Season 9 Episode 4

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Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • It's too bad to see Ted go

    One by one, Scrubs is wittling away at characters that used to be what made the show great. Soon enough, we'll just have the new interns, and not even Turk and Cox are enough to justify that. I took a break from the new season of Scrubs and I'm starting to see why it was so easy to miss four episodes in a row: they're rehashes of better and earlier plots. Scrubs is doing what the Simpsons does: take plots that have been done before in previous seasons and edit them a bit to seem new. And it's too bad, because despite the funny moments of the episode, there just wasn't enough redeeming qualities.

    Watching JD and Turk party was awesome, and some the moments with them reminded me of old episodes, when Scrubs used to be kind of funny. And Ted and Gooch's song about the states was hilarious, one of the better things I've seen so far this season.

    That's about where my interest stopped. I couldn't stand any of the interns this time around and I just hope that Scrubs will be put out of its misery at the end of this season. It's really too bad, because I had faith in the show, but after a strong couple of episodes in the premiere, the quality has taken a turn for the worst