Season 9 Episode 1

Our First Day of School

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. has returned as a teacher at the new Sacred Heart – the hospital was torn down and rebuilt on the med school campus at Winston University. J.D. kisses Elliot's pregnant belly for luck. As he walks through the campus, he hopes to find a way to make everything feel fresh.
Lucy Bennett, the new newbie is excited for her first day of med school. We meet a few other new med students – Cole Aaronson, the underachieving rich kid, Drew Suffin, a 30-something loner who is trying for the second time at becoming a doctor. Dr. Professor Cox tells the new students that medicine is a dead career and makes sure each new student knows that he hates all of them. Turk is also teaching – he doesn't really like Cole who thinks he's untouchable because of his family name. Dr. Kelso is teaching a few s after mourning Enid's death for a whole two days.

Dr. Denise Mahoney is now the student advisor. She's not ok with Drew who just wants to fly under the radar. They argue until they decide to shower together. Lucy meets a nice patient named Ben during rounds. Ben offers her a grape and Dr. Cox tells her not to steal food from patients. Later on rounds, Dr. Cox quizzes Lucy on a different patient's symptoms. She doesn't have the answer, and the patient dies. It turns out that the patient was already dead but Dr. Cox just wanted to show Lucy that he's not going to waste his time with someone who isn't going to make it.
Drew confronts Dr. Cox about his tendency to pick on the weaker students and Dr. Cox offers to unload all of his frustration on to him all at once. After chatting with J.D., Dr. Cox decides to mentor Drew. Lucy tries to cheer herself up after the Dr. Cox debacle by sleeping with Cole. She thought that he was a great gun, until she finds out that he took a naked picture of her with his cell phone.
J.D. is having problems bonding with his students. He's bummed when he finds his drinking with Dr. Kelso. Lucy confides in J.D. about her problems with Dr. Cox. He tells Lucy that she needs to show Dr. Cox that she's strong and that she should stand up to him. Lucy later comes back to Dr. Cox with the correct diagnosis for the dead patient from earlier but Dr. Cox is not impressed; he thinks she's a crier. Lucy says that she hasn't cried at all in her adult life and that she wasn't going to start crying because of him. The med students are given the cadavers that they'll be working on for the semester. Drew wonder's what the deal was with his cadaver and Lucy tells him that his name was Ben. Back at the hospital, the Janitor confronts Turk about J.D. Turk tells him that J.D. left the hospital for a new job. The Janitor drops his mop and walks out the door.