Season 9 Episode 2

Our Drunk Friend

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • Better

    Certain aspects of this episode really reminded me of the earlier seasons. And I liked it. The comic timing was better, the characters more likeable (Although that one girl is far too much of a carbon copy of Cox) and the writing was tighter.
    Even the J.D/Turk relationship reminded me of the days when it didnt rely on Carla nagging at them to grow up and I think it was certainly better for it.
    But some aspects of the episode did annoy me (Such as the storyline between Lucy and the drunk which just seemed like a repeat of storylines we've seen so much before)
    All in all a good episode and a reminder of why i used to love this show. I can only hope that it improves with each episode over the season and the show gets renewed so that we can see it grow over years.