Season 9 Episode 2

Our Drunk Friend

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • Ignore the new season, my warning to you. This is not Scrubs you know and love.

    When I saw the season finale (I wished it was the series finale) I knew if they came back for a new season, it was going to fail. I was correct, sadly. The "new" Scrubs is like Transformers 2 or like Shrek 3. It didn't need to make a new season, but they did and they ruin the series. All the new characters in this show are not memorable or funny. There is one character (you will know if you saw it) that you will hate and not in a good way. You will pray that his character dies soon in a fiery death. He is very unpleasing to see on television. JD, Turk and Dr. Cox can not sustain this show with anymore. When you see these two new episodes, you will see that a lot of what made this show great is gone. No Ted, no Janitor (OH MY GOD!!!) and no Carla. If you want to see Scrubs go back to the old episode, they are a lot better then this.
  • New Scrubs is terrible,totally lost there focus.

    I have loved this show since the start ,but this start /change has been a huge disappointment and the 2 shows that aired last nite very the worst ever.This show has ben 1 of the most edge cutting and dramatic new shows to have emerged and had the potential to be the greatest show ever up there with so mant others,but it seems someone had to try to re - write everything not just add improvement. Based on the 2 episodes I watched last nite I would prefer they cancel the show rather than ruin its history and possibly its syndication worth. Thats What Everyone Watches Anyway.THE REAL SCRUBS !!
  • New Scrubs..

    Ever since ABC picked up Scrubs, the show has been lacking in quality. Unfortunately, with the recession and all, it is fair to expect networks zip their purses, and reduce cost by making some actors sit at home. But still, I was happy by the awesome way they ended the show - I mean it couldn't be any perfect.

    Well, the new Scrubs is an experiment, if you've watched the videos on ABC where Bill Lawrence and Zach discuss their plans. I personally think, the show shouldn't have been renewed - new name, new stage, new people, whatever be it. In my opinion the show is dead. But still, If you are willing to watch this show as something unconnected to the old one, well, there might be something to it. Otherwise, I can assure you - you will be disappointed. It's a 6 episode experiment. The oldies JD, Turk, Kelso, and Cox will be there for 6 episode. And based on the outcome, they might go ahead with the new cast, or scrap the show all together. I hope the latter happens.
  • JD and Duncan sick their noses in Denise's business with Drew and they get in trouble when their advice goes South. Lucy learns her first lesson in being a doctor and how not to get too close to the patients. Finally Cole is a pain in the neck.

    Second part of the premiere night of Scrubs - Med School. Lucy learns a major lesson when she goes against Dr. Cox specific instructions about a patient. Lucy bonds even more with Dr. Dorian. One character I forgot to mention in my last episode review is Maya played by Nicky Whelan who's got the greatest Australian accent. Of course Perry goes out of his way not to understand a word of her "English" making things difficult for her. Surprisingly she seems not overly phased by this. Even JD gets into the the act with Perry pretending not to understand her.

    Perry continues to call Drew #1. He seems to have taken to it. He and Denise are fine until she tries to "talk" with him at Duncan and JD's advice. Denise has a few choice words for them. Later though Duncan talks to Drew and he ends up asking Denise out for a beer. The ending is classic Scrubs type stuff. In general a lot of weird terms used and bits done by the cast pretty much in the same vein as the first eight seasons.

    Not a bad example of Scrubs. We'll see how people take to it. Personally I don't see a big change to Sacred Heart except for a new building and becoming a teaching hospital. Thanks for reading...
  • My opinion of scrubs season 9

    I enjoyed the new scrubs! I think we should give it a chance and yeah sure its not going to be the same but I love scrubs and I felt it was quite good!
    But I will say I think JD needs to be in the show longer for it to succeed.
    Also without the janitor that is a bit tough, I think he was a great sub-plot to the show and will always be remembered(I know he got another role in another show) But overall I think it will be good give it time.
    It has the ability to be good.
  • Better

    Certain aspects of this episode really reminded me of the earlier seasons. And I liked it. The comic timing was better, the characters more likeable (Although that one girl is far too much of a carbon copy of Cox) and the writing was tighter.
    Even the J.D/Turk relationship reminded me of the days when it didnt rely on Carla nagging at them to grow up and I think it was certainly better for it.
    But some aspects of the episode did annoy me (Such as the storyline between Lucy and the drunk which just seemed like a repeat of storylines we've seen so much before)
    All in all a good episode and a reminder of why i used to love this show. I can only hope that it improves with each episode over the season and the show gets renewed so that we can see it grow over years.
  • "Dude, we're nach-bros!"

    What a difference one episode makes! I read on a website that they felt the first episode of the season was the jitters of coming back with a new cast, a new setting and a new way of doing the show.. but this second episode really impressed me. There were some classic J.D and Turk moments, "Wing Mom!", a Lifetime movie commercial that looks every bit as stupid as every movie that appears on the channel and a great Dr. Cox moment.. quite a few, in fact. The writing was right on, and we got two new high fives from an always classic Todd.

    I think no matter what, the new Scrubs will always feel a bit strange. Any show that has an ending like Season 8 and than comes back it never happened will feel awkward. But for now, as I said in the review of the previous episode, I'll look at this as a new show. And man, this episode delivered in spades. Some people may not agree, and I can see why, but if an episode can actually make me laugh as hard as previous seasons, than it's good enough to watch.

    J.D and Turk singing their Steak Night song with new lyrics about Denise being an island and bringing a water taxi so Drew could come over was excellent, and the tag at the end where Drew actually came and sang with them was just another classic Scrubs moment. Also, I really liked J.D being in the tree with his "honey" product.

    Lucy still feels a little weird to me as a character, but with time, I'm sure she'll grow into it.. hopefully. I do like the idea of J.D taking on the Cox role as a mentor. He's clearly not the perfect mentor he probably imagined himself to be, but it allows for some funny moments. Oh and one last thing: Dr. Cox allowing the Austrailian girl to choose what her insult would be was classic Cox. I don't think they'll ever run out of snarky, sarcastic things for him to say.

    So far, I'm intrigued. I really liked this episode and combined with the premiere, it's really not all that bad so far.