Season 9 Episode 2

Our Drunk Friend

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Drew continues to be tortured by Dr. Cox, who makes him wear a sign that says "#1" to show his importance to him. Denise continues to ward off advances from Cole. Denise and Drew continue to have meaningless sex with each other and shut down when they realize that they could actually have an actual relationship. All of the med students try their best to avoid Dr. Cox' eye line in an effort to avoid his wrath. Lucy is not so lucky when she asks Dr. Cox about a patient named Alan. He informs her that Alan is a fall-down drunk. Dr. Cox wants to discharge Alan but Lucy wants to help him get sober. Dr. Cox tells her that he's a lost cause and that she shouldn't do anything.
J.D. advises Lucy to form a connection with Alan and to try to convince him to go to rehab. The only problem is that she needs a doctor to sign off for the treatment but no one will help her, not even the Todd. Dr. Cox is not too pleased about this once he finds out what Lucy has been doing and he reads her the riot act. Lucy asks J.D. for help and he gets Dr. Cox to sign off on rehab if Lucy is able to raise the money to pay for rehab. She organizes a car wash where she and her friends dress in skimpy outfits to raise money.
Alan goes to rehab and Lucy is proud of herself. She begins to daydream about the Lifetime special they'll make about her – Courage to Heal: the Lucy Bennett Story – starring along side Antonio Sabato, Jr. She wakes up from her daydream when Alan is re-admitted to the hospital after being in another drunk accident. Lucy is devastated when Dr. Cox tells her that J.D. had bet him $300 that Alan wouldn't stay sober for a week. J.D. tells her that he did it to teach her a lesson.

Turk tells Denise that everyone knows about her hookups with Drew. J.D. and Turk both tell her that no woman is an island. She takes their advice and asks Drew if he wants to grab a beer, but he blows her off. Turk, after being told off by Denise, tries to talk to Drew but he's still smarting from the beginning of med school. In the past, he's destroyed all the relationships that had ever meant anything to him and he's not ready to get close to anyone again. Dr. Kelso, who has been eavesdropping on the conversation, advises Drew that he can't block himself off from the rest of the world. Drew re-thinks about his relationship with Denise and asks if she still wants to grab a beer. She doesn't want to, but goes anyway and Drew gives her a little present. He introduces Cole's mom to Dr. Kelso.
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