Season 9 Episode 7

Our White Coats

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 05, 2010 on NBC

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  • It's the week the med students get their white doctor coats. Drew is afraid he is returning to the same guy he was years before a real "gunner". Cole who is a gunner wants to give the key note speech. Elliot wants to give Denise a makeover.

    Lucy has another conflict. This time over why she wants to be a doctor. She keeps coming up with inane answers to try to convince Perry that she is sincere, but in the end it just finally comes to her.

    The interesting story revolves around Drew this week. He has been sort of a lone wolf except for his relationship with Denise. This all comes to crashing halt when white coat week comes up and he starts to become a jerk to everyone else. It turns out years before when he washed out he went berserk on this day and attacked the keynote speaker. When ask to speak this time around he finally gives in after turning it down.

    One of the things he does that really gets him the speaking job is his diagnosis of one of Turk's patients. In an interesting moment Turk tells Drew about how he made a mistake years ago, but now years later he knows better and would not make the same mistake again. A metaphor for Drew. Heavy stuff.

    Now that JD is not around. Elliot is sort of taking his place. Elliot finds out that Denise is not willing to dress up for Drew even for one special occasion, so she wants to do a makeover on Denise. She ends up doing one on Lucy instead, but in the end Denise recants and shows up at the white coat ceremony looking terrific.

    Cole is his usual self and Perry ends up locking him in a supply closet. Well putting him in a supply closet guarded by Captain Duncook with orders to knock Cole out if he tries to escape.

    An entertaining episode that is fun. Nothing really exciting to write home about though so I give it an 8.5. Thanks for reading...