Season 2 Episode 23

Scrubs Funniest Moments

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 24, 2003 on NBC

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  • Not a real episode

    A diehard scrubs fan might enjoy this, was it really wasn't that great. It was mostly funny scenes from previous episodes, which you can also find on youtube or anywhere else. John McGinley's commentary was cool, but the bloppers really weren't that funny either (you can also watch these on youtube, by the way). I think my Scrubs Season 2 DVD set has more 'extras' then they actually included in the 'special'. You really don't have to watch this, because seriously, there is nothing you're missing. I generally don't like these specials very much because there is nothing happening, just old scenes. You might as well rewatch the old episodes instead
  • Could be better.

    It wasn't half bad, overall It was just a lot of clips from season one put together, much like fan made videos on YouTube but this was slightly more professional.

    It wasn't an official episode so it doesn't matter but I gave it a 9/10 because its still Scrubs after all!
  • Not that great

    This special really wasn\\\'t that great, half of it was filled with shots that weren\\\'t bloopers but just funny parts from the show, like a couple of shots of Cox calling JD girls names, and shots of Elliot showing herself in very little clothing from episodes where she hooked up with JD and all.

    There were a few bloopers, but they really weren\\\'t that great, the only thing that was good was John C. McGinley\\\'s comments.

    If you get the chance to see it then see it, if not then you didn\\\'t miss much.
  • Not a real episode

    This shorter than usual bonus episode is actually very entertaining, though I hadn't got a chance to see it until one of my friends let me use his computer when I was at his house.

    The bloopers are always worth watching and make this episode a very funny ten minute show. John McGinley's speech at the start was a very funny introduction to the show and really sums up the humour of the actor, even using some Coxisms.

    The series of falls was brilliant and a very good montage to show just how many stunts the characters did in the first two years.

    Overall, the episode couldn't be considered a classic as it is neither an episode or a plot-driven show but it is very entertaining and worth reviewing.
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