SCTV Channel - Season 1

Cinemax (ended 1984)




Episode Guide


  • The Best of SCTV
    The Best of SCTV
    Episode 19
    Guy and Edith plead to the FCC to keep SCTV on the airwaves while clips from the show's heyday are interspersed.
  • Pledge Week / The Steve Bashekis Story

    In a desperate effort to save the station, Guy and Edith start a pledge drive; a movie about a quixotic U.S. Senate campaign; a sober Lola Heatherton returns to SCTV to sing on behalf of the station, which is undermined by yet another live TV meltdown; Ed Grimley promotes his new album.

  • You're On / Happy Hour
    During "Happy Hour," Happy Marsden introduces the final segment of "Six Gun Justice" before making a startling confession. Also, Floyd Robertson falls off the wagon, then tells the news staff that he's quitting SCTV.
  • Celebrity Fairie Tales / Canadian Gaffes
    Ed Grimley stars in and narrates "The Story of the Fella Who Was the Size of Someone's Thumb," while Dougall Currie hosts an incredibly tedious bloopers special.
  • Jackie Rogers Jr. For President / Happy Hour
    Jackie Rogers Jr. decides to run for President of the United States to impress a girl, then withdraws after receiving a call from Wayne Newton offering him an eight-week run in Las Vegas.
  • Half Wits / Save The World Parade
    Troy Soren and Joel Weiss cover Melonville's annual environment-oriented parade, which bores them senseless; "Half Wits" reaches the exciting championship round; Monster Chiller Horror Theatre presents "Halloween Always Falls on Friday the 13th."
  • 2009 Jupiter and Beyond
    Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, and Ernest Borgnine crash-land on Saturn in a spoof of "2001: A Space Odyssey." Also, a behind-the-scenes look at the movie finds co-producers Idella Voudry and Woody Tobias Jr. fighting for creative control.
  • Oliver Grimley
    Oliver Grimley
    Episode 12
    "Oliver Twist" is spoofed with Ed Grimley in the lead role and Tommy Lasorda as "The Artful Dodger." Also, Edna Boil decides to liquidate her assets.
  • Allenscam / Mel's Rock Pile
  • Youth, Do They Give a Damn or What? / Happy Hour
    "The Soren-Weiss Report" takes a look at today's high schools; Floyd Robertson stint as a motivational speaker implodes on impact; Happy Marsden demonstrates how to use a splicing machine.
  • Just For Fun / Black Like Vic
    Rusty Van Reddick does a PSA for nursery schools; tonight on "Just for Fun," Stan Kanter launches a discussion on nuclear proliferation; in a 1962 episode of "Vic Arpeggio," our hero pretends to be a black man in segregation-era Georgia.
  • Stars in One: Libby Wolfson / Happy Hour: Six Gun Justice / PSA: Stop Julio Iglesias
  • Spy Wrap / The Great Escape / Stalag SCTV
    Scripts start disappearing, and the staff begins to point fingers at Fred Winston, a new hire. Also, a comedy legend interprets a folk-rock great in "Lewis Does Dylan."
  • Half Wits: Semi-Finals / Happy Hour: Six Gun Justice / Stars in One
    During the first installment of the 1940's western "Six Gun Justice," inebriated kid's show host Happy Marsden discusses the career of Cheaplaffs Johnson; Brock Linehan chats with Bob Hope, who's producing a new version of "The Greatest Story Ever Told."
  • You're On / SCTV Foreign Film Festival: Das Boobs
    Irving Cohen tries his hand as a commercial spokesman; Melonville councilman Max Lansky looses his cool on a live call-in talk show; a spoof of the movie "Das Boot."
  • The Date Debate / Scary Previews
    Count Floyd introduces some film previews, including "Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde," "Cujo II," and "The Mysterious Disappearance of Dr. Tongue."
  • SCTV Special Presentation: It's A Wonderful Film
    The whole episode is a parody of "It's A Wonderful Life."
  • Hollywood Dirt Tonight / Mel McElroy Film Festival / Gimme Jackie / Lie Detector
    Sid Dithers finds love in "An Officer and a Gentile"; Perini Scleroso gets her own sitcom; "The National Midnight Star" is rechristened "Hollywood Dirt Tonight"; Australian actor Mel McElroy hosts his own film festival; a choatic Jackie Rogers Jr. concert is the subject of the documentary "Gimme Jackie"; a spoof of F. Lee Bailey's Lie Detector.moreless
  • Soren-Weiss Report / The Happy Wanderers / Melonville Calendar / Maudlin O' the Night
    Guy launches the new channel; The Schmenge Brothers try new wave; Edith Prickly and Edna Boil go double-dating in the film spoof "Prickly Business"; Steve Roman makes his own made-for-TV movie about JFK; "Melonville Calendar" honors a firefighter; "The Sammy Maudlin Show" is overhauled to appeal to a younger audience.