Season 9 Episode 6

Our New Girl-Bro

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • SCRUBS is Sluty


    SCRUBS is Sluty - Doctor is a Noble profession, unless doctors start seeing their coworker females and nurses as their sluts/companions/girlfriends/mistresses
  • Lucy has given up sleeping so she can do everything she thinks she needs to in a day. Turk is missing JD and he starts interviewing replacements. Elliot is back and now that JD is gone Lucy starts shadowing her. Turk and Denise hit it off in the end.

    For some reason Lucy thinks she needs to do things that make absolutely no sense for a medical student. Pictures for her sister, daily update calls to her father, extra work for Turk, and other various things. She's been shadowing Dr. Cox, but of course that works out just the way it sounds like it would. Just then she sees and hears Elliot who is back now that JD is gone. Elliot seems to be everything Lucy needs in a mentor so she starts shadowing her.

    Turk literally seems so grief stricken now that JD is gone that he has trouble functioning. So he starts auditioning replacements for JD at lunch. Even going to the length of inviting the security guards at one point. Denise actually comes thru for him in the end and they end up doing a few things he and JD might do.

    Dr. Cox is having a good time working poor Cole who just does not have his priorities straight. He does nothing but the bare minimum and yet expects to be rated number one in the class at the first rating term. So Dr. Cox gives him some of the worse jobs to do as "extra credit" so that he can get his stature in the class higher. Drew comes by to help Cox from time to time.

    Some fun stories and the usual high jinx's here on Scrubs. No one seems to be watching the show though and I find that sort of strange. I'm beginning to like the new blood they've brought in more and more. The show is still pretty entertaining, but I'm afraid this will be the last season. Thanks for reading...