Season 9 Episode 11

Our Dear Leaders

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 26, 2010 on NBC

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  • What a return to form!

    On the strength of this episode I really, really hope that they don't cancel scrubs now. For the first time the pacing was spot on, the characters interacted well, Turk seemed more comfy with his role as a leader and the 'New' JD and the gang really clicked.
    Some great jokes too 'Which Chapter' - 'Which book, they all have chapters' - ha ha, great stuff!
    Only thing I wasn't too convinced by was the new 'rival' doc and Turk's jealousy - just didn't ring that true to me.
    But a minor blip on a major episode - everyone please watch this show to keep it on the air!
  • SCRUBS is Sluty


    SCRUBS is Sluty - Doctor is a Noble profession, unless doctors start seeing their coworker females and nurses as their sluts/companions/girlfriends/mistresses