Season 8 Episode 12

Their Story II

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 25, 2009 on NBC

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    this episode was average for me, most of the reguualr cast and crew had nothing to do with it and i know it was character building for the interns, jds fantasys was funny, and also the janitors wheely cart. i loved elliots new and improved i told you so dance shame she didnt do the splits as she was wearing a thong, but i did like her ending it with a bit of a robot. i didnt like the new surgical intern much but they can build on it in the future, all in all i would give this episode about a 6.
  • The narration of Scrubs is passed on in a special episode, from JD to the new interns of Season 8.

    I never really enjoyed or liked the new characters, aside from perhaps Ed. But I always had a feeling that maybe they would step it up and change the show for the better. At its final season, Scrubs deserved it. However, these new characters have done nothing but make the storylines stale and the jokes predictable. Sunny frequently gets on the nerve of some of the characters in the show, and she certainly gets on mine, with her shallow characterisation as a 'sunny' girl. Why are they now trying to make her deep and sophisticated, fighting a pointless and meaningless battle with the Janitor? Do the writers think the viewers will consider her a deep and sophisticated character now? Either way, she's still nothing short of awful.

    Apart from that, the writers try to impose Derek, a never before seen character, on to the viewers. He ends up dominating the plot for this episode and concluding it, a sacred role reserved for JD, and occasionally his co stars. Lee Thompson Young, acting Derek, is simply an atrocious actor. His face was devoid of any emotion, failing to reflect on any of his inner monologue. Actually, that was pretty funny in itself. And Howie? A weird, geeky intern existing purely to make snide comments about 'hitting that' with Katie? I couldn't even muster up a a smile watching it. I never had a grudge with these characters before, as they took up few of the screen time. But now, pushing out Kelso, Jordan and barely including Cox, these interns are crossing the line. I only know their names through looking it up for the sake of writing this. After a strong start to Season 8, we all hoped for a sprint across the finish line, for Scrubs to end on a high note. Now, the decrepit show looks like its limping, producing nothing but a sullen, cacophonous noise.
  • New interns.

    It's the new interns' perspective. We didn't get an alternate perspective last year, so this was a breath of fresh air in a sense. There was some interns that I liked more than others, but this episode was good overall.

    I surprisingly liked this episode because I don't like the main focus on the new interns at all but in this case, it really worked. Did anyone else think Elliot was being a total jerk to Denise? She went through the same situation with trying to tell Cox that she wanted to diagnose a patient in countless episodes, and she usually got her way. Now she's not letting her intern do the same?

    I didn't understand why JD was getting such a big head, anyone could have begged Cox until he said yes regarding the nurses. Like I said, the highlight of this episode was surprisingly the interns.
  • Good comeback..

    I was tempted to give this one a 9+ or something. But that's how you feel after watching a good episode after a streak of dull ones. But I will stick to my guns and give an objective rating.

    This really felt like good old Scrubs; though Cox was a bit missed. Though the fantasy stuff is a trademark JD thing, it was good to see some other characters swim in those waters. We had some good performances from Eliot, Turk, Carla, and The Todd. The sequences involving Janitor and one if the interns(I don't remember her name though) was good stuff.

    Overall, a nice Scrubs episode that I really enjoyed.
  • Another episode where the narration is passed on from JD to another character, or in this case several. Normally i love these special episdoes but this one seemed to spread itself a little too thin...

    Now although this episode had some great jokes in which did make me laugh at the end of it i felt underwhelmed. The highlight of this episdoe (and so many more) was the Janitor and his "cart" it was just so funny. But the interns were once again quite boring, after around half a season i still don't feel any connection with them, at all and i don't even know one of them's names. I wish the writers would stop forcing them upon us (and i know exactly the reasons why they good) and just focus on the main cast, who are superb on their own.

    The writers did manged to jam a whole lot of story in though, even if i didn't like all of it plus it was a nice surprise to have another new character (i liked him the best hope he sticks around) Lets hope Scrubs continues with good episodes till the end.

    On the MASSIVE upside all 7 of the main cast were in this episode which is always nice, and jordan has been making some appearances :D.

    Finally i hope the writers are building up to something, as so far for this season i remain unimpressed. Can't wait for the Finalé and the episodes in Barbados!.
  • The new interns take centrestage as Turk welcomes a new surgical intern, Sunny is worried the Janitor thinks she is weak while Denise wants her ideas to be accepted by Elliott.

    This ep is great example of how season has been very entertaining while at the same time bring something new to a formula that has been with us for 7 seasons before. This week the story is turned on the interns to a large extent and it gives off the idea that there may be a spinoff show involving just the interns. And if this ep is anything to go by, that idea may not be as much of a stinker as it sounds.

    This week you see the impact that Dr. Cox being the cheif has had on the hospital with him now being forced to be tight on the purse strings. This leads J.D to be the pain in Cox's side which gives him a lot of respect from the other doctors and nurses at Sacred Heart. This leads him to get an inflated ego and Turk being jealous of J.D's success leads to argument amongst themselves and they drag Turk's new intern into it in the process.

    Meanwhile, Sunny is fighting back rage as she is insulted that the Janitor doesn't think she can handle his brand of torture. This rakes at her as she is insulted that he doesn't think that she is a strong enough person to take it, but little does she know that by annoying her in this way then he was actually getting to her.

    In other news, Denise has a patient with Elliott that has a problem that she think can be found with a biopsy on the area near her eye. Elliott doesn't want to do it as she never takes suggestions from interns. Denise eventually get her to do it but it doesn't help and the patient is left with a massive scar on her face. Elliott must take the blame as she is responsible for everything that happens to the patient. But Denise can't live with that and confesses to the patient that it was her idea and she was sorry.

    The whole ep centred around the interns and it didn't compromise the quality of the show with the fresh faces bringing something new to the show. The use of the usual characters was also spot on as when the drama seemed to over whelm the ep they would walk back into the shot to provide some great laughs. If the show is like this until the end of the season then this will be one of the best seasons od scrubs
  • The interns reveal their true feelings about the senior staff while JD becomes quite full of himself as the staff member who stands up to Cox.

    As the season progresses we are seeing more and more of the "changing of guard" among the staff. We gain a great deal of new insight as, in this episode, we have the opportunity to really see inside the new crop and at the same time watch the regulars settle into their new roles ... Cox as the new Kelso ... JD assuming the Cox role of keeping the chief of medicine in line, while Elliot shows new security and confidence -- particularly in her interaction with "Jo" who is gradually softening.

    Great episode, particularly since this was ABC's week to save money by leaving Kelso and Jordan out.
  • Bloody Brillant

    This was a superb episode returning from the par episode the week before. That the only thing missing from this episode to have made it perfect was the appearance of the one and only Bob Kelso.

    I'm not usually a fan of watching a lovers quarrel, but in this episode I couldn't help but be captivate with the tiff between J.D and Turk. Nothing cheers me up more then watching the 'bromance' in action. Well I say nothing, the janitor was at his tip-top brillance. Where the prank with the interns in the lift, was nothing short of being bloody funny, and the training of his cart was just as funny(Perhaps not as bloody). And even though Dr. Cox was barely in the episode, he manage to bang in one of his hilarious long monologue. And who can forget Elliot's 'I told you so' dance? That we saw not just once but twice. It was nice to see something that reminds us from the first season.

    Earlier on the season, I stated I wasn't sure what to make of the interns. But this episode helped me start to liking them, even the overly happy Dr. Sonny Day to the point that I don't mind them actually being in the show, they do have a long way to go to reach the plato of the janitor and Kelso though.
  • This was a really good episode of Scrubs with many funny lines and visual comedic moments.

    This was a really good episode of Scrubs with many funny lines and visual comedic moments. The interns were great here, not at all annoying and very able in their support of the main cast. I loved all the thoughts being expressed by everyone. This was reminiscent of Scrubs in its hey day and was an improvement on last week's episode. Dr Cox was also at his brilliantly sarcastic best, particularly at the beginning when JD asked him to get more nurses. No Dr Kelso this week, hopefully he will be back in the next one. Roll on next week.
  • This was such a good episode. The acting from all of the supporting cast was amazing!

    This was such a good episode. The acting from all of the supporting cast was amazing! The stand-out performance for me was Lee Thompson Young's Derek. I hope he's sticking around for a couple more episodes (Plus, Jett Jackson was a guilty pleasure of mine back in the day.)

    Really everything was perfect. Not to mention there's something quite savoury about watching the JD/Turk bromance getting called out for what it usually is- slightly absurd. What's even more amazing was that I came away from that episode without really being mad at any of the characters' behaviour, especially considering the situations they found themselves in. I'd say that was quite an accomplishment for everyone involved in the production of this episode. A+ across the board. More please!