Season 3 Episode 3

My White Whale

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 23, 2003 on NBC

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  • Elliot tries to stand up for herself against Kelso. Cox & Jordan search for a pediatrician, and Sean teaches JD how to communicate better with his interns.

    A step up from the last episode with some funny scenes, and some scenes were just enjoyable to watch. Although some characters don't have plots, they still shine in an episode, and they're great as a side character that just adds that extra spark to the episode. For instance, Carla didn't have a plot but they managed to have a quirky little scene with her always trying to state people's problems. This episode did a good job of making the side characters shine in their own way. This episode was solely based on Turk, Elliot, and JD's interns. Kelso always picks on Elliot's intern, and she always feels the need to stand up for herself and her intern, but she never has the courage too. Meanwhile Sean helps JD out with communicating with his interns, and we got a nice confrontation since Sean can see that JD likes Elliot, and he isn't threatened. I like how Sean isn't a bad person, which makes him likable and doesn't make me pity JD for any reason since Sean is doing everything right in the relationship.

    The janitor trying to clean a smudge on the wall was absolutely hilarious, another side character shining. Cox & Jordan try to find a pediatrician, they end up finding one that's exactly like Cox. And when Cox needs attention, he wont give it to him. Cox tries to help his son since he has a cough, but in the end, it turns out to be nothing since he didn't have the sniffles. All plots were pretty enjoyable. Good episode overall.
  • Jordan and Cox look for a pediatrician and Sean is still there

    Jordan and Dr. Cox worry about a slight cough their son has and try to get him seen by the hospital's own pediatrician, who is just as obnoxious as Dr. Cox is. This was a very refreshing plot. The chracter of Dr Norris is simply hilarious.

    The residents get their own interns: Turk is too firm, J.D. isn't firm enough, and Elliot is a mix of both, especially when Dr. Kelso compares the clumsiness of one of them to her own. It was great to see them working with the Interns!

    The only thing kinda bothering me is JD's jealousy towards Sean and Sean being there at all. He is one annoying character!
  • Christopher Meloni

    Christopher Meloni (Law and Order: SVU) guest stars as the very Perry-like character Dr. Norris. As Dr. Cox and Jordan search for a new pediatrician for their son, Jordan bit the old one, they find that Sacred Heart's own Dr. Norris perfect. Though he's a little eccentric and has a really disturbing fetish for dolls both Dr. Cox and Jordan seem happy with the choice. However, when Jack wakes up with a cold in the middle of night and Dr. Cox rushes him to Dr. Norris for fear it is something serious the two end of sparring and getting into a really disturbing fight. There's puppet dismemberment involved, it's very weird and classic scrubs. Not that a lot of puppets get dismembered on Scrubs or anything. Anyway, I really like this episode for two reasons. Again this is an episode where we get to see less of the angry always mean to everyone Dr. Cox and more of the father caring side of him. The second reason is because Christopher Meloni is fabulous in the role. Again Scrubs has a perfect knack for creating the perfect guest roles and placing the perfect actors in them. This is such a departure from Chris's normal role on SVU, too. I was really impressed and laughed so much! If you watch this episode for one reason let it be him. He's a hoot.
  • Dr Cox's Double

    This episode is very entertaining, especially Dr Cox torturing Dr Norris once he ignores Jack's cough which had some great scenes like sending the puppet's hand as a threat.

    This episode also shows Sean finding out that JD likes Elliot but isn't worried because he doen't see JD as a threat - also very funny, especially the "Kick him in the crotch and run!" thoughts.

    Overall, this episode had some very creative plots and brilliant jokes throughout and the comparison between dolphins and interns was quite good and there was only one scene bordering on dull which was the final scene between Cox and Norris which didn't have many jokes.