Season 3 Episode 3

My White Whale

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 23, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dr. Cox and Jordan finally find a new pediatrician for their son, Dr. Dave Norris. Amazingly, his bedside manner is actually worse than Dr. Cox's, who loves him. Baby Jack suddenly develops a cough, so Cox and Jordan take him immediately to Dr. Norris. Already with a patient, Dr. Norris tells Dr. Cox to bring Jack back the next day. Taking matters into his own hands, Dr. Cox goes to Dr. Norris' office early the next day and kidnaps his prized collectible puppet, Dr. Cookiepants. He will return him after Norris sees Jack.
After having a change of heart, Cox returns the puppet anyway. Dr. Norris explains to him that because he is a doctor, any little ailment his son gets will be blown out of proportion.

As third-year interns, Turk, J.D. and Elliot are now supervising first-year interns. J.D.'s interns are particularly incompetent. So much so that Carla and her nurses have to go behind them, correcting their procedures. Since Elliot seems to be managing her interns a little better, J.D. asks her if she will give her some pointers at the diner. J.D. is also hoping to get some alone time with Elliot at the diner, but she walks in with Sean. Elliot then returns to the hospital after getting paged by one of her interns who can't seem to put in a Foley catheter after numerous tries.

As usual, Dr. Kelso is right there, ready to belittle or berate Elliot and/or her interns. Determined to combat her fear of confronting him, she asks Sean for help. During her next encounter with Kelso, she stands up to him.

J.D. hates getting pointers from Sean, who seems to be giving him good advice. But, Turk points out that J.D.'s interns don't respect him because he wants them to like him, so he's not tough on them. J.D. learns that it's better to be respected than liked.
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