Season 8 Episode 12

Their Story II

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 25, 2009 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • J.D. had a daydream where he and Turk were pimps, and Turk asked if he had that daydream already. He did, in the season 2 episode "My Kingdom". The only difference (which was mentioned by J.D.) was that this time he was shirt-less.

    • Featured Music:
      "Chicago x 12" by Rogue Wave (Closing scenes)

    • This is the eighth episode, following "His Story", "His Story II", "Her Story", "Her Story II", "His Story III", "His Story IV" and "Their Story", in which the narration is done by someone else and not seen from J.D's point of view. This episode is mostly narrated by the interns. However, it's the second episode narrated by guest characters, and the first one where one of them appears for the first time (Derek).

    • Before Turk tells J.D. that he doesn't want to go out with him he turns around and walks away, but after a short cut to J.D. he is standing in the same spot as before.

  • Quotes

    • Derek: (to Turk) Do you know how excited I was when I found out that my new boss was a black surgeon? Finally a role model. Right? Wrong, because I don't want to become a giant bald seven year old who's obsessed with his best friend.

    • Dr. Cox: (to J.D. and Turk) Hi. Eavesdropping. Now, I'm not exactly clear on the details, but, from what I can gather, my new promotion and subsequent interaction with you seems to have caused a rift in your relationship. Well quite frankly, I think it's fantastic.

    • Elliot: (to Denise) I'm not going to do the splits here because the floor's disgusting and I'm wearing a thong.

    • Janitor: (to Sunny) You know what? You shouldn't throw produce. It's very dangerous. I had a cousin that was killed by a head of lettuce.

    • Elliot: If you're going to act weird around my patients, I'm going to have to torture you.
      Denise: Okay, I'm pissed right now, but that was pretty awesome.
      Elliot: Thank you.

    • J.D.: Everything all right?
      Denise: Yeah I'm good.
      Denise's narration: Crap, it's his Camp Counsellor face. Please don't try to make me open up.
      J.D.: Come on, Grumpy Bear. You see these little things on the sides of my head? They're not just for holding up my shades.

    • Janitor: What are you guys doing?
      Howie: I'm using a mint.
      Janitor: Those aren't mints. Those are highly concentrated mini urinal cakes. Patent pending.
      Howie: They're good.
      Janitor: Not a huge selling point for urinal cakes, but thank you.

    • Denise's narration: Still, Dr. Reid has been super-supportive. Toss her a compliment as a thank you.
      Denise: Even though that dress is totally inappropriate for a doctor, you're totally rocking it.

    • Turk: I am so mad at you.
      J.D.'s narration: Uh oh. He must have found out that I tracked down the testicle he had removed and turned it into a tiny disco ball.

    • J.D.'s narration: With my new role, people were treating me with a new found respect.
      Janitor: I don't like how you're trying to make people treat you with a new found sense of respect.

    • J.D.: You need to hire a few more nurses.
      Dr. Cox: Look, hammy, we don't have the money. You want to go out and raise the cash yourself, feel free. Maybe you could sell your eggs to a fertility clinic or sell that beard of yours to the Ridiculous Museum. Better yet, you could make a list of all the people that you drive insane and tell them that for a nominal fee, you'll never speak to them again. You, of course, offer them a monthly subscription at a reduced rate just to reel them in and then after a while of you not talking to them, people will forget just how annoying you are and then they'll let their subscription run out and bang, that's when you show up at their house and you drive them insane all over again by speaking to them. And here's the kicker. When everyone's trying to re-subscribe, you lay it on them that the price is now quadruple. Now I'm predicting, and this is a low end guesstimate, you're looking at about a hundred million dollars a quarter. Easy. You give the hospital a hundred thou, we hire a few nurses. But, until then, you go tell Carla it ain't happening.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: April 20, 2009 on Channel 7
      Latin America: July 28, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (a.k.a. Canal Sony)
      Sweden: November 18, 2009 on TV6

    • Betsy Beutler's character name is listed as "Katie Cummings" in the end credits, although her name was established as "Katie Collins" in previous episodes.

    • Although credited, Ken Jenkins (Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso) does not appear in this episode.

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