Season 6 Episode 17

Their Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Jordan, Ted, and Todd.

    This episode really proved something, supporting characters are really important, and without them, this show would get pretty boring and lifeless fast. We've got two alternate narrations this season. The first one that Kelso narrated was a train wreck, I'm glad the Scrubs writers decided to redeem themselves by giving the alternate narration another shot on the same season. I have always wanted to go into the minds of these characters. Ted, who usually isn't my favorite character personally, actually was the one that made laugh the most here tonight, so it got me to like him more as a character. Jordan, I've always liked. The definite highlight was The "Jordan!" Show, as a parody of Oprah. I could not stop laughing in that scene. Todd was also funny but we also got to see a serious side of him, and hey, we learned his last name.

    All the characters switched narrations throughout the episode, which they haven't done before, so it was definitely something new and refreshing, and it was a success!