Season 9 Episode 4

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Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • Meh, still more lame than good

    After a 'pilot' that was terrible, episodes 2 & 3 weren't the worst things I have ever seen, but after watching this episode only negative opinions spring to mind. First up, JD still being around is just a lame attempt to get people hooked in before he leaves and you are left with the rest of the cast. And that's just sad because his story was finished last season. Then there's the 'guy love' aspect, funny when alluded to in the 'old' Scrubs, very funny when put into song, not so funny now there are med students and the 2 of them suddenly seem much older, both have children and yet any growing up they did prior to this season has just been forgotten. Denise is terrible as a responsible figure, she was entertaining as an intern with a fat guy fetish but she isn't convincing in charge. All the new med students are fairly annoying and seem to consist entirely of attractive blonde women (hello Elliot) and guys with gelled black hair (hello JD). And as for the security guards, they really do suck, not funny, they look stupid and just seem to be added in for perceived comic effect. As for Ted and the Gooch it was nice to see them but again you feel like shouting at the screen 'Get out, get out now while you still can!'
    I really think this show now consists of a hastily stuck together idea, that was thought up by (admittedly) talented writers because the network decided they wanted to go on and basically said 'Either come up with a new way to spin this show out for numerous unnecessary season or we will do it for you'. I have seen worse sitcoms, but that is not an endorsement, watch Season 2 Episode 1 of the 'proper' Scrubs and try and tell me this is in the same league.
    There should be one season only of this and then we can all forget it ever happened and get back to remembering Scrubs for the brilliant show it USED to be.
    I was going to be thankful to you for reading this, but not many people probably did, so screw it!