Season 5 Episode 7

My Way Home

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 24, 2006 on NBC

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  • 100th episode of Scrubs.

    Such an amazing episode, outstanding, flawless, and the comparisons to the Wizard of Oz was so original and fantastic all around. At first I didn't see much comparison, counting on the fact that I wasn't looking for any comparison since I didn't know what this episode was about. My first guess was that this episode was going to be emotional since it was on top rated list of, and all the episodes I've seen from that list all has been emotional in some way. This episode managed not to be emotional, but still be an amazing episode.

    The fact that nothing eventful happened, and this is still a great episode, is amazing for Scrubs. In this episode, JD has to come in on his day off, and throughout the whole episode, he's trying to get home, his girl name in this episode is Dorothy, and he has to follow the yellow line that the janitor drew to leave the hospital to get home. Wow, the comparisons are flawless. Elliot is pretending to be a hot shot at endocrinology, when really she has hidden info on it everywhere. Now she has to attend a seminar, she is looking for brains like the scarecrow on The Wizard of Oz. OMG How funny was it that Jordan was the Wicked Witch of the East Wing? Her heater is broken causing her to "melt." I laughed so hard at that part. Turk needs to convince a father to give up his brain dead son's heart so he can assist in the transplant that is a great boost in a young surgeon's career, this plot was emotional in ways, but by the end, it just made me feel good all over. What Turk is looking for is a heart. When Carla is assigned to look after Jack, Cox's son. She starts too feel afraid of having a kid. What she needs is courage.

    Wow, now you can see the writing was flawless in all aspects. Everything worked out in the end, of course, if you know how The Wizard of Oz ends, they had all those things all that time, they just didn't realize it. When JD walked out of the hospital, I got chills. That's how GOOD this episode was.
  • Outstanding episode.

    I think the thing I liked most about this episode was the way the Wizard of Oz references fitted in so seamlessly to the show. The main plots where consistent with the characters and it would sometimes take me a few seconds to notice a WoO joke they where often really subtle (Although not all of them - Lions and tigers and bears oh my hehe). It all felt very natural and pleasant.

    I also loved the acting, especially the kid who plays Jack - that little guy's really good :D. And the ending was sublime. I always enjoy scrubs episodes but this was definitely a cut above the rest.

    And on a final note, the singing of the Peons was remarkable tonight, particularly the end song.

  • A Top Notch episode, possibly the best in Season 5 and one of the top ones of all time. One of my personal favourites.

    I must say straight off that I love Scrubs and I acknowledge when an episode isn't as good as others but still love it because it's Scrubs. My Way Home is a homage to Wizard of Oz and I think that it is the 100th episode of Scrubs. Is so, what a way to celebrate a landmark. The episode links in to Wizard of Oz nicely, with them all searching for a heart (Tin-man/Turk), brains (Scarecrow/Elliot), courage (The Lion/Carla), or even just wanting to go home (Dorothy/J.D). The episode was not only comedy or drama, but a perfect balance of both. Ted's band are great in the episode with their songs throughout the episode. Also J.D. riding into the crazy deep underground puddle is just priceless!
    The end is the best with The Worthless Peons singing Over The Rainbow and the camera going over each of the characters and lastly to J.D. walking away from the hospital with a rainbow shining.
  • Once again, Scrubs achieved that miraculous goal of providing more outstanding series classics than anything else on television.

    J.D., accompanied by the band Toto on his mp3, tries to find a way home; Turk needs to find a heart for a transplant; Elliot thinks she doesn't have the brain to run a Q&A session; and Carla doesn't think she has the courage to be a mother. All this, as well as Ted's band singing 'Over the Rainbow', J.D's sprayed-red sneakers and the Janitor painting the yellow-brick road.

    The resemblences our none to subtle, and the whole concept of a Wizard of Oz spoof may not be an original one, but the personality and overall depth of Sacred Heart and its inhabitants helps this heartfelt classic to shine. This episode never fails to impress, and I defy anyone not to have a tear in their eye while watching the epic finale, complete with sun-soaked skies and rainbow. The acting is superb, and a bright, technicolour atmosphere throughout most of the episode makes the perfect setting, completing this well-rounded, magical episode.
  • One of the better Scrubs Episodes. Everything ties together nicely in the end, and each character learns something important about themselves.

    Elliot had the brains, Carla had the courage, and Turk had the heart all along! Its hard to do something as overused as the Wizard of Oz story, but Scrubs did a pretty good job. Carla and Elliot become deeper characters, and Judy Reyes has one of her best performances. I would not argue if someone said this episode was a little cheesy, but I think most Scrubs fans appreciate it. The last scene where the camera zooms out on the rainbow while Ted's band does Over The Rainbow is fantastic. This is one of my favorite Scrubs Episodes, and this is Exactly why I watch it.
  • It's the Wizard of Oz meet Scrubs as J.D tries to make it home!

    One of my top 10 favorite Scrub episodes!!!

    Each season Scrubs will do one episode that go in a different direction, most of the time it references a movie, or something that everyone on the show has always wanted to. Either because they thought it would be fun, or they wanted to honor it, or because that kinda thing is why they got into acting, directing, etc. Anyway for season five it was The Wizard of OZ.

    It starts with the set up of J.D (Dorothy) and Toto (His iPod), Dr, Cox calls them both in for a pay back that is sssssooooo funny! He tells his interns to page him for smoothing really small. Once J.D. is in the hospital he can manage to get out. Everyone needs something from him. And speaking of everyone needing something they are all searching for something that they already have just like in the Wizard of OZ! Carla is looking for the courage to be a mom, Elliot is looking a brain, Turk is looking for a heart, and J.D just wants to go home. I LOVE the Wizard of OZ and I'm so glad they did this! My favorite part was the last shot when you see the camera pan and tilt through the exterior of the hospital all in one shot as they play Some Where Over The Rainbow. AWESOME!!!
  • It's the Wizard of Oz meet Scrubs as J.D tries to make it home!

    One of my tope 10 favorite Scrub episodes!!!

    Each season Scrubs will do one episode that go in a different direction, most of the time it references a movie, or something that everyone on the show has always wanted to. Either because they thought it would be fun, or they wanted to honor it, or because that kinda thing is why they got into acting, directing, etc. Anyway for season five it was The Wizard of OZ.

    It starts with the set up of J.D (Dorothy) and Toto (His iPod), Dr, Cox calls them both in for a pay back that is sssssooooo funny! He tells his interns to page him for smoothing really small. Once J.D. is in the hospital he can manage to get out. Everyone needs something from him. And speaking of everyone needing something they are all searching for something that they already have just like in the Wizard of OZ! Carla is looking for the courage to be a mom, Elliot is looking a brain, Turk is looking for a heart, and J.D just wants to go home. I LOVE the Wizard of OZ and I'm so glad they did this! My favorite part was the last shot when you see the camera pan and tilt through the exterior of the hospital all in one shot as they play Some Where Over The Rainbow. AWESOME!!!
  • another well written episode with many subtle references to the wizard of oz

    This episode is not only the normal comedy/drama type of episode fro mscrubs that we all love so very very much, it's also a homage to the wizard of oz which makes even more awesome. The use of the brain, heart and courage to do with the story is terrific and the comedy references such as the red shoes, the yellow brick road, Dorothy and of course The Todd's version of Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY is what makes this episode even more fun to watch.

    It's similar to My Screwup as you want to watch it over and over to see how Ben is actually not acknowledeged just as this episode you want to acknowledge all of the wizard of oz references.

    This would have to be one of my top three favourite episodes of scrubs
  • 3ertyui

    All I can say is that this is an AMAZING episode. I think it's my favorite. It was so creative and just plain funny. I'm gunna go watch it again tight now. bye. just kidding i still need to do some reviewing. I loved the pay bak is a **** was one of the funniest parts of the episode. they really did incorporate the wizard of oz.... turk was looking to get a heart for a transplant patient, Carla needed courage to have a kid, and J.D, really just needed a way home. I goota go, say hi to julian the manatee for me.
  • Elliot Turk and Carla searching for things they have had all along. JD trys to get home on his dayoff

    Funny and Emotional, the last part where Ted and his band were playing on the roof, made me want to cry, and I'm a dude. If you can not watch this episode and not want to give the closest person to you a hug, you are a heartless human being. I don't just call good episodes "Series Classics", I only call "Series Classic" episodes "Series Classics". Well spoofed from a Hollywood classic, none of the attributes that the characters are looking for are stretched. I am one of the few people to think this episode is better then "My Screw up"
  • Too Good

    I just bought the season 5 dvd with the extended and cut and firstly I have to say how much better the shorter version was.
    It all starts with the underground canals shot which had me laughing my butt off. We didn't exchange pleasantries LOL
    This my favourite Scrubs ep and it is pretty popular from what I gather.
    I absolutely love all the Wizard of Oz references, I'm a big fan of WOO and I have never seen a better homage. The thing is they're pretty subtle in the first half of the episode and then halfway through you realise what's going on and it's like "ooooh that's so clever"
    But just one thing I don't understand, when Turk tells mr Bolger he shaves his head because he's bald, why does he then say "That was topical treatment so let's just say I wasn't completely functional". I just don't get it at all.
    Oh well it's still funny :-)
    Number one best Scrubs episode.
    I love religion haha
  • Incredible. absolutley incredible.

    I absolutley LOVE this episode! All of the allusions were so cute and creative and i loved the music,it as so beautiful! This was the 100th pepisode and I think it was perfect. By far my favorite episode it made me all happy and smiley inside:].

    It was a very toching episode and it reminded me of why i watch Srucbs and why I love it.
  • Scrubs 100th episode, Directed by Zach Braff, Wizard of Oz theme, Ted's Band Play, This episode is top notch.

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Scrubs reaches it 100th episode and what a great one it is. This season is shaping up real nice. JD has the day off however keep getting paged by his intern Keith, why? Because Dr. Cox told him to. Why? Because it's payback for everytime JD called Dr. Cox when he was an intern for random incidents. Also Elliot has gained more confidents since she has rejoined the staff of Sacred Heart however she wouldn't be on a role if she wasn't hiding texts inside certain things i.e. inside her white coat etc. And makes it worse is when she has to attend a lecture where a bunch of doctors are towing questions at her. In other news, Turk needs to convince a donar patient, however has trouble with the father.

    This episode represents the third episode directed by Zach Braff.

    Anyway, a very funny episode, peace out.
  • The kind of episode that just makes you want to smile.

    One of the best episodes so far. It's another one of those episodes that Scrubs does so well. One that makes you laugh out loud for the majority of the episode, and then makes you smile or even tear up at the end thanks to Scrubs' knack for choosing sweet things to say about the characters that not only round the episode off, but also make you feel warmth towards them. With this, and the beautiful songs they pick out to echo the episode's events, this type of episode is exactly why this is a brilliant show. And it certainly doesn't get better than this episode.
  • a landmark for the 100th episode

    i think it was very cleverly done to look like the wizard of oz. i enjoyed the episode but it wasnt the funniest ive ever seen and i thought it could have had a bit more comedy. it was,however, a classic episode that i think i will never forget as it was so memborable. some parts were funny like the part where J.D was eating the mango body butter but there wasnt much else. i would say a fantastic episode at which the characters are fabulous but quite poor on the comedy aspect. i would still give a very high mark though.
  • One of my favourite episodes to date...

    I adore this episode. It's Scrubs at it's best, with hilarious jokes and great characterisation, amazing music and I love the ties with the Wizard of Oz storyline. Season 5 was a stand-out series, and this is one of the examples of why.

    It also provided us with some classic quotes, especially with Doug and JD in the elevator, which actually made me laugh out loud, because it was so perfect. 'Dead people should be dead!' I'm paraphrasing, but it was great. Serously, the whole thing was just awesome and if they could get Season 6 back up to this standard there'd be no problems.
  • My favorite episode!!!

    This episode was great with how they got stuff to match wizard of oz. I loved IT!!! The beginning was hilarious, and yes, you still get your scrubs moral story at the end. IT was by far my favorite episode. I always love the music in scrubs and this one wasn't any different. I loved the janitor in this episode as always, and the line system was excellent. The beginning had me busting out laughing.

    As you can see, I'm struggling to make this review 100 words. Thats crazy, but I'm doing it.Here I go...

    This episode is a scrubs classic!
  • AWESOME!!!

    This episode has everything a good one needs. I think it is nice how they let it look like the magician of Oz and to tell you the truth it made me watch the old movie actually.
    A little introduction to the magician of Oz has been already made in seanso 2's My Overkill, where Jd mentions that he played once in Highschool.

    I find Jordans voice is a little freaky. She talks like an englishman, in my oppinion. Classic Janitor, Classic Cox and Classic Neil Goldman

    My favourite Scrubs episode in season 1-5 and my 2nd favourite episode behind My Musical

    Totally worth 10 points
  • Wonderful!

    What can I say about this episode? It's sort of the epitome of what's so quirky and yet sentimental about Scrubs. In some ways, Scrubs is a modern-day Wizard of Oz because it fuses quirkiness with a deeper meaning. On the surface, Scrubs is about a zany doctor in a totally surreal hospital with a bunch of friends/colleagues who are just as weird as he is but at the end of the day, or at the end of the episode, it does deliver a message. Same basis as the wizard of oz, if you replace "zany doctor" with "little girl" (and Cox would probably use "little girl" for both descriptions) and hospital with "world".

    The references to Oz are all very amusing too - it's fun to see how the writers have managed to include so many allusions so shamelessly. I can't wait for them to do a Wicked version of Scrubs!
  • A tribute to the wizard of oz, the gang mimicking Dorthy, the lion, the scarecrow and the tin man, the wizard, the wicked witch, etc... all find what they are looking for by the end.

    What an incredible episode. From the \"colorization\" to all the allusions. Well done Scrubs, well done. I loved every moment of this episode. It was fun to pick out all the Wizard of Oz references, and the ones i didnt realize, would dawn on me later in the episode. I thought it was fantastic that all the colors got more and more vivid, just like in oz. This was top notch writing, and directing. Not only did it have this central theme, but it managed to stay on plot, and stay witty to the very end of the episode. Bravo.
  • My personal favorite

    This is one of the sweetest comedy episodes ever written. Without battering one over the head, they manage to redo the Wizard of Oz, deal with everybody\'s misgivings and insecurities then move to a perhaps not so happy ending but a contented one. The barbershop quartet is back. Elliot is still a complete mess. J.D. is delightfully innocent. Finally, Turk and Carla aren\'t sure they are ready to be parents.

    I have loved Scrubs from the beginning. It may not be the perfect sitcom but then which one is? It is weird, funny and just plain darned wonderful. All the characters are deeply flawed but that just doesn\'t seem to matter. Sometimes they are good at their jobs, sometimes they aren\'t. \'My Way Home\' is the best example of why Scrubs remains at the top of its game.
  • An amazing episode in a season of so far mediocre ones. (Although the season does improve after My Cabbage)

    From the moment this episode started I was laughing so much! I think it was a genius idea to do a "Wizard of Oz" tribute. The references to the "Wizard of Oz" were quite easy to spot, but didn't intervene on the plot. This episode was also very sweet, when re-capping the episode to some of my friends that didn't like Scrubs (I can hear you gasping in shock!) I managed to convince them to watch the show. This show is my favourite episode ever because of it's perfect jokes: Eliot: "Did you eat my mango body butter?" JD: "No" In his head: "I smeared it on bagel".
  • In a spoof of \'The Wizard of Oz\', JD is Dorothy, stranded in the hospital on his day off. Turk is the tin man, searching for a heart. Literally. Elliot is the scarecrow, searching for her brains and Carla is the Lion in search of courage.

    This is one the reasons why i watch Scrubs regualarly. The episode is cleverly written, clearly linking it to the \'Wizard of Oz\'. Several quotes from the movie were used and all made perfect sense. It just came together.
    This episode is beautifully done. JD falling in the pothole, like a twister. JD and Toto, Elliot\'s search for a brain, Jordan as the Evil witch, all were brilliant. Overall, This may be the best episode of season 5.
    Although this is mainly a filler, this also brings to focus some of the issues concerning the characters. Carla reveals her true nature is less than motherly. Cox turns out to be the true wizard, advising Carla.
    I\'d say this is definitely a must-see, but mainly for its excellent script.
  • This well-orchestrated episode is very possibly my favorite.

    First of all, "Africa" by Toto is a fantastic song and I have often found myself shredding my vocal chords to it.

    The first time I saw this episode I was just getting into the Scrubs series and did not know how magical the show can be. It took me most of the way through the episode to catch on the allusions. Don't laugh... I must have been too deep in the forest.

    Anywho, having just watched it again, its unbelievable how tactfully they weaved the allusions into another awesome storyline. Everything from Africa to Jordan's watery-skirt as she melts into the floor, to Turk after a real heart and Elliot's straw-colored hair.

    I didnt get into the Carla-needing-courage plot as much as the others. The Turk-needing-heart plot was the best of them

    I really don't know what else to say besides that this is a series classic, a tearjerker (the Israel K. song always gets me), and the reason I watch this series. I'm glad to see its one of the most reviewed, documented, noted, and rated episodes on
  • Wizard of OZ themed "Growing Up" episode.

    With a show like Scrubs, you never know what you're going to get. You could get a tear-jerker, a comic masterpiece, a great look into some of the other characters, and occasionally you get all three. This episode does a really good job of taking the idea, "Let's make a themed episode" to a whole new brilliant level. It is packed with so much comedy and inside jokes that its amazing you can even register it all. The ending, set to Over the Rainbow, by the hospital quartet, features JD, spray painted shoes and all, walking out of the hospital. Dr. Cox asks, "Where ya goin' Dorotthy?" JD responds, "I'm just trying to find my way home." Just makes ya smile huh?
  • A hundred episodes and still going strong

    Not only is this the 100th episode of Scrubs, it is also the best season 5 episode so far, if not the best of all five seasons (since the best of the last 7 episodes isn’t a huge achievement.

    The brilliance of this episode is amazing and while I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz, I know the basics of the movie and loved the episode the whole way through (JD falling into a very deep puddle, much like a twister, Elliot’s search for a brain (and the places she hides her facts), The Wicked Witch of the East Wing melting, Carla finding parental courage, Turk in search of a heart for the transplant but finding that his own stopped him from forcing the issue and “Dorothy” getting red sneakers from the Janitor which ironically doesn’t help his quest to go home.

    I don’t know of any show that could have pulled off this episode better than Scrubs because even if the Wizard of Oz had never been made, the episode isn’t relying on it and the plots are pulled off so well with great moments from Doug, Cox and Jordan, and the return of the music I haven’t heard in ages, the depressing Scrubs music which is hilariously scratched as JD quickly gives into Turk’s favour.

    Overall, this episode proves that after a hundred episodes, this show is as good as ever and could entertain audiences for another hundred.
  • This is my favorite Episode!

    This is the best Scrubs Episode ever! It takes all the best parts of the series and puts them into one episode. This is the reason I love this show. This episode never gets old. It is so well written and the acting is Super. I love this episode. It makes me forget all of my troubles and I just have a good time watching. Zach Braff was excelent in this episode So was Johnny C. They bring the charicters to life so well and it seems so real and posible. That is my review for the greatest episode of Scrubs so far. Cant Wait for season 6!
  • After five years, the writers of Scrubs continue to entertain! This episode is a fine example of the genius behind one of the most underrated shows on T.V.

    Anytime a television show reaches 100 episodes, it's a great accomplishment. There were some rough spots along the way, it was unknown if there would be a 4th or 5th season, and now here we are with this milestone episode.

    "My Way Home" didn't stray from the classic 'Scrubs' style, and yet they incorporated the plot from 'The Wizard Of Oz' seemlessly. When you think about it, they could have been planning this episode from the very start, that's how well the theme fit into the show. Dr. Cox calling J.D. by girls names, the Janitor always playing tricks on the staff, even Elliot's know-it-all attitude, all of this lead perfectly to the Oz setting. So rarley do we find a television show that tries something different, be it the setting, the storyline, even special guest characters, and have it all work out perfectly. While playing around with this story, the overall plot continued to move forward and the characters contiuned to develop.

    All the subtle references, (and I'll admit, the big ones!) were brilliantly weaved into the script, from the Jantior's line of "Oil can...Oil can!" to Dr. Kelso's mentioning of the hanging. Some agree that at times, the Oz innuendo was layed on thick, but there's only so much you can do in a half an hour. Had they done too little, the episode wouldn't have had the encompassing effect that it did. Too much on the other hand, and it would 'break' the ongoing plotline.

    The music in this episode, mostly performed by Ted's Band, The Useless Peons (or The Blanks as they're known outside the show) provided most of the music, including thier own rendition of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" which was done perfectly to set the ending of the episode.

    This episode, which is my favourite in all 5 'Wonderful' seasons of Scrubs, may become one of the difinitive Scrubs showings, and I can only imagine what's in store if we ever get a chance to see a 200th Episode!
  • Beautifully written and not remotely anvillicious

    You'd expect an homage episode like this to be painfully obvious and cheesy, but hey, we are talking about Scrubs here. The episode is laden with subtle references, but I didn't even realize that it was supposed to be Wizard of Oz until Ted's band started in on "We're Off to See the Wizard." The jokes become a bit more noticeable from there because the audience is in on the conceit, but the episode remains funny throughout. The ending is sweet, but not sickeningly so. Probably one of my top five all-time favorite episodes of Scrubs, and that's high praise.
  • Sensational - Maybe the best episode ever!

    I cannot find a fault in this episode - it was truly brilliant!

    There are Wizard of Oz references left right and centre in this episode and and they way they are incorporated into JD, Turk, Carla and Elliot's storylines is something you must see!

    Naturally JD is the perfect candidate for Dorothy! He's been called in on his day off and he is "trying to find his way home!" but people keep coming to him becuase of various problems.

    Turk is looking for a heart - not his heart but trying to convince a father of a brain dead boy to give his son's heart up for a transplant. If Turk succeeds he is able to assist on the operation. It takes him a while to see things from the fathers point of view, but he says the right thing to say in the end!

    Carla wants to be brave so shes looking for courage. She's taking care of Dr Cox and Jordan's kid Jack, but she doesn't feel as though she's cut out to be a parent.

    Elliot wants a brain. She has to do a talk that a spcialist should be doing, but the reason Dr Kelso wanted her for the job (recommended by Dr Cox who knew something was up!) was that she seemed to be a specialist. But shes been leaving little notes from textbooks around, so when an intern asks her a question she runs off to find the text so she can answer it correctly. Its turns out she knew all the material anyway.

    JD comes into contact with the other 3 while trying to find his way home and helps them out in some kind of way.

    There are some fantastic moments throughout this episode!

    - Doug hitting JD with a fire extinguisher when he thought a dead guy came to life!
    - The fantasy sequence of Turk knock over all the babies in the nursery.
    - Ted and his band doing renditions of movies including Wizard Of Oz
    - Jordan being the wicked witch
    - All the Wizard Of Oz references (eg the yellow brick/line road!)
    -Laverne and her church group singing "Paybacks a bitch!)

    This is easily my longest review ever, thats because I honestly can't find enough praise for this remarkable episode!
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