Season 8 Episode 12

Their Story II

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 25, 2009 on NBC

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  • The narration of Scrubs is passed on in a special episode, from JD to the new interns of Season 8.

    I never really enjoyed or liked the new characters, aside from perhaps Ed. But I always had a feeling that maybe they would step it up and change the show for the better. At its final season, Scrubs deserved it. However, these new characters have done nothing but make the storylines stale and the jokes predictable. Sunny frequently gets on the nerve of some of the characters in the show, and she certainly gets on mine, with her shallow characterisation as a 'sunny' girl. Why are they now trying to make her deep and sophisticated, fighting a pointless and meaningless battle with the Janitor? Do the writers think the viewers will consider her a deep and sophisticated character now? Either way, she's still nothing short of awful.

    Apart from that, the writers try to impose Derek, a never before seen character, on to the viewers. He ends up dominating the plot for this episode and concluding it, a sacred role reserved for JD, and occasionally his co stars. Lee Thompson Young, acting Derek, is simply an atrocious actor. His face was devoid of any emotion, failing to reflect on any of his inner monologue. Actually, that was pretty funny in itself. And Howie? A weird, geeky intern existing purely to make snide comments about 'hitting that' with Katie? I couldn't even muster up a a smile watching it. I never had a grudge with these characters before, as they took up few of the screen time. But now, pushing out Kelso, Jordan and barely including Cox, these interns are crossing the line. I only know their names through looking it up for the sake of writing this. After a strong start to Season 8, we all hoped for a sprint across the finish line, for Scrubs to end on a high note. Now, the decrepit show looks like its limping, producing nothing but a sullen, cacophonous noise.
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