Season 6 Episode 17

Their Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Finally, jumping into the mind of a pervert, the moment I've been waiting for.

    This episode wasn't like any I've ever saw, not only because JD wasn't narrating, but because it was more then one person on focus. ["Their Story"]

    I've been waiting for the writers to go through The Todd's mind, but since he isn't a 'main' character, I thought it would never happen, but I was wrong. The whole kill three birds with one stone thing was great. Ted makes me laugh, almost every time they show him, and Jordan is just an evil mother shut-your-mouth. Also, doesn't Ted look younger?

    The dive into their minds were wonderful, from how Jordan picks her prey from how Ted does things and never gets rewarded for doing them. I never knew that Ted even did anything for the group. The Todd seemed to be less pervy, which bothered me, but I quickly got over that.

    Supporting characters are important, and the writers proved that on this episode.

    Hobey Ho, Let's Go.

    [I can't use commas.]
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