Season 9 Episode 8

Our Couples

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 05, 2010 on NBC

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  • Everyone at the hospital seems to be pairing up. Lucy and Cole. Denise and Drew. The two security guards. Even Turk and Perry are getting along now that JD is gone. We get to see these couples interacting on a day to day basis.

    A very entertaining episode and the reason I watch this show.

    The new characters Lucy, Cole, and Drew are really growing on me. Lucy and Cole are actually getting to the point where they are cute together. Lucy's angst over realizing that she likes Cole was amusing. Their little conversations and the way they interact is really funny. The part that is the best though is that they actual work together which is what is so freaking crazy.

    Denise may be the funniest character of all. She always has to be messing with someone. Now that she has Drew to co-pilot there is no stopping her. The bit during the episode with the security guards was great. Drew trying to be broody and tough is fun especially when you see him with Denise and you get to see his needy thoughtful side. "You said you'd been stabbed!"

    After all of these years the Turk and Perry piece was the best though. Perry being all superior as he always is, but in the end being a man of "honor" he followed through with his little line about Turk. Thinking about Perry over the years, how did JD and Turk pull him into all of this? It's fascinating how they manage to bring the human part into all this with their friend the peanut vendor. It was a tragedy, but in the end they both did what they thought was right and Perry made the tough call because Turk was afraid to do it himself. Great stuff!

    A very well done episode with all of the components of Scrubs one likes. The dry witty humor, the little pranks, and finally the relationships of all these truly crazed people. Very entertaining. Thanks for reading...