Season 6 Episode 16

My Words of Wisdom

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • Deaf child and Father

    This episode hurt my heart. I was so excited to see sign language and deaf culture on a mainstream show like scrubs, especially dealing with such a controversial topic. But after watching it I was so disappointed. It was so one sided. It was interesting to see JD say that not providing a cochlear implant was abuse, because many hearing people share this opinion, but I keep waiting for the alternate opinion to show up and explain deaf culture. It was such a poorly planed side plot. They never explained the procedure or how it affects a child with deaf parents. Or the fact if they really work for all children. AND this mother that came out of nowhere and approved the procedure. Of course someone involved in deaf culture is already very aware of cochlear implants, and the extreme surgery that it is, so a mother who is across the country wouldn't just say sure go for it, when she wasn't there. I invite anyone with further interest (which unfortunately is probably very few) in this topic to do further research like watching a movie called "sound and fury" or reading books like "Mask of Benevolence" or other books by deaf authors. BUT PLEASE, before you click disagree do some research on deaf culture, talk to a deaf person about their feelings and ideas or click nothing at all.
  • 616

    Sort of a calm after a string of absolutely flawless emotional episodes, I felt as though the Scrubs cast was "taking a breather" which sometimes is for the better, so it wont be so over the top, and in this case it was.

    A lot of people were offended by this episode because apparently it was offensive to the deaf community. They might have not delved in to the plot very well but does that make this a bad episode? Because you think it's offensive because the plot was "one-sided" as someone said on here. Honestly, you shouldn't judge an episode based on not fulfilling your expectations, you have to judge it based on quality. And I think rating this episode a 1 was a bit of a stretch, for some people. These are supposed fans of the show, are you really going to rate an episode "Abysmal" because it didn't fulfill your expectations? That's just my two cents on the matter. Anyways, I thought this was a very enjoyable episode. And I have definitely not liked Elliot all season, and I'm glad Carla said something about it, and I finally understood why she was so unlikable. But after this episode, once she let Kieth in, and started feeling vulnerable, and she opened up, it just reminded me of how much of a character she was. This episode completely redeemed her character. Everything else was the aftermath of Laverne's death. And how people deal with it at different paces and ways. Jordan never fails to crack me up. Great enjoyable episode.
  • Begins with Laverne's Funeral. When the staff returns to the hospital, people deal with her death in different ways. Meanwhile the Janitor help JD and Turk with a Deaf Patient.

    This is my favorite episode of Season 6. I always think the Janitor is hilarious, but I like him a lot in this episode. The JD Dream scene is awesome when he fakes his death to get Dr. Cox to hug him. JD and Turk run into a problem treating a Deaf Patient as the Child and Father are both deaf, so they set out to find someone who knows sign language. The Janitor comes to rescue and helps with sign language. another great part is when the Janitor is telling one of his false stories about why he learned sign language, He is talking about a Gorilla who like his boobs "Big and hairy", which brings the Todd into say "Who Doesn't, Brother". The only drag in this episode is Carla, who is complaining that everyone should be walking around sad because Laverne is gone. Life goes on, you got to get back to your life Carla! Good thing Dr. Cox is their to set her straight and tell her how it is! My deaf friend really enjoyed this episode. Overall I give it a 9 out of 10, it's one of my favorite Scrubs episodes, and the reason I watch religiously and have the DVD's!
  • Mourning Laverne's Death

    After attending Laverne's funeral, which has a very FUNNY JD fantasy involving his very own "funeral", people begin to move on with their lives, while keeping her life lessons (unknowningly) close to heart...... Dr. Cox tries to be at one with himself (for atleast 20 mins) Dr. Kelso is enjoying watching him be unsuccessful at it. Carla, fights to keep Laverne fresh in everyone's minds. Elliot tries to be the "perfect" girlfriend while Keith is having second thoughts, and Turk & JD deal w/ a death patient & his father w/ help from the janitor...Scrubs is getting back on track! :)
  • Scrubs keeps going with classic episodes.

    My Words of Wisdom is a great example of patient communication. You've may have not liked the Deaf patient and father storyline. I didnt agree with the storyline of the father not wanting to get a implant for the son to hear. I dont think any father would disagree with letting his son hear.

    It was a good episode, though. I liked the whole Elliot/Keith thing. Although Carla was a little mean to her about it. Other than that, a solid episode. Cant really say much more to you about it.

    See you next time for the very original "Their Story" next week.
  • can people stop crying please

    I find it hilarious how all the people that rate this episode a 1 then cry about it all write in one giant paragraph. Seriously how hard is it to put some paragraphs in and not look like a 12 year old who's all butt hurt.

    Notice how I just left a space above this line, its a tricky procedure. Maybe you guys are just too busy being outraged with a funny, harmless episode you just couldn't take the time to press space bar a few times.

    Anyways have a nice life, stop watching scrubs because I would love to never see any of your annoying reviews here again.

    I also enjoy House, Lost, Dexter among other shows so if you watch those as well stop please or at least spare us your pearls of wisdom.
  • Terrible and inaccurate portrayal of the Deaf community.

    I normally enjoy "Scrubs" very much, but was so turned off by the story line about the deaf boy and his father that I honestly don't know if I will watch it again. Shame on the writers of "Scrubs" and NBC for allowing such an abysmal portrayal of the deaf community to air. Sadly, the hearing community is typically not well-informed about the deaf community, so there is always some excitement when deafness is portrayed in mainstream television. My first big complaint (and I'm sure some of you will roll your eyes and say "get over it, lady!!") is that they used the janitor as an interpreter, which on its face is a STRICT violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (forgive me, part of my job is to educate hospitals on their legal obligation to use certified sign language interpreters -- ESPECIALLY in a medical setting, but I digress....). The janitor made up some story about learning sign language to communicate with a gorilla--and THAT qualifies him to interpret in a medical environment??? But aside from that, the portrayal of the deaf father and his son was alarmingly innacurate that I kept expecting someone to pop up and put these incompetent doctors in their place!! To basically accuse the father of abusing his son because he didn't want the Cochlear Implant (CI) is an atrocious depiction. There is much controversy around the CI, yes, but what they didn't mention is that the CI destroys any residual hearing the patient may have, and while it may work in some cases, there are many cases where it doesn't work at all. It's a very personal and individual decision, and certainly not one some devious doctors (who go around the father's back to get the mother's signature?? And then throw that in the father's face?? WHAT??) have any right to make for another person. And of course, it was all nicely wrapped up in a bow when the father finally "admitted" that he didn't want his son to get the CI because it would break their "deaf" bond. The show never even TOUCHED on the negative ramifications of the CI, the importance and significance of the deaf culture and it totally disrespected the deaf father's right to make medical decisions for his son, and deviously went behind his back to get the consenting signature of the mother, who I can only assume is hearing (if you're wondering, I am hearing, but work as an advocate at a social service agency who provides services to deaf individuals).

    Really, shame on you Scrubs. I would like to see a follow-up to this episode making things right. Until that time, I will not be watching your show any longer, and suffice to say, you also lost most of your deaf audience.
  • Dealing with the aftermath of Laverne's passing, Scrubs manages to make the most of the situation with great results.

    After the past two episodes, Scrubs has hit its stride again. This episode successfully continues the stride with great comedy and, for an interesting change-up, serious character growth.

    Opening up with Cox's reaction to "Jennifer Dylan" was the best way to open up the aftermath of Laverne's passing. Showing that the humor doesn't disappear in times of sadness gives everyone a sense of relief and shows how her death is a time to reflect on her life and her significance. J.D. and his "Beautiful Morning" reaction, not to mention his fantasy funeral complete with the choir singing "Party All the Time" and a last chance to hug his loved ones (including Dr. Cox) was comedy gold. I could not stop laughing.

    The most interesting aspect of this episode wasn't the deaf patient arc but the Elliot/Keith relationship and Cox's personal growth. For the first time in ages, Elliot has a significant and intriguing storyline that pushes her character forward. It acknowledges what she did at the beginning of the season while showing that Keith is a good match for her. She put up an impenetrable exterior after J.D. broke her heart, and the return of her vulnerability is welcome after over two seasons of self-protection. Carla's speech about that made me feel sympathetic for Elliot and made me think that Elliot's behavior in that time was appropriate instead of making her become an aborted character.

    Cox and his "20 minutes to reflect" showed something about him that he didn't want to see: his neediness. Kelso summed up Cox in such a way that it paints Cox as a parallel to J.D. Their father/son dynamic hasn't been as emphasized this season, but this one moment shows that no matter what, they are interconnected through behavior and sincerity.

    The deaf patient arc is a point of contention for me. My problem is not exactly dealing with cochlear implantation itself, rather how the father was perceived. The fact that J.D. assumed the father's behavior was borderline child abuse was extreme and faulty. I understand that they felt the child's well-being was being neglected, but taking a father refusing a cochlear implant as a form of abuse is overstepping the boundaries. Otherwise, that plot line was handled well. The Janitor is the last character to find any development, and for the longest time, he seemed to be the character that fit as a static one, but his growth is astounding. Although some probably feel that his character development is detrimental to the essence of the Janitor, I feel that it works very well and doesn't take away from the role at all.

    All in all, it was a fantastic episode that tried to do a little too much in regard to making statements but memorable for pushing Scrubs into new territory while keeping the old tricks intact.
  • Been some time since Scrubs' good writing came back. One of the stronger episodes of a somewhat disappointing season.

    Coping with Laverne's death was always "in the background" and I liked how the writers were able to give us that sense of "We still miss you Laverne" but still focus on another story. The humor was great from the start (I loved the funeral), but I especially enjoyed the wit. I liked how there were a couple of "lessons" in the works, and some more revealing truths of Dr. Cox (we're all human.. even Cox). I thought the ending (especially blended with the music) was mixed with more comedy, even though JD's reflection still tied everyone's together as usual. The deaf portrayal was probably inaccurate, but you shouldn't rate this episode down solely on that fact. Just a funny and good episode without trying to make the viewers sad.
  • Sensitive topics managed reasonably well in this episode - not the best, but still original & funny

    It starts out with Dr Cox pacing about his daughter's name - now JD, which was pretty classic. I was wondering how that would play out, and whether it would stick or not, and it will it seems, so that should be pretty funny as it goes along.

    JD's fake funeral was typical JD with him getting his hug that he's always wanted - they didn't need to but did you notice that Zach has actually put his suit on backwards when Cox breaks his neck? I thought it wasn't need but hey, it works.

    And I've always thought that Cox gets off on people wanting him - well at least he seems to always (well, almost always) have the answers to whatever someone throws his way, no matter if it's about medical stuff or, despite him not wanting to get involved, relational type stuff - classic Cox there.

    The whole deaf storyline I think could have been done a bit better, maybe with the Janitor telling the man something completely different, or wrong, and see where the story goes from there, or maybe something else. I'm not exactly sure, but I reckon something should have been different there.

    Keith has always seemed to take the female role in that relationship but hey, he doesn't seem to have any problems with it, so good for him. Not sure where it's going to go down the track, but then, I don't know how much longer the show is going to run so they may not need to figure stuff out.

    All in all, a reasonable episode, funny in parts, just not as funny as it could have been I think. But still, keep em coming.
  • This episode the workers of Sacred Heart all deal with moving on differently.

    I did like this episode. I didn't like the Keith and Elliot thing. It is just too much. I really want J.D. and Elliot to get back together. I don't really like Keith and Elliot together as a couple. They aren't cute. I also think that Laverne's service was really nice. And now I think I know why Elliot is so messed up. Haha I am just kidding. I thought that the cellphone thing with Doug was a little uncalled for. Also Cox's bubble was a really funny joke. The episode just didn't seem complete. It didn't end right. If you know what I mean.
  • As doctor cox would say "wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong...wrong, wrong wrong wrong". The "controvertial" aspect of the show portrayed the Deaf community in a horrible fashion. I'm very dissapointed.

    The episode delt with the subject of cochlear implants. I was really excited because i thought that it might provide the hearing community with some insight into Deaf culture. Alas, the opposite was accomplished.
    Rather than explaining that the cochlear implants will provide minimal benefits, and that ones Deafness is not something to be "fixed" (yes, they actually said fixed!)they made it seem like the father didn't want his son to get the implant because their Deafness is what bonded them, not because its a surgery that might affect him later, when he would accept his Deafness. Not because there's nothing wrong with being Deaf. But because the father was being selfish, and fearful of losing the bond he held with his son. This perpetuated the long held belief that doctors will do anything for a buck. even go to the other parent (the mother and father were divorced) and got her signature for the procedure to be performed. I'm dissapointed. Not nearly as much insight as I'd hoped.
  • Almost every character is developed in this episode.

    The opening sequence of the episode is probably the funniest funeral that I've ever seen. J.D.'s fantasy about faking his death just to get a hug from Dr. Cox is already one of my favorites. We see more insight into Dr. Cox's egomania, but we don't get to see his new daughter. When will we see little Jennifer Dylan? That name still makes me smile! Keith gets some interesting development here, and it was great to see a lover's quarrel with the gender roles reversed. It was also cool that the Janitor knew sign language.
  • The aftermath of Laverne's death

    This episode is a great follow up to the previous episode and shows that both characters and viewers have a right to be upset that Laverne is dead but have to move on with their lives. The opening is great as it gives tribute to Lavernes catchphrase ("mm-hmm") and begins the various characters' dealing with the death, Doug particularly having hilarious lines.

    Carla's plot, since she was closest to Laverne as a friend was quite good and also provided some great lines, JD, Turk and the Janitor with the deaf patient provided the funniest moments and relatable ones aswell, the Janitor proving once and maybe not for all, that his stories rarely have truth to them.

    Cox's plot of finding time for himself before realising he prefers to be needed, even if he's pissed off about it at the same time was very good, though Jordan should have been featured more, although the variety of annoyances obviously makes it funny.

    Elliot's plot is my least favourite, not that I dislike Keith or anything (he's a great character) but Kelso's input about the gender reversal was funnier left unsaid, and Carla saying JD was the reason Elliot screws up relationships is also infactual sonce she got very close with Sean, but the plot wasn't necessarily bad or unfunny, there were merely a few irksome moments.

    Plot scores:
    JD/Turk/Janitor: 10
    Carla: 9.5
    Cox: 9.5
    Elliot: 7

    So overall, this episode is superb, with very few unfunny moments and a great way to deal with the aftermath of a terrific character.
  • Our favorite Sacred Heart staffers try to incorporate lessons from Laverne's funeral into their lives as they return to normal.

    I wasn't sure if I was going to like this episode after the cold open. While JD's fantasy was funny, it went on just a little too long, and I was afraid the show was going to make a mockery out of Laverne's death.

    Boy was I wrong (and glad to admit it.) I thought this episode was a touching memorial/tribute to Laverne's influence on the characters' lives. Some of my favorite moments:

    Dr. Cox' imaginary bubble (reminiscent of his happy place from a few years back)

    Cox and Kelso pointing at JD to warn him to go away, followed by JD wondering if that was a real sign.

    Kelso's interactions with Cox.

    And thank you continuity gods for having JD doubt Janitor's story instead of leaving us to wonder if the writers forgot that JD met Janitor's father back in Season 1.

    Overall, an excellent episode. One small nitpick: Janitor was a lot softer than I expected him to be. I thought he would mistranslate JD's messages far more than he did--it seemed out of character (and left me wondering why JD would trust him, anyway). But that was kind of explained with another (maybe) story of Janitor's, so it can be overlooked.
  • Scrubs is back on form...

    Although there were some flaws in this episode, overall it was a great end to the three-parter. My own little problems with it were just that I think we should have seen baby JD by now, and I think perhaps more empathsis should have been put on that. Also, suddenly the Janitor was friends with JD and Turk when before he has spent his time torturing them.

    Anyway, aside from that it was a really good episode. The differing reactions to Laverne's death were great, the inclusion of ASL was interesting... It was a really good episode, and the flaws were nothing compared to the good stuff.
  • After a weak first half of the season, the show is coming back to its once glory...

    Ever since the god awful clip show, the show has come back on like gangbusters, and I hope they aren't looking back. This is show that reminded me of earlier episode, where they could be both funny and pretty emotional, as lately they've been slapstick and gimmicky funny. The only complaint that I really have about this episode is Judy Reyes wasn't used nearly as much as she should have been...Her character is in mourning over the death of her dear friend, and she gets about 4 scenes, and not that many lines...She could have been used more properly. Also, what was up with NBC showing the interstitial of Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke talking about what nicknames they had growing up...What was up with that?...Although, I did like the fact that Sarah Chalke brought up the fact a nickname she had was "Second Becky", I thought that was pretty funny.
  • Seems the writers finally are elaborating on Keith. No more being treated just as a booty call.

    After having Keith on the show for a while now, and many mixed reviews of his character seems like he is finally getting some depth, and an actual role. In this episode he really stepped up and showed that he didn't appreciate the way he was being treated by Elliot and let her know. Should be interesting to see how the writers incorporate him in the upcoming episodes and how Elliot and Keith's relationship will turn out. According to the descriptions for the upcoming shows, Elliot and JD start to see interest in each other again. Will it be a mess again as usual or can something good actually come out of them as a couple this time. Funny how Carla brought there relationship up in tonights episode and how that was the only time Elliot was happy and in love, but JD just dumped on her. Could be a set up to rekindle there feelings for each other. Can't wait to see what happens next!
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