Season 5 Episode 7

My Way Home

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 24, 2006 on NBC

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  • Once again, Scrubs achieved that miraculous goal of providing more outstanding series classics than anything else on television.

    J.D., accompanied by the band Toto on his mp3, tries to find a way home; Turk needs to find a heart for a transplant; Elliot thinks she doesn't have the brain to run a Q&A session; and Carla doesn't think she has the courage to be a mother. All this, as well as Ted's band singing 'Over the Rainbow', J.D's sprayed-red sneakers and the Janitor painting the yellow-brick road.

    The resemblences our none to subtle, and the whole concept of a Wizard of Oz spoof may not be an original one, but the personality and overall depth of Sacred Heart and its inhabitants helps this heartfelt classic to shine. This episode never fails to impress, and I defy anyone not to have a tear in their eye while watching the epic finale, complete with sun-soaked skies and rainbow. The acting is superb, and a bright, technicolour atmosphere throughout most of the episode makes the perfect setting, completing this well-rounded, magical episode.