Season 9 Episode 2

Our Drunk Friend

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • JD and Duncan sick their noses in Denise's business with Drew and they get in trouble when their advice goes South. Lucy learns her first lesson in being a doctor and how not to get too close to the patients. Finally Cole is a pain in the neck.

    Second part of the premiere night of Scrubs - Med School. Lucy learns a major lesson when she goes against Dr. Cox specific instructions about a patient. Lucy bonds even more with Dr. Dorian. One character I forgot to mention in my last episode review is Maya played by Nicky Whelan who's got the greatest Australian accent. Of course Perry goes out of his way not to understand a word of her "English" making things difficult for her. Surprisingly she seems not overly phased by this. Even JD gets into the the act with Perry pretending not to understand her.

    Perry continues to call Drew #1. He seems to have taken to it. He and Denise are fine until she tries to "talk" with him at Duncan and JD's advice. Denise has a few choice words for them. Later though Duncan talks to Drew and he ends up asking Denise out for a beer. The ending is classic Scrubs type stuff. In general a lot of weird terms used and bits done by the cast pretty much in the same vein as the first eight seasons.

    Not a bad example of Scrubs. We'll see how people take to it. Personally I don't see a big change to Sacred Heart except for a new building and becoming a teaching hospital. Thanks for reading...