Season 9 Episode 3

Our Role Models

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 08, 2009 on NBC

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  • When Dr. Cox loses confidence in Drew his #1, JD must step in and mentor his mentor. Lucy decides that she needs a new mentor and sets her sights on Denise who reluctantly agrees. The two deal with a very ill women and her young son.

    An episode much like many other Scrubs episodes in the past. A few entertaining storylines with a little bit of the usual fluff thrown in.

    We are learning about a few of the new Med students especially Drew and Lucy. Drew is good, but as Dr. Cox finds out one can set their sights a little high and then easily be disappointed by the results. For once after some prodding from Turk, its JD to the rescue. On the other hand Lucy realizes that maybe JD would not be good for her as a mentor in the long run and as Dr. Cox seems to hate her she looks for another. She lands on Denise who after some prodding as well reluctantly agrees.

    Cole stills is a waste of space and for some reason seems to spend all his time in Lucy's bed. The random threatening is very strange as well. Not a whole lot happens with the other new Med students other than some insults from Dr. Cox.

    An enjoyable episode with some solid storylines. This could be a good year for the show as either its last or a whole new start. Thanks for reading...
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