Season 9 Episode 12

Our Driving Issues

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 10, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

After four months together, the group starts to get annoyed with each other. The group heads off on rounds with Denise when Dr. Cox interrupts. He wants Trang to back in and out of his ten minute parking spot every ten minutes so he can remain parked there. Denise however wants him to stay on rounds. Lucy does not envy his position because everyone's been caught in between Denise and Dr. Cox at one point or another.
Turk runs into Dr. Kelso in the hospital. He says he felt lightheaded and wanted them to run some tests. Dr. Cox goes over to examine Dr. Kelso. Denise tells Dr. Cox not to undermine her authority since he put her in charge of the med students. Turk heads to lecture and has the students pair up to practice on each other. He warns them about Med Student Syndrome, where med students start to think they have whatever disease they are diagnosing. Everyone seems to be fine but Cole's mole turns out to be malignant – he has melanoma. Lucy is far more concerned that Cole is about his cancer.
Dr. Cox comes back with Dr. Kelso's diagnosis. While Dr. Kelso is fine, he's no longer allowed to drive because of his age and insurance. While hanging out with Denise, Drew gets a phone call from Dr. Cox asking him to run some errands for him. When Drew gets up to go, Denise makes up a story about her old dead dog to keep him there. Drew is tired of being caught in between Denise and Dr. Cox and decides to hide in the supply closet.
Turk uses Cole's mole as a teaching tool for the rest of the Cole plays everything off as a joke. Lucy asks him if she can call anyone to be around him for the surgery. He insists that no one needs to be there but she tries to convince their study group to be there for them. The group wasn't into it since he never supports them. The study group doesn't show up when it comes time for Cole's surgery.
Dr. Kelso is becoming increasingly frustrated since he cannot drive and has to depend on other people for rides. However, Turk and Dr. Cox have both been too busy to drive him home. Dr. Kelso goes to hang out with Cole. Cole confides in Dr. Kelso that he's actually scared for his surgery and sad that he pushed away the one person who was actually there for him, Lucy. Kelso gives him some advice and he mends things with his friends. Drew texts Dr. Cox and Denise to meet him. He's tired of being caught in between the two of them and wants them to talk it out and realize that they're actually quite similar.