Season 9 Episode 10

Our True Lies

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 19, 2010 on NBC

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  • Cheaters never prosper and relationships are getting serious

    I love this season, at first I was skeptical like a lot of people especially with Zach gone but the characters here are kind of growing on me

    I like that it was Lucy who cheated because it shows a
    real life situation there.

    Yes, its unbelievable and yet totally believable. Yes the goody two-shoes can do bad things it actually is true people.

    I like the lesbian scene and that the woman was willing to risk death than to face her past and deal with that she was fat and could get fat again and they force her to go the safe route

    and Last the Double D relationship of Drew and Denise If they become Elliot and JD I wouldn't be that shocked they make a cute couple, I have to admit Denise is my first reason for sticking out this season I love her feistyness

    I think Dr. Cox is afraid of her lmao