Season 9 Episode 2

Our Drunk Friend

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • Ignore the new season, my warning to you. This is not Scrubs you know and love.

    When I saw the season finale (I wished it was the series finale) I knew if they came back for a new season, it was going to fail. I was correct, sadly. The "new" Scrubs is like Transformers 2 or like Shrek 3. It didn't need to make a new season, but they did and they ruin the series. All the new characters in this show are not memorable or funny. There is one character (you will know if you saw it) that you will hate and not in a good way. You will pray that his character dies soon in a fiery death. He is very unpleasing to see on television. JD, Turk and Dr. Cox can not sustain this show with anymore. When you see these two new episodes, you will see that a lot of what made this show great is gone. No Ted, no Janitor (OH MY GOD!!!) and no Carla. If you want to see Scrubs go back to the old episode, they are a lot better then this.
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