Season 9 Episode 12

Our Driving Issues

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 10, 2010 on NBC

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  • SCRUBS is Sluty


    SCRUBS is Sluty - Doctor is a Noble profession, unless doctors start seeing their coworker females and nurses as their sluts/companions/girlfriends/mistresses
  • good show

    very good show
  • When Dr. Turk has the interns do checkups on each other usually they find all sorts of things wrong. This time they really do as Cole has a malignant skin tumor that must be removed. Dr. Kelso has a seizure and has his licensed revoked.

    Everyone learns the importance of supporting their friends. Cole has to have surgery to remove his cancerous mole. Kelso loses his license and has to depend on friends for rides. Finally Dr. Cox and Dr. Mahoney are fighting over Drew and driving him crazy.

    Lucy tries to support Cole, but he treats her bad like he always does and ends up alone before his surgery.

    Dr. Kelso lives his weird lifestyle which is driving everyone else crazy. Dr. Cox is forced to deal with him in the end as his friend and because he had been his mentor.

    Mahoney and Cox end up bonding when they realize they are a lot alike after Drew makes them deal with one another. Of course he's not sure if he did something good or not in the end.

    Everyone ends up realizing they can't always alienate their friends as they may need them sometime.

    In general a cute and enjoyable episode that moves right along. Thanks for reading...