Season 9 Episode 1

Our First Day of School

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • This is a whole new show

    There's a reason there is a new opening credits and it's called Scrubs [med school]. This is an entirely new show. It's like Saved by the Bell: The College Years. A hopeful wish that it would work, but will ultimately fail. I'm a die hard Scrubs fan. I own all the dvd's, I can tell you what season an episode is from depending on Sarah Chalke's hair style, and I have gone as far as having J.D.-esque fantasies some days. But this is not the show I have fallen in love with. The lack of half the major players is depressing. With Zack Braff and Sarah Chalke only in a few episodes I'm afraid after those I'll probably give up on watching.
    Only thing I like about this season is Dave Franco. But even with his random words and cocky attidue, I just don't see this show lasting much longer. This episode was ok, but had a totally different feel than the past eight seasons. I want to like this show, but I'm sorry, it should have been left at My Finale.
  • Just awful

    I watched this with very low expectations, there was just no way I could see how this would be anything but terrible. What a surprise, I was right on the money. Take the annoying bits of JD, ie his whiny, insecure personality and amplify them , then change the sex, and you have this new main character. Where JD had redeeming qualities that made him sympathetic, they just went ahead and removed those, then partnered her with some equally annoying new friends. This is Scrubs done McDonalds style, as a franchise, something which really saddens me especially as the 'Finale' was possibly the best thing they'd ever done.
    Instead of trying to do something new the writers just took the template and gave it a female perspective (I know what you are thinking, JD was enough of a girl anyway). The person who comes out of this best is Neil Flynn, he got the funniest 20 odd seconds of this 'pilot' and gets to be in The Middle which is much funnier than this new attempt to continue a show that should have been left as it was. The biggest shame is that Series 8 had restored the good times to Sacred Heart, why they felt the need to then undo all their good work baffles me.
    I guess I shouldn't be surprised it is really hard to think of an American show that is not stretched out beyond the point at which it should be finished. Compare our original Office, 12 episodes + 2 Christmas specials, all genius, to the Office US, which while touching on genius has been unable to keep the standard up. Then there's the classic Fawlty Towers, again 12 episodes, no filler all killer. Well this 'new' show is all filler no killer.

    Cancel, now.
  • This episode is ok but I miss the old scrubs cast:(

    I am not trying to be mean but what happened to Carla, Elliot, Kelso, the Todd you cannot have Scrubs without them it's just not the same :( at least I have all 8 seasons to watch :)I wonder why they would totally change Scrubs every season just kept getting funnier and funnier I luv Scrubs I hope they bring the old cast back :) why would they miss with that Scrubs was always funny I looked forward to watching it now it's like a totally different show that I no longer recognize why would they miss with that it stinks!!!!
  • A shadow of its former self.

    I was excited when I heard that Scrubs had been picked up for another season, and I tuned in only to find that while many of the actors are the same, the spirit of the show has been broken. It's barely tolerable and after watching the first five episodes, I have to say, I'm not going to be watching any more.

    Even J.D.'s and Turk's relationship seems ... off. I never did see whether the same writers came over to the other network -- but I am guessing not. It's too bad; I would have loved to have gotten just one more good season of this show.

    The real Scrubs, unfortunately, seems to have passed on. Someone get a crash cart -- or else a pine box.
  • The newbies are oh so annoying...

    The new season of Scrubs is not for me. Yes, I've read the whole "this is a spin off but ABC didn't want to change the name" story. I will support it just as I supported the spin off Joey after the end of Friends. Everytime that Cole character talks I want to just hit the mute button. The chick, Lucy, is oh so annoying as well. Horrible acting... I'll support it but I sure wont buy the DVD. My Scrubs set is complete with seasons 1-8 and that's all... Also, what is with those ANNOYING security guards. OMG!! WHY?!?!
  • This is just not Scrubs...

    I really wish they would have made this show an actual spin-off without part of the original cast. This shouldn't be Scrubs, season 9, but Scrubs: Med School, season 1. The whole thing about the hospital being torn down and then rebuilt at campus? Sorry, it's just not believable :/

    I mean, the episode was kinda funny, but it's not the same series anymore. In my opinion, you really get the feeling, that "Janitor" really didn't want to be on Scrubs anymore, so he disappeared in a one-minute scene. And there has been no talk about Carla at all. It's too bad, the finale of season 8 was so cool.
  • That was... pretty good!

    Season 9
    Episode 1: Our First Day of School
    A year after the season 8 finale, J.D, who is married to Elliot now, Turk, Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso and "Jo" become teachers at a med school.

    I first thought season 9 was a horrible idea. What circled around the internet was not having J.D on the show and Sacred Heart would disappear. I first thought "What the hell?" but then I saw the premiere. It was good, great actually. Is rlly funny and its worth watching. It wasnt as much a bad idea as I first thought. I did like it and I'm gonna continue watching
  • Why on earth would they do this??

    The season 8 finale was amazing, the perfect way to end such a great show, in my opinion. Then I find out they decide to make a season 9, which I was surprised about just because the finale was just so so good. Ok, so this new season is not Scrubs at all. They even advertised that in the previews/trailers whatever you call it. Why oh why would the show creators allow that to happen!? This episode wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good. There were only a few funny parts as opposed to original scrubs where practically every moment is hilarious. It was actually really really boring. And no janitor?? I think he'll probably come back in a later episode though. If they absolutely had their hearts set on this new idea, why couldn't they just make it into a spin off instead of sullying Scrubs's good name? I mean seriously! Finale- perfect, Season 9- bland. I think this is going to ruin the show for a lot of people. It's too late for me, people, save yourselves and don't watch this new season.
  • For those still devastated by the final in season 8, Scrubs: Med School provides a balm for the heartache.

    While there are some inconsistencies with the new season, (i.e. where does Elliot go after the opening scene?) the humour and jokes remain the same. As JD and Turk are reunited, the show is able to develop new relationships while relying on the old ones to carry the plotlines consistently throughout the new show. The witty banter between Dr Professor Cox (or more accurately, at) the other characters is refreshing yet familiar, as is JDs daddy issues as he strives for Cox's love. The show is disappointingy scarce with female characters from the traditional series, and the new female characters are either depressingly insecure or scarily masculine - at one point Denise actually says: 'I'm losing wood' (not that its not funny), but the male characters carry the show through, with newbies Drew and Cole providing new directions and jokes for the show. My favourite has got to be Cole (check out ep 2 for some amazingly horrible dialogue), the rich arrogant med student hated by all. An amazing return for scrubs, maybe not as good as the earlier seasons but definitely on par with the later ones and a joyful return to TV for fans.
  • Scrubs in session! Medical school!

    I was one of the people that thought it was gonna be a clunker, and that Bill Lawrence should've just stopped the series, instead of trying to drag it on.

    However, the first episode proved me wrong, and it was surprisingly good. I found it really enjoyable and funny. I actually like the new medical school setting, maybe it's because I'm considering med school myself.

    The students aren't a bad addition, we'll just have to get accustomed to them. But, of course, we'll all miss some of the old regulars, they just can't be replaced.

    Overall, it was a great start, imo. I know some are still skeptical and unsure about this new setting, but hopefully, everyone will give it a chance, and keep supporting Scrubs.
  • We see that Winston University is the new site of the teaching hospital in this episode. Most of the old gang returns with a new group of med students for Perry to torture. JD and Chris are back to continue their Guy Love with each other.

    As crazy as ever Scrubs is back for a ninth season as "Scrubs - Med School". The continuing adventures of the doctors now turned professors at the hospital which has been demolished and rebuilt as a teaching hospital that is part of Winston University.

    The new med students are the new piece of the puzzle as most of the regulars return. We see Dr.'s JD, Turk, Perry, Kelso, Elliot, and Denise all returning. The main new students are Lucy, Drew, and Cole at this point.

    Drew is an older student who flunked out before, Cole is a Teflon med student who's family built the new hospital, and Lucy is the new JD for the most part. Perry has chosen Drew as his #1 and Drew is already involved in a physical way with Denise. Cole thinks he is God's gift to women and approaches them as such. Finally Lucy is the new major inner monologue of the show. All of her fears and foibles will be seen throughout the season. We still do get JD's inner monologue from time to time as well.

    Fairly entertaining and much in the Scrubs way of doing things. Skits that don't fit and plots that sort of throw you for a loop at times. I guess that's what keeps things interesting. Thanks for reading...
  • How does the new version of this fantastic series hold up?

    Firstly as far as I'm concerned Scrubs finished at the end of season 8 and it would seem creator Bill Lawrence agrees with by adding the subtitle "Med School" to the show(it'll be interesting when the DVDs come out to see if they count this as season 1 or 9). But semantics aside what we were really looking for was entertaining television, and there Scrubs: Med School delivered.

    With the change of setting I was worried whether or not this would still feel like Scrubs and have the same energy. Fortunately it did with the same quality of jokes, moments and great lines that Scrubs is known for, at least for the returning cast. The episode's opening was great with a superb visual gag to explain what happened to Sacred Heart. Also it was great to find out what happened to at least one ex-cast member who won't be returning (although ironically he had to return to film it) in a very funny scene that nicely managed to walk the line between funny and stupid as it seemed that the Janitor's only purpose for being at the hospital anymore had been JD.

    I didn't know how exactly this season would be presented and I'm assuming that was a concern for the show's creators as they have us in familiar territory with JD's traditional inner monologue narrating the start of the episode. The Med School setting was a nice change of pace and changing the setting also helped to make it feel like a fresh start. I wasn't sure how Dr. Cox's rants and typical humour would work in a more direct teaching role than he'd had in the hospital but it was still funny and didn't feel out of place. I do wonder a little why the former chief of medicine would take a teaching position though but I'm not going to complain if it keeps the great Perry Cox on the show.

    So the returning characters were as great as ever and all their stuff was top drawer (except the use of "Guy Love" when JD and Turk were running towards each other as that exact joke was used last season). But what about the new characters? The only main character who wasn't completely new was Denise, who was great last year and continued to be her cold yet likeable self here. Drew seems like an interesting guy with a bit more backstory than most of the cast. That isn't always a good thing but it gives his character something a bit different than the rest of the new cast. And in this episode he managed to have some great moments like dragging a student Denise sent to him in front of her before asking if she wanted to take a shower with him. Blunt and hilarious and hopefully the show can get a lot of mileage from these two.

    Cole seems like the major weak link at the moment, seeming to be a carbon copy of the med student Elliot had back in season 1. Then there's Lucy who is clearly the focus for the new version of the show. The way JD's monologue was traded off to her was nicely handled and there were some cool moments as to how they were looking for someone just like the other before they eventually met. Unfortunately I'm not sure she can carry the show the same way JD could. The first worry is that we've seen it all before. Is there really anything she can go through that JD and co haven't shown us over the last 8 years. It will all come down to how it's presented, but unless the focus changes more towards Turk and Cox I'm a bit worried. The other issue is that it seemed a bit jarring that she just happened to have the same kind of daydreams as JD. Yes in the "His/Her Story" episodes they'd always have a JD-esque fantasy, but this is different. I can understand wanting to have a similar character to JD and not changing the show's structure too much, but she does just seem like JD-light.

    Still time will tell if the new characters are up to holding the show on their own. As far as this episode is concerned with the inclusion of so many old main characters (and Zack Braff credited as a series regular which is interesting) it was a strong episode in its own right. The main thing for me going into this season was how it would play out and so far I'm very pleased with it.

    And just a few of brief side-notes to finish. Firstly the new intro sequence was cool, if a bit jarring due to the similar style to the Scrubs intro yet with different folk. Also what happened to JD's stubble he was so proud of last season? And finally really loved the small part for Nicky Whelan, the gorgeous Australian intern. She used to be on the Aussie soap Neighbours that I occasionally watch. And did I mention that she's super-hot? Sometimes that's enough for a background character!
  • What the hell happened?How could they turn my favorite show into a steaming pile of pink poo? Its like they took everything that you could do wrong and put it together.

    What the hell happened?How could they turn my favorite show into a steaming pile of pink poo?
    Its like they took everything that you could do wrong and put it together.
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  • Do not watch if you are a true fan! It will only make you sad.

    The show ended last season. This is not scrubs, this is med school with some scrubs characters. I am sad to say that the show is missing its heart. No Janitor, no Ted and no Carla. Plus there are more that are missing. Even Sacred Heart is gone. There are one or two funny moments and that is it. Also you get less random JD imagination episodes which I love. I just hope it picks it self up or be canceled soon. But at least scrubs had a great eight season run. If you love Scrubs, don't watch. If you seen Scrubs a little then it then the new episodes won't be half bad.
  • ...I'm not really sure what to think.

    On one hand, Scrubs is back! On the other, an entirely new cast has the daunting task of following the masterpiece that was "My Finale". Like the title of this review says, I'm not entirely sold on it (yet).

    To be honest, it wasn't a bad couple of episodes to start the new season. They were average at best, but that's sort of the problem: we're used to a lot better from Bill Lawrence and his crew. As one reviewer put it, it really is best to watch them with an open mind, but I find it hard not to compare this season with the first 8 simply because so much of the original cast showed up tonight.

    First off, the good things:

    -We get to see J.D. and Elliott in the very first scene, and having her pregnant was a pretty nice follow up to their relationship in season 8. I'm assuming Zach and Sarah will end their 6 episode contract with the baby being born and them taking time off to care for it.

    -Dr. Cox is...well, he's still Dr. Cox. Definitely a good thing.

    -Denise (Eliza Coupe) is back, and she's just as great as she was last year.

    -J.D. and Turk's chemistry is amazing as always. I mean, REALLY amazing. I challenge you to find two other people on TV who can do what Braff and Faison do every week.

    -Lucy (Kerry Bishe) is a perfect fit for the show. She's just like a female J.D. Her character was actually my favorite part of tonight's premier.

    And now, the bad:

    -The original cast was great, but that's a huge downside seeing as how they won't be in the spotlight for every episode. It just amplified how much the newcomers lack their on-screen chemistry, and I can't help but feel that bringing them back for the first episode was a massive mistake. Bill should have had them guest star later on after viewers get used to the new cast.

    -WTF happened to Sunny??? She was great last season! Why bother introducing 5 new interns in season 8 if you're only going to carry over one (Denise) to this season?

    -I felt like fast forwarding through every scene Cole was in. My God, whoever plays that guy went WAY overboard with the rich prep school stereotype. -There's just too much going on at once. This comment goes back to what I said about bringing the original cast back too early; the writers should have let the new actors do their thing and find an audience before working cameos into the show. For example, the entire second episode could have been 90% Lucy dealing with the alcoholic patient (it was obviously the best storyline by far). Instead, we only got to see part of the story that I feel should have been told. J.D. and Turk got entire episodes devoted to them and their patients, so why not Lucy? I don't get the reasoning behind it.

    The bottom line is that I'm really excited to see Scrubs back on the air and I hope they can mold this new cast like they did with the original and make Tuesday nights funny again. I'm just not getting my hopes up after tonight.
  • Scrubs 2.0

    I have to say that going into this my expectations were not high. I had loved the first 5 seasons of Scrubs, disliked most of 6 and 7 and hadn't really bothered with Season 8 (although I do plan to watch it soon)
    But this episode somewhat restored my faith in Scrubs. What used to be the best sitcom on TV had fizzled out but this episode really felt like new life had been breathed into it.
    The storyline was tighter and the characters still interesting and by the end of this episode there was a lot of room for the show to grow which I hope it does over the rest of the season.
    All in all I'm quite happy with the potential but definitely see it as a different show.
    Although my one query is: Why was Zach Braff in the new theme if he's only in it for 6 episodes this season? That confused me quite a bit.
  • I'm treating this like a pilot and not a continuation of Scrubs. Which is a good thing.

    There's no way you can watch this show now without thinking about how it somewhat destroys the incredible finale that last season brought us. This isn't Scrubs.. it's Scrubs: Med School, as the strange, bizarre new title screen conveniently informs us.

    I won't lie, I was a little underwhelmed.. a lot, actually, mostly because I was in the majority of people who believed Scrubs should've probably ended with last year's finale. The emotion in that episode made it one of the best series finales I've ever seen. However, I sort of came to terms that there'd be a new season, and I recently started getting excited. Now that it's occurred?

    It's not nearly as bad as I thought it might be. It's clear that the new characters are not going to be nearly as great as the ones we've come to love over eight years, but Denise/Jo still gives me hope. She has the attitude of Cox mixed with an apathy that makes her unique. However, Lucy and Cole have failed to even elicit a single laugh from me. They're boring, and I really hate the fact that Lucy and J.D are sharing narration duties now.

    The strengths in the show was entirely in the old cast. Cox naming people after how good they're doing and the Guy Love encore were awesome. I also liked how they said hello to each other from the balcony.. it reminded me of when Turk returned from his honeymoon and they couldn't find each other. J.D requesting he be called Dr. Dizzle was pretty funny as well.

    I have hopes for this show if they can keep the old cast just as relevent as the rest. The last thing we need is for Scrubs to pull a House and replace the old cast with new people that no one cares about. If they can find ways to develop the new characters while including everyone else, than even better. Also, seeing the Janitor and Todd felt good. Made me forget about all the awkward Denise/Drew moments that I just didn't care about.

    All in all, not a bad start, but if you see this as the same show we've grown to love over the last eight years, you'll be VERY disappointed. This is a spin-off, regardless of what Bill Lawrence says, and it's easier to swallow if you look at it that way. Give the show a chance, because the second episode makes up for all the first episodes weaknesses.