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  • Great sketch comedy

    What is it about Canadians and sketch comedy. The Kids in the Hall, half of any SNL cast and of course SCTV. SCTV in any of it's form is hillarious.

    I'll be the first to admit, by the time SCTV Network 90 came to be, The SCTV format was a little past it's prime. Still the characters held up and some new ones were introduced, most notably Martin Short's Ed Grimely. Most people who were fans of SCTV before Network 90 phase thought N90 was just rehashed old stuff from CBC days, even though no sketches were re-used. There are DVD's available and if you scout around Dollar General stores you can get the 1st two volumes for $5 each.

    Happy Hunting
  • This show was absolutely wacky & wonderful!

    The SCTV gang was the only gang to come even close to the genius of SNL, & they ran neck-and-neck, in my opinion! Spawning several great stars such as Candy, Short, Levy, Martin, Moranis, Thomas, & Flaherty, this show was created/written by the cast, & they were hotter than the devil! From the Mackenzie Brothers to Edith Prickley to Guy Cabellero to Monster Chiller Horror Theatre (scarrrrrrrrry!) to blowing up celebrities (blow 'em up good - REAL good! Heh heh!), this show was a rollercoaster of craziness that made me laugh until it hurt - & oh, I loved it!
  • the best satirical TV series ever

    Its easy to underestimate the importance of SCTV.After all for most of its run,it was overshadowed by Saturday Night Live,which had one of its best casts at the beginning.But I submit that SCTV has had more impact than even the best shows of SNL.The writing the acting,and the production values outweigh anything Lorne Michaels and his show has done.So many memorable characters from SCTV,so many great sketches.Satire has never been done better on TV,than it was on SCTV.Shows today like The Simpsons and Family Guy,which have many satirical references,owe a lot to SCTV,not to mention the plethora of sketch shows like MADTV,todays SNL,among others.And some of the SCTV are still around in movies and TV,like Eugene Levy,Harold Ramis,Dave Thomas,Catherine Ohara,and Andrea Martin.Sadly,John Candy left us way too soon.Its a word used too much,but I believe he was a comic genius.There has been no one else quite like him.I wish they would bring back the reruns,not in truncated form the way TV Land did a few years ago,but the way they were originally shown
  • Great and classic SNL like variety comedy skit show.

    A great and classic SNL like variety comedy skit show. this was another really funy show. i tried to describe an episode that i really want to see again. I'm not sure which version of the show it was from. I just remember two of the cast members were parents of a child that they wanted to get rid of and they kept him in a cage. it was a very , very funny episode. If you have any information on it, please give me a PM. It had some things that were pretty racey for TV especially back then. I'm not saure if anyone would run this today since everyone is trying to be so PC.
  • Maybe the most brilliant pure comedy show ever

    "SCTV" in all its manifestations was the most creative, intelligent, and hilarious pure comedy show (as opposed to sitcom) that has ever been on American television, with the possible exception of "Monty Python's Flying Circus." The fact that both these shows originated in other countries besides the U.S. should remind us that we're not the best in everything. Only on "SCTV" would you see two or three things being parodied at the same time, as in the merging of "The Andy Griffith Show" with Merv Griffin to produce "The Merv Griffin Show." Or Pauline Kael being "blowed up real good" on the "Farm Film Report." And characters like the McKenzie Brothers, Guy Caballero, Johnny LaRue, and Edith Prickley--well, I could go on and on, but suffice to say this was comedy at its most complex and funniest, with a collection of writer/comedians that was unsurpassed.
  • If you are smart enough

    This show was made in the early 80s so most of the things that are parodied are not around any more but if you know what they are talking about you will definitely have a great time watching the show. Interesting fact not only were the actors and actresses funny to watch but they wrote most of the shows themselves. The cast of characters is amazing on this show and should be remembered.
  • A lot like SNL but 10 times funnier.

    I have three SNL dvds that i love to watch. But still no skit show beats SCTV*. I've been watching the dvds lately. It features *John Candy*, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, *Eugene Levy*, Andrea Martin, and Catherine O'Hara. On Network 90 the only thing i dont like is i dont think they show enough John Candy. If you think you'd like this show i suggest you get the dvds. They show it on tv land but they replay tons of skits and its only 1/2 an hour. Also ifyou like the show 2 good movies with actors from SCTV are Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and The Man.
  • Brilliantly creative!

    Growing up, I didn't really know much about SCTV until I was about 12 years old. My mom, however,has been watching it ever since it came out, and now, our whole family loves it! SCTV is really one of the only shows of it's kind! You couldn't redo it any better no matter how hard you tried. The cast itself,containing the brilliant minds such as, joe flaherty, harold ramis, john candy, eugene levy, andrea martin, catherine o'hera and many more, were quite unusually talented and creative, as well as the people backstage who made it all happen! I really think that they're probably some of the only people who could've pull off a show like this one!
    SCTV definately gets two thumbs up!