Season 6 Episode 17

Their Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 19, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • After Ted sticks his hand in the nurse's drink to cool down his hand, the nurse then takes a sip from the drink.

    • Ted's line "suck it bitch" is muted in the Comedy Central airings of this episode.

    • In the end credits, "Snoop Dogg Resident" is incorrectly listed as "Snoop Dogg Intern".

    • Featured Music:
      "The Stripper" by David Rose (Lloyd uses Elliot's stripper pole)
      "Now That We Found Love" by Heavy D & The Boyz (Jordan's fantasy about being like Oprah)
      "Forever Lost" by The Magic Numbers (Final scene)

    • Turk has grown his hair in this episode, although a couple of times in previous episodes it was pointed out that when Turk tries to grow his hair, it just ends up in patches.

    • The writer of this episode, Andrew Schwartz, is engaged to Lindsay Ravage, who plays intern Debbie aka "Slagathor".

    • Actor Robert Maschio, who plays Dr. Todd Quinlan, put on eight pounds to do the "Old Todd" scene.

    • Creator and producer Bill Lawrence can be seen in the first Coffee Bucks scene drinking coffee. When Jordan (his real life wife) says that she hopes Dr. Mickhead gets cancer, he can be seen behind her wearing a gray/green shirt with the background line "They were mean apparently".

    • The Janitor has now changed his religon to Islam which has since changed from being the Norse religon in "My Long Goodbye (2)".

    • During the scene when Turk is telling Todd that it is wrong for a 16 year old girl to have breast implants you can clearly see that he is talking to J.D. by the back of his head and the color of his scrubs, but when the camera changes he is talking to Todd.

    • Unlike all the other "His/Her Stories" at the end of the episode the narration isn't transferred back to J.D.

    • The little girl in Jordan's fantasy who looks exactly like her is Christa Miller Lawrence's real-life daughter, Charlotte.

    • It is finally revealed that Snoop Dog Resident's real name is Ronald.

    • When Ted knocks over the shelves in the grocery store, which knocks over his mom, you can see the water bottles that fall on her are empty.

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Kelso: You know what, if the nurses keep going on like this, I'm going to give them their raise, but I'm going to pay for it by firing three of them, the ugly ones. How's that sound?
      Ted's narration: Whatever you think is right, sir.
      Ted: You're an ass!
      Ted's narration: Ted, you idiot! You just said the out loud thing in your head and the in your head thing out loud! Don't make eye contact, just keep moving!

    • Dr. Kelso: And why are you standing here doing nothing?
      Janitor: I know this is a slowdown, but I can't really work any slower than I normally do, so I pretty much have to come to a complete stop. Now, if you're asking why I'm standing here specifically, it's because I replaced that light bulb with a tanning bulb. I'm tired of being the only white guy at my mosque.

    • Jordan's Narration: Even though I caused it, it still felt mildly good to fix someone else's problem.

    • Carla: If it's okay with you, we'll take that raise now.
      Dr. Kelso: Okay, but in this little fantasy of yours, can I not have prostate problems anymore? I can't sleep more than fourty minutes without needing to take a wiz.
      Carla: Unfortunately for you, somebody left the invoice for the hospital needles on my desk. They are really undercharging you. So, either you shell out the extra twenty grand a month for our raises or we'll call the needle company and it'll cost you twice that.
      Dr. Kelso: Ted, are you responsible for this?
      Ted: Please sir, I don't have the guts.
      Ted's narration: Oh yeah! Suck it, bitch! I will murder you!

    • Rosie Myler: Excuse me, Dr. Quinlan?
      Todd: Who?
      Turk: That's you, Todd.
      Todd: Oh, yeah.

    • Turk: Rounds sucked today.
      Todd: I know. Dr. Wen didn't set me up once. He never said "bone", "organ", "suction"...I mean, I did what I could with "carpal tunnel", but I don't think people got that I was using that as a metaphor for "vagina".
      Turk: No, Todd, I'm talking about when that intern asked me about cardiovascular instabilities. Pfff. Dude!
      Todd's narration: Turk's bummed. He definitely needs a high five. But which one? Chin-up five? Tough-to-be-black five? Need-a-hug five? Need-a-tug five? Wait. What's he talking about? Okay, just take the last word he says and add a "five" to it.
      Turk: ...I dunno, it just all seems a little unfair.
      Todd: Unfair five.
      Turk: Thanks, man. You always know the right things to say.
      Todd: I work hard on those.

    • (Ted is staring at a letter opener)
      Dr. Kelso: What're you thinking, Ted?
      Ted's narration: I could jam this through the soft spot on his temple, then slit my wrists with it before anyone got in here to stop me.
      Ted: The usual, sir.
      Dr. Kelso: Well you'd never do it, you don't have the guts.

    • Jordan: What took you so long? I need a drink!
      Dr. Cox: I'm so sorry, sweetheart, I was just with this super-rude patient who's heart kept stopping. He's dead now, but darn it all, he should have known my ex-wife was down here jonesing for a Cosmo.

    • Keith: I love you.
      Elliot: I love you, too.
      Jordan: Woah, what the hell was that?
      Elliot: I finally told Keith I loved him.
      Jordan: Now that you've said what he wants to hear, he doesn't have to work for it! It's like when guys are really trying to sleep with you. When you finally give it up, there are no more flowers. Next thing you know, it's twenty years later, and you're standing over him while he sleeps, your third Martini in one hand and a steak knife in the other. And sure, he's taken a sleeping pill so you can slice his arm open a little bit without waking him up. But it's not satisfying. And you know why? Because you've lost the power. (Dr. Cox comes up) Hey PerPer. Did you ever figure out what happened to your arm?
      Dr. Cox: Nope.
      Jordan: Phew.

    • (Dr. Mickhead takes sugar from Jordan's table)
      Jordan: Uhm, have you ever heard the phrase "excuse me"? Here, take the fake sugars, because I hope you get cancer. I really do.
      (Everyone gasps)
      Jordan: Well, my parents were mean to me.

    • (Ted enters Dr. Kelso's office with everyone staring at him)
      Ted's narration: What's going on? Hey, maybe it's the surprise party you've been waiting for your whole life! it cool, Teddy-boy.
      Ted: The party man is here!
      Dr. Kelso: It's not a surprise party Ted. It'll never be.

    • Lloyd: Dr. Reid! I have a package for you! It's addressed to your home, but since you're here I-
      Elliot: Lloyd, I wanted that delivered to my house, because it's private and it will be embarrassing for me to open it here at the hospital. (She turns and leaves)
      Lloyd: We can't.
      Ted: We have to.
      Dr. Kelso: Wait. You're talking about opening someone else's mail. I think we should stop for a moment and consider the ethical implications here. (He takes out a knife) All done.

    • J.D.: If Turk's mind is set on something, it can't be changed. I can't even imagine how I'd try.
      Todd's narration: Oh, great. There he goes off into his fantasy world. Now I'm stuck waiting until he snaps out of it with some weird comment.
      J.D.: We'd have to find a whole lot of gnomes.
      Todd: That's helpful.

    • Cabbage: I have a small non-fat latte for Dr. Dorian.
      Jordan: What the hell, long-face? We were here first.
      Cabbage: Yeah, but Dr. D.'s the king.
      J.D.: I didn't ask to be special, just kinda happened.

    • Carla: We're not asking for much, just the basic cost of living raise.
      Dr. Kelso: No chance, pink pants.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dr. Cox: It's called guilt, you Vulcan!

      This is a reference to Star Trek - the Vulcans are a race who live solely by reason and logic, with as little emotion as possible.