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  • The end of an era

    "SCTV Channel" was the third and final chapter in the long and winding saga of the influential Canadian sketch-comedy show. After being sacked by NBC, Melonville's finest found refuge at Cinemax, where they tied up loose ends while continuing to provide great sketch comedy. Though this is arguably SCTV's weakest season, there are several highlights, including the loopy Western serial "Six Gun Justice" and lengthy spoofs of "Oliver Twist," "It's a Wonderful Life," and "2001: A Space Odyssey." Though this particular series has yet to receive a DVD release, the NBC years are available in stores, so make sure to buy one of the sets and see what all the hype was about.
  • A great and influential comedy tv show.

    A great and classic SNL like variety comedy series. This was another really funy show. I have tried to describe an episode that I would really like to see again. I'm not sure which version of the show it was from. There apear to be severl more than I even knew of. I guess that's because a lot of them were only shown in Canada. I just remember two of the cast members were parents of a child that they wanted to get rid of and they kept him in a cage. it was a very , very funny episode. If you have any information on it, please give me a PM. It had some things that were pretty racey for TV especially back then. I'm not sure if anyone would broadcast the series today since everyone is trying to be so PC.
  • SCTV is one of the funniest shows ever. If you're like me - pissed that TV Land took it off - sign my petition at

    SCTV was one of the funniest shows ever. The entire cast is stellar, the writing is great, it's an amazing show. I can't even think of a particular favorite sketch, because everything they did was so hilarious.

    Earlier this year TV Land pulled the plugs on the reruns, which is absolutely ludicrous. If you want to get it back, sign my petition at

  • I love sctv!

    SCTV is so funny! Me and my mom watch it whenever it's on tvland and we have rented all their dvd's!
    I think the characters they can do are simply amazing! Although, I have to say, perini scleroso was one of my favorites.If your looking for a good comedy, this one's definately a classic!