Season 9 Episode 1

Our First Day of School

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • Just awful

    I watched this with very low expectations, there was just no way I could see how this would be anything but terrible. What a surprise, I was right on the money. Take the annoying bits of JD, ie his whiny, insecure personality and amplify them , then change the sex, and you have this new main character. Where JD had redeeming qualities that made him sympathetic, they just went ahead and removed those, then partnered her with some equally annoying new friends. This is Scrubs done McDonalds style, as a franchise, something which really saddens me especially as the 'Finale' was possibly the best thing they'd ever done.
    Instead of trying to do something new the writers just took the template and gave it a female perspective (I know what you are thinking, JD was enough of a girl anyway). The person who comes out of this best is Neil Flynn, he got the funniest 20 odd seconds of this 'pilot' and gets to be in The Middle which is much funnier than this new attempt to continue a show that should have been left as it was. The biggest shame is that Series 8 had restored the good times to Sacred Heart, why they felt the need to then undo all their good work baffles me.
    I guess I shouldn't be surprised it is really hard to think of an American show that is not stretched out beyond the point at which it should be finished. Compare our original Office, 12 episodes + 2 Christmas specials, all genius, to the Office US, which while touching on genius has been unable to keep the standard up. Then there's the classic Fawlty Towers, again 12 episodes, no filler all killer. Well this 'new' show is all filler no killer.

    Cancel, now.
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