Season 9 Episode 4

Our Histories

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • Turk and JD decide to have a weekend together when their wives are out of town. Cole sets up a big party and the med kids are excited and then can't go when they must take final reports on terminal patients.

    A really enjoyable episode with the regular and new characters of Scrubs.

    Two interesting storylines. One is the usual man love between Turk and JD while Cox spends his time tearing them down. The other is a huge lesson where the new med students learn the value of sticking together when they are asked to take final interviews with terminal patients. Turk and JD are their usual idiot selves. JD knocks out Turk and then stitches him up. Cox ends up with a wonderful screen saver of the two of them dressed as a cowboy and an Indian wearing chaps and a sheriffs badge which JD dreams about using as a holiday greeting card.

    The kids are forced to take the interviews which of course all but Lucy's goes swimmingly. We have Drew, Cole, Maya all waiting but they have been told they can't leave without all of them being done. Cole bails but when Drew, Maya, and Lucy go back to see the patient played by Paul Dooley, they find him chatting with Cole who didn't end up leaving in the end. Maybe the students learn in the end to stick together to succeed. Maybe pigs could fly as well?

    A really enjoyable episode with a number of very good performances. This new version of Scrubs could be a winner. Thanks for reading...