Season 9 Episode 13

Our Thanks

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 17, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

Denise casually asks Drew if he wants to get married. She figures that they've been dating for four months and it's a good next step to take. Drew thinks that she's gone a little crazier than usual. He's happy with the way things are, they work, and they shouldn't change things up. Denise agrees with him and then says she'd rather they make a baby instead, slightly joking. The water damage from the floor upstairs has caused a big hole in the wall separating their two rooms. Denise thinks it would be a good idea to live together – to merge their two smaller rooms into a bigger suite so it's as if they're living together. Drew freaks out, especially after Denise starts moving her things into his room. He decides to separate the rooms and cover up the hole with a curtain. He also takes the liberty to move all of Denise's belongings back into her room. Later, Drew realizes that he's been a jerk and apologizes. He tells Denise that he's terrified by change, but he eventually comes around. He tells Denise that he loves her and comes in with a sledgehammer to tear down the wall. It turns out Denise was the one who had actually created the hole in the wall – it was her only way of saying that they should move in together.
It's been two weeks since Cole's operation and Turk is happy to report that Cole is cancer-free. Cole is so psyched that he was saved by a surgeon he's inspired to become one. Dr. Cox could not be more thrilled that Cole would become Turk's protege. Turk, is not thrilled by this at all and tries to downplay how cool surgery is. This doesn't shake Cole as he gets extra excited to shadow Turk. After consulting with Drew, Turk decides to put Cole through a variety of challenges to demonstrate how boring surgery can be. He has Cole hold a surgical clamp in one spot for many hours. He tears two teddy bears apart and challenges Cole to sew them up before he can. If Cole can do this, then he has the chops to be a surgeon. After Cole doesn't finish, he decides to practice on 17 of Lucy's stuffed ponies, much to her shock and dismay. Dr. Cox has a chat with Turk. He tells him that he doesn't get to choose who he mentors, and reminds him of the eight years he had of J.D. following his every move. Turk gets the point and tells Cole that he would be happy to teach him.

The first semester of med school is almost over and the students need to give public thanks to the families of the cadavers they had been studying and dissecting. Lucy seems to be the only person in the group to honor Ben's memory. Despite her team's lack of compassion, Lucy goes on to do research on Ben's life and to create a special tribute for him. All goes well until she meets Ben's son and learns that Ben was a terrible father. His son was only there to see Ben put into the ground. Lucy gave a touching speech that made even Ben's son feel better. She said that he may not have been great during his life, but Ben's death helped many students learn to be a doctor and she's thankful for that.