Season 6 Episode 17

Their Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Jordan, Ted, and Todd.

    This episode really proved something, supporting characters are really important, and without them, this show would get pretty boring and lifeless fast. We've got two alternate narrations this season. The first one that Kelso narrated was a train wreck, I'm glad the Scrubs writers decided to redeem themselves by giving the alternate narration another shot on the same season. I have always wanted to go into the minds of these characters. Ted, who usually isn't my favorite character personally, actually was the one that made laugh the most here tonight, so it got me to like him more as a character. Jordan, I've always liked. The definite highlight was The "Jordan!" Show, as a parody of Oprah. I could not stop laughing in that scene. Todd was also funny but we also got to see a serious side of him, and hey, we learned his last name.

    All the characters switched narrations throughout the episode, which they haven't done before, so it was definitely something new and refreshing, and it was a success!
  • Finally, jumping into the mind of a pervert, the moment I've been waiting for.

    This episode wasn't like any I've ever saw, not only because JD wasn't narrating, but because it was more then one person on focus. ["Their Story"]

    I've been waiting for the writers to go through The Todd's mind, but since he isn't a 'main' character, I thought it would never happen, but I was wrong. The whole kill three birds with one stone thing was great. Ted makes me laugh, almost every time they show him, and Jordan is just an evil mother shut-your-mouth. Also, doesn't Ted look younger?

    The dive into their minds were wonderful, from how Jordan picks her prey from how Ted does things and never gets rewarded for doing them. I never knew that Ted even did anything for the group. The Todd seemed to be less pervy, which bothered me, but I quickly got over that.

    Supporting characters are important, and the writers proved that on this episode.

    Hobey Ho, Let's Go.

    [I can't use commas.]
  • Great!

    The main focus is split into three minor characters where J.D. only has like 2 scenes and the opening narration which kind of let the episode down but the end where we all hear everyone's thoughts saved it. I liked seeing Jordan, Ted and Todd's point of view but Todd and Jordan should of had their own episode but Oh well!! The fact that they all helped save the major characters just shows how big of a part they actually do play in the making of the show. Very good idea to make Todd's storyline something to do with sexual parts though.
  • This episode is based on Jordin,Ted, and The Todd's point oof view. They all stuggle with how to tell a person that they care for that they are doing something that is going to bite them in the butt. The fact that they are minor characters i

    I think that this episode was an episode worth watching.
    It takes you into the heads of three minor characters.
    You still have the classic Scrubs humor but portrayed in different people.
    The fact that they all helped save the major characters just shows how big of a part they actually do play in the making of the show. I think the writers did a great job with sticking to the ideas people have of the characters even when we're in there heads. This just gives every one an insight into what's it's like to be a back-up but still make a difference.
  • JD is'nt the main focus in this one

    we all at one time wondered what it would be like if the show was focused more on JD's co-stars, and we got our would be pretty good, but not JD funny. the Todd seems more human in this episode when he tries to convince Turk to agree to a 16 yr old's breast implant surgery. His fantasy sequence was quite funny, ah his banana hamock lol. Tedd is his usual dopey self, but with more backbone as he tries to help the nurses get their raise, although his fantasy could have been funnier (not what i expected from him). Elliot could do no wrong, she was great in this episode! Jordan's part should have been better, it did'nt do much for her, even though she stirs trouble in Elliot's relationship. she was dull and unfunny......while, i like the idea of getting to know the other characters more, this episode proved 2 things: 1. you ALWAYS need more JD 2. Give Todd more lines....but OVERALL: good episode but COULD have been BETTER!
  • This was a clever episode, broke the mould a bit and revealed a lot about the characters.

    With some of the supporting cast stepping into the limelight, this episode had the potential to go very bad, very quickly. I should not have been so hasty in my assumption, however, as the Scrubs team rarely fails to disappoint! (I say rarely, they have had three bad episodes in over 130 so I'll let them off)

    Jordan's character seems to be developing which, to be honest, i didnt really want to happen. Having said that, i think it needs to happen now that she is more of a main player, being they cynical, rude b*tch she was before doesnt work so well anymore, unfortunately. She's changed a lot since she's had kids and i think she's a deeper character now, which is good.

    The whole Todd story was pretty good too, i though, the best bits being when the patient's mother reffered to him as "Dr. Quinlan" and when he was deciding what kind of high five to give Turk. Ted had some hilarious lines as well!

    I liked this episode and i think one of the things i liked the most about it is that JD wasnt really in it at all. Dont get me wrong, I like JD but i also like that when they decided to do an episode without him, they REALLY did it without him, they didnt have all the storylines revolving around him with someone else doing the voice over. A brilliant episode, 9.5/10 from me!
  • In this episode it follows the story of three other members of the hospital while in their heads.

    This episode didn't seem complete. I liked it, but why wasn't Jordan with her baby? It seemed like everyone was kind of messy. Ted didn't really interest me that much. Jordan was really mean, and I don't know I just didn't like this episode. I hope that the season finale doesn't seem this boring and short. The episodes lately don't seem to be finished. Do you know what I'm saying? I really hope that J.D. finds himself a girlfriend in the next couple of episodes. I'm beginning to suspect that Keith and Elliot are going to do something important in their relationship soon!
  • This episode was original, but could be a lot better.

    First of all, sorry I bailed on Reviewing after "My Fishbowl". I've been busy. But I'm back to tell you my impressions of "Their Story" Let me start off by saying I don't review like normal people review. Instead of what I like, I review how the episode was made, and if it lived up to its full potential. Unfortunately.."Their Story" did not live up to its full potential. Dont get me wrong, it was a pretty solid episode, but wasent really lived up to its full potential. Im going to break the review up into each of the three characters stories this time.

    This was the best one in my opinion. Just the way Ted narrated it was perfect. The things he said would actually be what the character was thinking. Plus, the whole strike thing was quite good.

    I liked this one, too. I wish they would have put Todd in plastic surgery in a previous episode without firing it at us, but i can live. I like how the Head of Plastic Surgery was the same actor that was in the Turk Mole Removal episode. Overall, good story.

    Awful. No other words describe it. It made no sense. No matter how mean Jordan ever was to other people she has never tried to tear apart a relationship before. She's usually not so cynical. And the whole talk show host thing was just plain retarded.

    TED: 10.0
    TODD: 8.5
    JORDAN: 5.0

    Other than what I have pointed out I didnt mind the episode. See you for "My Turf War"
  • Not a bad episode - not the greatest, but pretty good.

    Well, I have seen much better Scrubs. Saying that however, it did give a much better perspective on all the "non-main" characters. Todd thought a lot more that I thought he did. Although, after all is said and done, he is a surgeon, and that's not the easiest of jobs I guess, so his character should have a little bit of intelligence. I liked his Dad fantasy though, pretty funny.

    Jordan wasn't bad in this, but not quite her original self. She's changed a fair bit since the beginning of the series, but I guess that shows development. The whole, Oprah fantasy wasn't that great I thought - I'm not sure if it could have improved much, it was just that I think it should have been a different fantasy.

    And Ted. Well, out of the three I though he was the best. I've always liked Ted the most out of the recurring roles. Helping out the nurses, or at least trying, seemed just like the type of thing his character would definitely do, so it fits quite well.

    "Oh yeah! Suck it ****! I will murder you!" Nice writing Scrubs people! Keep em coming!
  • A good, but corny episode.

    Wow, this episode was really cool to go in other people's heads. I never knew what Jordan was thinking. Todd is obviously extremely gay It was a bit corny though. I notice that the new writer is not really following a story, but rather drifting off into mini stories. The way this season turned out is sort of disappointing. :(
  • well, in this episode they look at things from the point of view of jordan, the todd and ted. i thought it was a brilliant idea. the plots were pretty good and it got really funny at times. on the whole, a fantastic episode and a brilliant change of pace.

    in this episode, the working of the minds of jordan, the todd and ted are revealed and it was nothing short of hilarious. even though JD wasnt there for most of the episode, it didnt lack the scrubs touch. some of the most funny jokes in a long time were there in this episode, especially todd's high five jokes, the one about gnomes and teds inner monologue. even cox, kelso, janitor, carla, turk and all the others had decent roles to play even though, unlike always, they werent the main focus. i think it was a great change of pace and it shows the versatility of scrubs. and all those who thought the recap show and the musical werent good call point in a mirror and shout out retard for all i care..personally, i thought it was ingenious.
  • Uninteresting :(

    What makes scrubs work for me is the interaction between the characters, the comedy that comes from that, the heartfelt storylines and of course JD's crazy day dreams. This episode had none of this. Instead we had three very uninteresting storylines from three characters who have never really been pivitol to the series. Taking the focus of the main characters for an episode is usually quite refreshing (such as his/her story etc) but this one just didnt work, plus elliot and keith = meh i still dont care for the couple like i have done with other couples that have featured on the show. Season 6 seems to be all over the place for me, at the moment it has been the weakest one out of all the seasons. come back scrubs
  • Angry!

    This episode had a really good idea that I was excited to see but turned out to be my least favorite episode EVER. It wasn't funny. I used to laugh out loud through the entire episode and now I just giggle every once in a while. Im also angry that J.D. is not the focus of episodes anymore. It is more like Elliot is the main character and J.D. is a recurring role or something. Bring him back because it is driving me crazy! I want to see him finding someone and being happy like everyone else. I want to see him realizing that he actually does have a kid. They have seemed to just throw that story-line away completely! I thought that him and Kim were actually dating. Not just for the baby...I mean what happened?? In conclusion: BRING J.D. BACK!!!!!
  • Shifts the focus from the main players of the show and deals with three stories based around Ted, Todd and Jordan.

    This episode had none of the stuff that makes Scrubs such a great show: no good music, no great voice-overs , no poignant moments from any of the characters involved. It showed different sides of stereotyped characters like Jordan and Todd, but we didn't really want to see this side of these people because the stereotypes were so much fun. It was a big change of pace for the show and not the good kind; it really was very out of character for Scrubs. It just doesn't compare to some of the previous episodes because it just wasn't fun to watch, and that's all I'm really expecting from Scrubs.
  • A great change in pace.

    After three sad episodes, Scrubs returns to nonstop hilarity, which it manages to accomplish despite a strange shortage of J.D. We literally get inside Todd's head and see insight into how he thinks, and surprisingly it's not "boobies, boobies, scalpel, banana hammock, dong", you get the idea. Anyway, Ted's thoughts do indeed turn out to be incredibly depressing. Jordan's are, of course, venomous and insane. I didn't like how must of the regulars besides Elliot were ignored, but it's a one time thing, so it's okay.
  • JD wonders what its like for the other people in the hospital and the narrating switches to the Todd, Jordan and Ted

    Often i watch scrubs and i think: it would have been nice to see a few more moments of the "second string" players. I guess there were some writers who felt the same and voila! Their Story focusses on The Todd, Jordan and Ted. And sadly... it wasnt that funny. To me it seemed to silly and too contrived. Nevertheless we see some funny moments but for some reason especially the Jordan moments had me cringing slightly, i have seen it before. On a high note there is The Todd who i thought had the best lines. In the end i just started missing JD... i suppose i am a too much a Zach Braff fan.
  • Quite good, but could have been better.

    An interesting concept, carrying on the His/Her Story episodes, but I wonder if this will carry on next season.It worked surprisingly well, as I expected it to be terrible. It wasn't as good as it could have been, but I guess it could have been worse. The opening bit with Ted was hilarious!!!! If you haven't seen it you MUST watch a rerun sometime just for that bit!! A look into the minds of the supporting cast was a good idea and also shows that if Zach Braff leaves the show it can still continue with narration from different cast members.
  • A logical step in the His Story tradition

    While I was hoping Jordan would be the next Her Story as her character has more depth than the rest that haven't narrated yet, and was hoping Doug would be the third narrator instead, the episode is still hilarious. However because of only having narration a third of the episode, Jordan's plot is my least favourite because a bigger plot would have been much funnier than the regular sabotage a relationship, although the storyline still had its funny moments, such as her rant to Elliot at the coffee shop.

    Todd's plot is probably my favourite because it has a classic daydream, some hilarious jokes (second best friend, waiting for daydream, obsession with bees) and a genuinely interesting storyline.

    Of course Ted never fails to be a terrific character and has some great narration, a good thought-speak mixup and a great plot where he can actually be proud of himself for once.

    Todd's narration-9.8 - best
    Ted's narration-9.6 - superb
    Jordan's narration-8.2 - great

    Overall, this episode is superb and yet another hilarious and moving episode.
  • A great story, finally hearing from the minor characters in Scrubs. But lacked something crucial...

    'Their Story' was a quintessential Scrubs episode: full of eccentricity and wit, and its ability to link sub-plots into the big picture. The story revolved around Ted, Todd and Jordan, hence the name 'Their Story'. It was nice, at last, to see what goes on in the other character's minds: Todd convincing Turk not to interfere; Ted sticking up for himself and the nurses; Jordan ruining Elliot & Keith's relationship, but shows guilt in the end. It was all well written and funny, but here's the thing: Where did J.D. go?!

    Ok, maybe J.D. not appearing in the storyline isn't THAT bad, as it has happened before (Remember Janitor's story, where J.D. was kidnapped?). I thought, 'Fine, we can still listen to what J.D. has to say when he comes out and sums everything all up'; I was of course, proven wrong; even in Janitor's story, J.D. eventually comes out and gives a conclusion! In 'Their Story' however, J.D. remained virtually non-existent throughout the whole episode. It seemed something was missing, and just pulled down the quality of a potentially Scrubs-Classic episode! This, therefore, proves a point that the Zach Braff-played J.D. is vital to Scrubs' continuous excellence.
  • Sloppy start, (emotionally) good towards the end.

    I found this episode to be "so-so", all in all. Especially the start, meaning the first 7 or so minutes, were hard to watch, as IMO the storylines were too lose, not really well explained. A lot of the action took place aiming towards an average punchline, respectively. So, overall, while I found the first half quite long-winded, this episode got better and better in the second half. Improvingly powerful, if you will. The separate stories were explained better, even a little connected. The audience got the feeling of an "emotional win" three times, with Ted finally prevailing against Kelso, alongside of the nurses, with Barbie's and Keith's relationship back on track (most probably better than before), Turk understanding the importance of a patient's will, and even Todd bringing out his deepest willingness for helping others.

    A few minor aspects I found playing in negatively:
    - Jordan really caring for another couple and finding her conscience is rather hard to believe, this just gives this "everyone's oh so happy in the end"-epilogue a cliché kick that wasn't really needed.
    - I cannot help thinking J.D.'s four second cameo was only made to have the viewers not cry out loud "What?! An episode without the protagonist?! How dare you?!" Really unnecessary IMO.
  • It was a good episode...

    I really liked the idea of having three other characters narrating the storylines, and I think the characters were well chosen. I especially liked Jordan's part, though it was slightly out of character. They were important personas, who we never really get to see in depth. Even though I thought that the episode did not have nearly enough JD in it, I'm glad that he wasn't portrayed as a victim for once.

    More of a filler episode than anything, because there wasn't much plot development, but it was a good filler so I'm okay with it! However, I hope that we get something more serious next week.
  • A soso episode but too out of character...

    I liked the idea of more than one character narrating, it sounded great. It did work pretty well, the 3 characters chosen, Todd, Jordan and Ted were a good choice, although i would have preferred Laverne in the place of Jordan but they went and killed her off.

    The problem i had with this episode is that it did not really stick to the character's personalities. Yes Jordan has shown some kind of "heart" before but this was just not really her character: Jordan usually teaches with the stick method, not the carrot.

    The Todd is not as sensitive as he was shown to be here, but although he was out of character, it was not completely out of character and could be seen as character growth as he was still all about big boobies but learnt that there was meaning behind some choices.

    The only character that stuck to his guns was Ted. He was still nervous, dim-witted, a walkover, but he got a little bit of happiness from the little bit of lawyer knowledge he has. It was cool to see him have a victory for once. His voice over was also good, unlike Jordan's, which just didn't work.

    I missed the JD in this episode, and i think it was the idea behind the writers for us viewers to get a feel of not having Zach Braff in the show, although he has confirmed he will be doing a 7th Season (check Zach's myspace blog). But it just did not work. We know each character has a story to tell, but as this is fiction, most other characters have small stories to help reflect the main characters. Scrubs works with JD because he is the one growing and learning, he is like a clean slate (well was at season 1).

    More episodes like the 1st one and 2nd ones of the season!
  • 3 minds done with perfect execution

    When I took a glance at the episode synopsis, I wondered how the writers could manage 3 different narrators and pull off a 21 minute episode. Once again, Scrubs has managed to impress me. Finally, long time viewers of scrubs who have wanted to hear from the more minor characters get their wishes answered. JD backs out of the spotlight, and this allows Ted, Todd, and Jordan to take over. Ted has always struggled with standing up to Kelso, but this time around he "grows a pair". Jordan decides to have some fun meddling with Keith and Elliot's relationship, but finally shows some human emotion in the episode's finale, adding more to her character than what has been seen before. Todd, the immature sex addict whose jokes always contain sexual innnuendo, finally showed some evolution in his character as the sex jokes were definitely minimized, which gave rise to much funnier results. Overall, it was great to hear from the minor characters we scrubs fans so often wonder about, and the little thought gag at the end was hilarious while also revealing, as we finally get a name to Snoop Dogg resident.
  • jd decides to take a break from nararating and allows ted, todd, and jordan a chance to do so

    i gave this ep a 6.6 because it was only 2/3rds good. the ted segment was hilarious, as that sad sap usually it. it was also nice to see him grow a pair for once and stand up to kelso. his vision was priceless, albeit very priceless. for some reason ted can only picture himself with hair in clothes from the 80s. but that vision does prove the point that elaine from seinfeld made in the episode "the little jerry" that a mans hair is very important to a woman. sorry baldies, thats how they roll

    the todd is also always hysterical, and this episode showed his humane side, which is good too. i was always wondering how an idiot like that could actually become a surgeon, but he did display some brain power this time, which is always good. but the best line of the ep by far is the pointing out of jd's daydreaming. i have wondered what other people think when jd does that. not to mentiion the banana-hamock wearing father-son daydream. the best daydream of all 3. priceless

    unfortunately, jordans segment was not that good. in fact, it was just stupid. we know your a mean person, jordan, we get it. but don't sabatoge a relationship and then wonder why your feeling guilty. it was just stupid. and her daydream of being a talk show host was quite dumb. i think mini-me has been done too many times. no need to bring it to scrubs

    hopefull, we'll see better episode before the season ends. eps that actually contain content that helps the plot of the show, instead of just being an ep filler
  • What happens when we get in the head of Jordan, the Todd, and Ted?

    After several emotional episodes it was nice to have something a little lighter. I really appreciated hearing the thoughts of minor characters and the other "his" or "her" stories have been great, and this one is no exception. It gives insight into some characters who are usually one-dimensional.
    Jordan messes with Elliot and Keith's relationship, by giving Elliot bad advice about how to deal with Keith...but eventually feels guilty about it.
    Ted watches the nurses "slow-down" to get their raise, but learns about Kelso's true plans and does the right thing.
    The Todd gets to do a "good thing". He is praised by a patients mother for giving her surgery which will help her be accepted by her peers, but it is not what you would expect. Turk steps in and Todd has to find a way to stop Turk from losing his job.
    The ending was great when we heard in all the minor characters heads...O Ronald! Good job Scrubs!!
  • The "B" Characters get to narrate a good but not great episode.

    After three serious and fantastic episodes of Scrubs, the comedown has appeared. Although this episode was fun and enjoyable, it didn't have either the most impressive humor or emotional range as the past few episodes.

    The Todd, Ted, and Jordan get their shot to narrate this episode. Todd is given the job to grant a 16-year-old a breast augmentation (in a more mature manner). Turk sees moral complications involving the girl, but Todd stops Turk not because he wants to see the boob job but because he doesn't want Turk's career to be jeopardized by impeding medical procedures. Ted witnesses the nurses demand a raise, and he at first hides from fighting Kelso, but he eventually gives the nurses the upper-hand and they get their raise. Jordan gives Elliot faulty relationship advice, but instead of taking pleasure in their pain, she feels guilty and makes amends.

    The first thing that comes up this episode is Ted's desire to get rid of Kelso. This will be hilarious in the future, but the unfortunate events of Virginia Tech muted the effect that it would have had; in a few months, this will be funny again. Also, Jordan's jokes about wishing cancer on a person seems just too vindictive coming from her, especially since she lost a brother from it and she just gave birth to a baby girl; she should be taking whatever frustrations out on Cox, not anyone else. Todd's part makes the most immediate impact, and although his aspect of the storyline seemed a little off, he sold it perfectly.

    There were bits of humor in this episode that worked, such as Ted's fantasy about having hair that led to the death of his mother and Todd's fantasy about having a son that shares his secret of stuffing his banana hammock (which Todd denies explicitly). Also, the very end when all of the third-party characters' inner-thoughts are heard, especially Ronald (Snoop Dogg Resident). That was the best part of the episode. Also, Bill Lawrence's cameo made the cancer comment scene funnier just because it's his real wife who says the line, and that softens the bile underneath the comment.

    Overall, if this episode hadn't aired right after the Virginia Tech tragedy, this episode would be funnier, but the events that unfolded unfortunately softened the impact. Even without that, this episode is just good, but not great.
  • This Review is for My Fish Bowl - (sorry for the error) This episode reveals alot of hidden truths about the staff of Sacred Heart. Turk can't stop talking about how he has to pass gas. The group is trys to help a wounded soldier.

    This was a great episode! It was much better then the episode last week that had nothing but flashbacks. This is a good sign that the writers are showing life again. The scene with the Janitor and the fish was great! I also really liked the scene where they are trying to get the soldier to admit that he tried to kill himself, and he say's "How can you expect me to be honest with you when you can't even be honest with yourselves?" To my surprise everyone lets a skeleton out of their closet. Turk reveals that he did sleep with J.D.'S college girlfriend. Carla admits to switching the pictures of Dr. Cox. Then Elliot reveals that she tried to kill herself when she was younger. Only Elliot could say something like that and still end up making me laugh. When she revealed that she went out to the lake to drown herself and instead of going underwater she floated around waiting to get tired and instead of drowning she get's hit in the head by an Ore of the highschool rowing team. The ending scene was great, when Elliot talks to the soldier and then kisses him. Very sweet ending. I thought that it was a great episode! 9/10