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  • One of the best

    To me this is the perfect combination of funny and emotional. I love the storytelling through JDs thoughts, and crazy "visions". The characters are wonderful, crazy, sweet, sometimes horrible people, flawed, and human. Its a show that is best watched with all the episodes from the beginning, because it takes some time to understand the style and concept.

    Its my all time favourite comedy!
  • SCRUBS is Sluty

    Doctor is a Noble profession, unless doctors start seeing their coworker females and nurses as their sluts/companions/girlfriends/mistresses
  • mini-me's are adorable

    the spirit of scrubs are continued well with this group of second generation doctors. even though . isn't there anymore, Lucy's filling in for him well. also, cox's can't decide on Drew or I clumped them into the "Cox and Jordan" folder
  • meh. . .OK but very simplistic writing and humour.

    JD is an arsehole, a pathetic; insensitive; petty jerk, actually quite dumb and very self centered but no one on the show seems to recognize it or have the attention span to hold him accountable for any notable length of time.

    The whole teen angst thing with Eliot was awful. You kind of have to be a terrible person to 'be in love' with a person but start relationships with other people under the guise of it being 'real' but actually it being for sexual reasons. The really messed up thing is that virtually every one of JD's relationships were about him leading women on while Eliot was unavailable yet apparently he one of 'the good guys'?

    At the end of the day pretty much all the characters were 'Hollywood' caricatures of people -they behave in ways that feeds into the 'Hollywood' image of 'people' rather than reality or believability.

    And WTH is up with female domination and male submission on this show? There is NO notable male character that is not dominated by a female.

    In all honesty I realize I'm expecting way too much from Scrubs -it is basically a slapstick dramedy after all but somehow that doesn't lessen the feeling that the shows 'simplistic' nature is kind of insulting, at least to me.
  • Eh, I kinda liked it

    I got a few kicks out of this show but I just could`nt really like it like a huge fan. Still, I`d recommend it to some people.
  • Top Shows - It grew on me

    Many ep (11-13)
  • Where have you gone?

    Scrubs was one of my favorite shows to watch. I didn't even mind all the reruns.

    Now, you don't even get to see those. How could such a funny entertaining show just vanish?

  • Loved it~ takes me back.

    ive watched the series back when im still in med school. watched with my roomies
  • A classic

    Scrubs will always be funny. It never wasn't funny. Just because it's in a hospital and a comedy, doesn't mean it makes shallow jokes. It knows when to be funny, and when to be serious.
  • Used to think this show was boring and stupid but I was so wrong!

    When my sister used to live at home she would watch srubs on foxtel and being older I had to bear it or bail and for ages I did not like the show. I would constantly tell my sister how crap it was but then one day I cant even remember when or why I got hooked and have been ever since. I fall asleep to it haha
  • Still don't believe I used to dislike this show!

    Still the best comedy I have seen next to Big Bang Theory. I am so mad at myself for once thinking this show was dumb. Finally one day I was sick and did not want to move off the couch and thids came on and I have been hooked since. I still watch it every single day on netflix, Scrubs is te main reason I continue to pay for netflix, that and Scandal.
  • Best Show Ever!

    Scrubs is my favourite TV show of all time, and it will always stay that way. Sure I am biased as can be told from my username but I honestly think that Scrubs stands out with it's amazing humour and wit. The most amazing thing about scrubs is that you can watch it over and over again and still love it each time. I have probably seen every episode of Scrubs 3 times and I would recommend watching it that many times, if not more! Go Scrubs!
  • Contact

    If anybody knows how to contact Scrubs crew (e-mail adress perhaps), or by chance knows where to get stuffed Golden Retriever please contact me -
  • A good laugh

    I used to follow Scrubs closely and thought it was a wonderful show. Yes, some of the pranks and antics are unrealistic. It's no mystery that these characters are better-looking and funnier than real doctors. But the plot of the show ought not to be taken so literally. It is a comedy, afterall. And compared to most comedies, I think it is rather well-written. All of the characters, and their relationships with eachother evolve throughout the show. The characters grow plenty, but still stay true and consistent with their identity. I think the acting is also good. Hardly ever does a character do or say something that I think to myself is uncharacteristic of him/her. The characters, are quite well-rounded, likeable, and well-developed. Each character is different, with a different set of strengths and weakness with which they approach their life with, which makes for a very interesting and rich storyline.

    The show progresses seamlessly, revealing character depth and natural human progress. In the first few seasons, J.D. seems like a naive man-boy, Turk his free-wheeling side-kick, Elliot an awkward, oversensitive basketcase, Carla a gossip queen, and Cox and Kelso jerks. But by the end of the fourth or fifth season, they're relationships have very naturally progressed, with realistic mistakes and setback. J.D. seems to have learned to stand on his own and take his life as it comes at him, Turk seems more like a devoted friend, father, and husband. Elliot gains some self-confidence and seems to come to terms with some of her personal issues. Carla, Cox, and Kelso fascinate me as they grow and reveal more about themselves as well. I recognize the defense mechanisms they each use in myself and plenty of people I have known. In fact, I think this show more than any other single factor is what makes me think twice before calling someone I don't like an asshole. Moreover, I think the show promotes cultural tolerance, exploring Carla's latin background and Laverne's spiritual mindset.

    Some of the outrageous antics, as well as J.D's fantasies, are perhaps unrealistic, as I've acknowledged earlier, but is completely characteristic. Dr. Cox, flipping a table over at a restaraunt, for example. By this point in the series, it is well-known the he has a cold, jaded outer shell to protect himself, and it is dramatic irony at that point in the series, to watch the bewildered waitress gawk at him and write him off as some angry jerk.

    J.D and Turk's child-like pranks and habits are an exaggerated, but refreshing look at long-time friendships. Those two have had more than enough 'real' moments on camera to justify their emotionally close relationships. They are seen spending a lot of time together and talking openly with eachother.

    Elliot, frankly, annoyed me at first. She seemed like a big ditz who even wrecked the first few episodes for me. I still regard her as rather vain and childish. But I can see the important role she played in J.D's life as the show goes on. I can even relate to her, in the sense that she falls so hard and leaves herself so vulnerable in the face of love. She certainly seems less jaded a lot of the time than the other characters. During the episode that she set up Cox to run into a hallway door and fall down, she officially earned my respect as a character.

    The ongoing struggle between Kelso and Cox in how they run the hospital is actually very realistic, and reveals both of their passions for their work.

    Overall, I think it is an excellent show.
  • "Scrubs" killed "Must See TV" and ABC.

    if there was a 0 this would be it.
  • Never gets old...never will

    Timeless show. Always funny. Always will be. Will always love. End of. :)
  • Nothing Beats Scrubs

    I love this show it's the best show ever. I've watched every episode and wish i didn't end. Scrubs is Kick-Ass
  • was good

    a 10 for season 1-5, maybe 6. and a 3 for the following seasons.
  • On par with the big bang theory, the vampire diaries, and house with the awesomeness

    list of things that happened when I watched scrubs:

    1. long to be a doctor for genuine reasons

    2. ranting is not really bad, it's in fact a basic human essential

    3. don't mess with janitors. they'll screw you up.

    4. respect nurses, even though you outgrew them

    5. made me laugh, smile and sometimes cry.

    scrubs is a funny show that will make you laugh, but in the end it does has some teachings about life. That's what makes it so special.
  • Great show

    It took some time until I really liked this sitcom but now I love it.

    I couldn't say a thing I did not like, so why not a 10? I don't know, maybe it deserves one but every show has its bad episodes so Scrubs has them too. I only can't name them now.

  • Amazing Show

    An amazing insight into the lives of a group of friends living in the medical world,

    saving lives etc. The drama mixed with the element of comedy creates an extremely entertaining show. Season 9 wasn't necessary but 1-8 were fantastic, there were hilarious moments and sad parts but overall it really is a brilliant show!
  • One of the best series of all time

    Scrubs is the perfect balance between comedy and drama. It has become one of my favorite shows of all time and is a classic. With Scrubs you can't go wrong (except with season 9). I would recommend this show to everyone.
  • Scrubs 4ever

    I believe Scrubs is one of the best medical tv show ever, even better of House or Greys' Anatomy.

    That's because I think Scrubs shows us what people do in real life... their feelings, their mistakes, funny moments, and all the things that could really happen to everybody on this planet.

    House and Greys' Anatomy are too focused on the scientific or dramatic aspect of life and I believe this is too obvious... c'mon do you expect me to believe that House doesn't fail on a patient for not a single time?

    So... I love Scrubs, J.D. and Perry Cox! :)
  • I loved it

    I really love the show, but I was really sad to see Zach go. He and Turk made the show so enjoyable, including Carla and Dr. Cox, I love that guy, so much hate yet you love him cuz sometimes you wish you could really be that way sometimes. Not so much of a scrubs med school fan, the only thing that kept me watching was Dr. Cox and Turk, also that last appearance of J.D. and Turk playing hide and seek, also I miss the ever so scary janitor, loved him and Dr. Cox picking on J.D. Also I think J.D. could have done so much better than Elliott, she should have stayed with Keith, Barbie and Ken were perfect, and she's crazy on the show, not a fan of crazy Elliott. Anyways I hope it's not over for real, and I would love to see Dr.Cox, Carla, J.D., Turk, Bob, Janitor, Elliott, Keith, ted, and his girlfriend, Jordan, and all the children made during the series again, and maybe having the new interns couldn' t hurt, but don' t change the original cast, I love them, even Rowdy. I agree with everyone else, season 8 was the finale, even with as much as I love Dr.Cox and Turk, but what happened to Elliott and J.D. getting married or having the baby, I feel like we were all waiting on that and got disappointed, after all that faithful watching... sigh. EAGLE!!!
  • Season 8 had an amazing finale episode, why continue?

    Very few shows after 7 seasons are equipped to deliver a final one with such an amazing finale. I know what you're thinking; "Weren't there 9 seasons?", the fact of the matter is that the 8th season had an amazing finale with Zach Braff contemplating and seeing his future in front of him on the banner that Donald Faison had put up for his "Going away" surprise. It was superb. They should have ended it at that episode, it was perfect. They decided to go ahead and make a 9th season, which was an utter and complete disappointment. The only reason I proceeded to sit through that 9th season was my devotion and love for Scrubs, it wasn't worth it. The series finale was inadequate, miniscule in comparison to the season 8 finale. If it weren't for the 9th season, Scrubs would get a "Perfect" rating.
  • should of stopped after season 8!

    absolutely loved this show, zach braff is brilliant, the only problem was, the end of season 8 was the perfect time to end it with JD leaving, should not of carried on! overall, immense show and by far my favourite
  • Scrubs has the best sense of humor I thought I would never see on TV. Just wonderful.

    I think the show everybody knows what's about and all its classic Scrubs elements. If you don't, then watch it and enjoy. Absolutely brilliant piece of television. Scrubs is just so defined, so crazy, so wicked, ironic and zany, it blows my mind. What blows my mind too is that I only started watching it until the fifth season, what was I thinking?! I missed its prime when it was airing live. At the time I wasn't extremely interested with many TV shows. But certainly Scrubs is just that different show that sets itself apart from the rest, it really is ground-breaking. With all the ingredients to be an indie, cult show, it became a super hit that it will always be a well respected brand name as comedy show in the history of TV, it stands by its own as one of the greatest. To me it's the greatest but sadly it didn't keep the same quality during its entire run. It's a shame, the show is too fresh and cool to be bashed or talked down.

    I never thought I could get so attached to a show, emotionally and comedically I could never forget it. It's not like "there are funnier shows out there". There may be a couple, but barely on their 2nd or 3rd season. Let's see if they can mantain its audience, quality and devoted fanbase for almost 8 seasons. Yep, season 7 was too short and not up to par and season 9, we all hate it. It ruined Scrubs as we know it. Still, watch the first 5 or 6 seasons, the show is pure brilliance in both comedy and balancing with storyline and drama mixed. The first 3 seasons the show is so inspired and feels so alive, I believe Scrubs' greatest episodes could be the finest TV can ever get. Trend-setting, generation defining, it's gotta be the best live long running show of the 00's. Can't be topped.
  • By far my favorite television show!

    I have to admit that first when I started watching Scrubs I didn't think much of it (in fact I probably wouldn't had stayed with it if it wasn't for my friend). But with time I fell completely in love with it and it became a place where I could escape from all my worries and problems. I'm not saying the show is perfect but for me it came pretty damn close! This show has helped me through hard times and even helped me too deal with deaths of people close to me. Never did I think I would become this attached to a television program but the truth is that over the time JD, Turk, Carla, Dr.Cox (..etc) became like friends to me. And for me it was mixed feelings when I watched the last episode (in season 8) because even though l was happy with how it ended I had the sensation that I had lost friends. All I want to say is that I recommend this show for everyone and I ask you please not to give up on it until you have at least finished the first season. I truly cherish all the joy and laughter Scrubs has brought through the years and even now when I have problems I find comfort in Scrubs. To me Scrubs was not only a TV show it was a lesson of life.
  • Simply the best show ever made.


    I have to say that this was my favorite shows of all time, it was hilarious and also serious but i did have problems with the ninth season and they shouldve just ended it at 8, I'm glad they ended the show since it wouldve made me dislike the show even more. To me there r only 8 seasons because thats how it shouldve been. It is still one of my favorite shows even though there r only reruns now but its still hilarious to see a rerun and I loved how they ended the show at the end of season 8, wish they kept it that way.

    Simply, Scrubs is the best show ever made.

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