Season 8 Episode 12

Their Story II

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 25, 2009 on NBC

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  • The new interns take centrestage as Turk welcomes a new surgical intern, Sunny is worried the Janitor thinks she is weak while Denise wants her ideas to be accepted by Elliott.

    This ep is great example of how season has been very entertaining while at the same time bring something new to a formula that has been with us for 7 seasons before. This week the story is turned on the interns to a large extent and it gives off the idea that there may be a spinoff show involving just the interns. And if this ep is anything to go by, that idea may not be as much of a stinker as it sounds.

    This week you see the impact that Dr. Cox being the cheif has had on the hospital with him now being forced to be tight on the purse strings. This leads J.D to be the pain in Cox's side which gives him a lot of respect from the other doctors and nurses at Sacred Heart. This leads him to get an inflated ego and Turk being jealous of J.D's success leads to argument amongst themselves and they drag Turk's new intern into it in the process.

    Meanwhile, Sunny is fighting back rage as she is insulted that the Janitor doesn't think she can handle his brand of torture. This rakes at her as she is insulted that he doesn't think that she is a strong enough person to take it, but little does she know that by annoying her in this way then he was actually getting to her.

    In other news, Denise has a patient with Elliott that has a problem that she think can be found with a biopsy on the area near her eye. Elliott doesn't want to do it as she never takes suggestions from interns. Denise eventually get her to do it but it doesn't help and the patient is left with a massive scar on her face. Elliott must take the blame as she is responsible for everything that happens to the patient. But Denise can't live with that and confesses to the patient that it was her idea and she was sorry.

    The whole ep centred around the interns and it didn't compromise the quality of the show with the fresh faces bringing something new to the show. The use of the usual characters was also spot on as when the drama seemed to over whelm the ep they would walk back into the shot to provide some great laughs. If the show is like this until the end of the season then this will be one of the best seasons od scrubs
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