Season 6 Episode 17

Their Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 19, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode is narrated by Ted, Todd and Jordan.

Jordan, being sadistic as usual, tries to ruin Keith and Elliot's relationship (which seems to be blooming after they professed their love for each other). Jordan warns Elliot that now she told Keith that she loves him, Keith will take her for granted. When Keith blows off his appointment with Elliot once, she becomes paranoid and seeks Jordan's help, who then tells her to ignore Keith completely. When Jordan sees that Keith is crushed, she starts feeling guilty that she meddled with his and Elliot's relationship. She tells Elliot that she should NOT feel vulnerable about saying "I love you" and she should "go easy on Keith".

Meanwhile, Todd's patient is a sixteen-year old getting breast implants, and Turk feels this is wrong. He tries to stop it, and Todd's "boss" tells Todd that if Turk doesn't stop interfering, he's going to make sure Turk has a miserable life in the hospital. Todd gets the patient herself to tell Turk that she's fine with the operation.

The nurses ask for a reasonable increase in the salaries of the nurses. When Kelso rejects this, they decide to work more slowly. Kelso tells Ted that if the nurses continue this, he'll give them the raise but fire two nurses. Ted tries to help the nurses by getting them some leverage. He letter anonymously informs them that Dr Kelso has been receiving free syringes, though he SHOULD be paying for them. The nurses blackmail Kelso, who gives in to their demands.
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