Season 8 Episode 12

Their Story II

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 25, 2009 on NBC

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  • Another episode where the narration is passed on from JD to another character, or in this case several. Normally i love these special episdoes but this one seemed to spread itself a little too thin...

    Now although this episode had some great jokes in which did make me laugh at the end of it i felt underwhelmed. The highlight of this episdoe (and so many more) was the Janitor and his "cart" it was just so funny. But the interns were once again quite boring, after around half a season i still don't feel any connection with them, at all and i don't even know one of them's names. I wish the writers would stop forcing them upon us (and i know exactly the reasons why they good) and just focus on the main cast, who are superb on their own.

    The writers did manged to jam a whole lot of story in though, even if i didn't like all of it plus it was a nice surprise to have another new character (i liked him the best hope he sticks around) Lets hope Scrubs continues with good episodes till the end.

    On the MASSIVE upside all 7 of the main cast were in this episode which is always nice, and jordan has been making some appearances :D.

    Finally i hope the writers are building up to something, as so far for this season i remain unimpressed. Can't wait for the Finalé and the episodes in Barbados!.
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