brilliant as they were before the notorious season 6.

    Since the writers strike was over Scrubs is just getting better and better and the episodes are coming back to being as great and as brilliant as they were before the notorious season 6.

    I've enjoyed the last few episodes very much and while this episode wasn't the best one in this season, it was still great and hilarious and I've found myself laughing my ass off a few times. Granted, it was more at jokes that I guessed were coming then jokes I didn't, thought there were a few brilliant and fresh parts in it too. For an example is the scene where everyone is talking in the lounge and Turk is telling JD that he's the one that wanted the surgery and not Carla and from that JD understands that Elliot's been obsessing about her patient for herself and not for him. I thought a joke was needed there otherwise that scene would look kind of stupid, and I was glad they laughed about themselves and that joke was just brilliant, especially the end of it, "And yet I'm doing it almost every week." That was freaking hilarious! Also, in the last two seasons there had been less fantasies then there used to be, sometime there was only one lousy fantasy in an episode just to say they did one, but in the last episodes they started making more fantasies again which makes me very happy. The tactical story is about annoying and odd, but the fantasy when JD, Dr. Cox, The Todd and Turk get stuck in a cabin had it funny moments, but mostly I enjoyed seeing the gang half naked. They always like to find reasons to get naked.

    Another notable joke was the Janitor/Ted sitcom which totally cracked me up. How the hell did they come up with that idea? It was brilliant. Also when they did that little annoying NBC commercial thing through the episode but with Legal Custodians I just laughed so hard.

    There was a lot of very funny scene in this episode and I enjoyed it very much, but it would take me a lot of time to write all of them so those are a few of the best ones.

    I don't want Elliot and JD to get together. I wanted them to be together most of the show, but when they broke up for the 100 time and nothing happened between them for a while it just became very annoying and not a story line I want to watch too much. The thing is that I guess they're going to get together because they made them like Ross and Rachel and you can see in the last few episodes how the writers are pushing for it with Turk and Carla saying all of the time that they need to be together and with them spending more and more time together. So I guess I'll have to try and get used to it if I want to enjoy the show as much as I can.

    All in all, a great episode that I really enjoyed and made me laugh a lot.
  • Janitor creates a monster in Ted and JElliot's relationship changes

    At first watch i must admit i wasn't aware Cox was only given the position of Interim CoM so i thought this plot was understated. Upon realising this there's not much he can do if he is only temporary so i believe we'll have to see where they go with Cox and the CoM job.

    Although i loved the Prescription for a Chill Pill i thought it was a bit of a recycled joke so that lessened the entertainment i got from it.

    The fact that Cox would think that kelso would like to take care of "what happened on his watch" is not really something i believed.

    I enjoyed a lot of the brain trust plot however i did not like the flag jokes although Janitor did a good performance in this episode. I though JD's short "wow, that takes a lot of ball" line was quite funny but the fantasy that followed i was quite disapointed with.

    Turk's performance in this episode wasn't very entertaining starting from the laundry joke at the beginning to the rice pudding reaction which i liked until he overdid it a little. However the nanny thieving overall was funny.

    The Todd's performance also didn't impress me much seeing as they could have done more with the moments he was given.

    The Tedd plot left me with mixed emotions. I didn't enjoy many of the jokes they used (the briefcase) but i did like the idea that he can start fresh with Cox. Kelso's cat joke was good although the no more getting me coffee reaction was overdone as well. The Legal Custodians joke was pretty funny but was overused.

    Elliot's CDC joke didn't entertain me although JD's "my thoughts are with your daughter" was semi ammusing. I thought JD summing up in his usual style would have worked better then him pointing how he uses other peoples problems to solve his own, although the breaking of the fourth wall and that scene wasn't too bad as it was.

    I liked most of the JElliot plot in this episode for the drama though not the comedy. I thought incorporating the patient into it more would have worked better. I also thought they could have used the patient who sued Elliot in My Lucky Day for the case although i cannont remember if the case was dropped in that ep. The final 2 JElliot scenes i found running smoothly until upon rewatching i hear JD say to Elliot "don't look at him" referring to Sam which makes me wonder what he meant by that and whether it was a blooper.
  • Dr Cox becoming is the new 'Boss man',the Brain Trust fall out,Carla & Turk think of the future, Jordan and Perry wait on their daughters operation, Elliot and JD try to bond again as the two single friends. Too much going on - fun but no classic.

    So far I've got to agree with those who say that season 7 has been a mixed bag. Some great episodes, others not so great, although I dont think I would go as far as picking out any as being so bad as to rate a 'terrible' as noted by one of my contempories.

    I felt this episode was one of those notable for having great ideas treated poorly. So many potential ideas, indeed too many.....

    1.Dr Kelso quitting - on the wall for a while but no impact when it actually happens.
    2.Dr Cox becoming the new 'Boss man' - could have done with a major 'welcome to my hell' type intro (maybe a handing over of the reigns from Dr kelso) 3.The infighting in the Brain Trust - One of the few items that permeated throughout the epidode with Ted standing up to Janitor. Will this new found respect continue of be forgotten?
    4.Carla wanting a second baby but Turk becomes worried by Carlas previous problems, as well as hiss own struggle with his dimminished manhood. - OK but i felt it was a little superficial at times, looking like a filler rather than character development.
    5.Jordan and Perry wait for the results of their daughters operation. - All but completely ignored, even though it was a decidedly dangerous procedure. Considering these two are the hospitals Mr & Mrs emotional trainwreck it was a completely wasted idea.
    6.Elliot and JD try to bond after their the breakup of their respective relationships. - i felt there was no real impact, perhaps this was because there was a lack of emotion. It was almost incidental.

    Too many things going on for a half hour slice. Pick any 3 of 6 and it could have been far more interesting. Normally I score high 8's or even in the 9's but I'm afraid its a little lower this time around simply because i found it hard to get engages in any single sub-plot.
  • Fitting title for an episode that is a waste of time.

    Season 7 has been an unpredictable season with a few great episodes like My Manhood and Growing Pains, a few average ones like My Own Worst Enemy and Identity Crisis, and a few terrible ones like My Inconvenient Truth, My Bad Too, and now My Waste of Time.

    The episode had promise with plots that could have had great potential for comedy and story, but it failed in both respects. The episode is still Scrubs, and has that charm, so 6/10 is hardly a bad score, and may be generous in that respect, but the episode still fails to be as entertaining as Scrubs usually is.

    Cox as Chief could have leant itself to some classic moments, or a conflict between Cox wanting to help patients and his job to throw them out without insurance, but instead he just sits on a couch talking to Jordan.

    Turk and Carla deciding to have another baby is an interesting decision, but the whole baby drama of season 6 got old fairly quickly, and yet another one may be too much, since the show is completing ignoring the medical roots of the show, but the plot was relatively funny, despite the fact that its all over the place. The ballmart fantasy went on way too long and should have just ended rather than the random ice fishing and returning from the trip.

    JD and Elliot... ugh, don't get me started. They've proved time and time again to be a terrible couple, yet the show has suddenly stopped being realistic and is now completely shoving Kim out of the picture so that Elliot can be a maternal figure for Sam, and so the couple that fights all the time will get back together, only to inevitably break up again, but they are really beating around the bush about it. The plot itself could have been okay, but it had no medical or patient interaction whatsoever, and the whole patient plot seemed a way to just put the two in a situation where they once again talk about where their friendship stands (they've had about four of them lately, starting in Turf War, and My Bad Too basically being word for word of Turf War).

    I like Scrubs because it is a hilarious show about Sacred Heart, the interactions with funny patients, and the arguments and jokes between co-workers, but this episode is just all over the place, with no plot really having any weight, and the jokes being few and far between, the Brain Trust saving this from being unbearable.
  • They are back to the ol' Scrubs wholesome goodness.

    After the poor past few episodes, where the writers were clearly still pissed about the strike, this episode reverts back to the good old days.

    Although Kelso is gone, he does a short cameo. But it also means that the ego-maniacal Dr.Cox is top dog - but only officially now. And he is winging it so far. It will be fantastic to see how he deals with the *really* hard decisions that are bound to emerge.

    Elsewhere, my least favourite (and the single un-funny) character - Ted - is finally given a backbone. And that is simply awesome. He stands up to Cox and the Janitor, which is super-cool.

    J.D. has more awesome long-day dream sequences, hangs out with Reid (after neglecting her for a while) and his son.

    Turk does not want to have another baby, but Carla wants one, after a certain champagne cork incident. They reconcile with Turk being given "time to think about it".

    Also: JORDAN IS BACK! I seriously hope that she stays.

    All in all, a fantastic episode.
  • In this episode we can see where things are moving to. (SPOILERS)

    In this episode J.D and Elliot got closer. That can only show how the story is developing. By spending time with her, J.D is allowing another woman in his life since his dissapointing experience with Kim. It is the same with Elliot; her break up with Keith was not easy, but she is ready for a new relationship if it is with his best (male) friend, J.D. Now with Sammy on the picture, this can be the beggining of a new family, a happy one. At the end of the episode there is a great warm feeling, and Carla and Turk show it when they giggle and leave J.D, Elliot and Sammy alone.