Season 6 Episode 17

Their Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 19, 2007 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Turk: Rounds sucked today.
      Todd: I know. Dr. Wen didn't set me up once. He never said "bone", "organ", "suction"...I mean, I did what I could with "carpal tunnel", but I don't think people got that I was using that as a metaphor for "vagina".
      Turk: No, Todd, I'm talking about when that intern asked me about cardiovascular instabilities. Pfff. Dude!
      Todd's narration: Turk's bummed. He definitely needs a high five. But which one? Chin-up five? Tough-to-be-black five? Need-a-hug five? Need-a-tug five? Wait. What's he talking about? Okay, just take the last word he says and add a "five" to it.
      Turk: ...I dunno, it just all seems a little unfair.
      Todd: Unfair five.
      Turk: Thanks, man. You always know the right things to say.
      Todd: I work hard on those.